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News Archive: July 2013



July 31, 2013

:: Here's a great video interview of Elijah talking about a little bit of everything.

:: Maniac will be released on DVD and Blu ray October 15th but not in New Zealand. More on that later.

:: Elijah's newly renamed production company SpectreVision is on Facebook.

:: We're still waiting on a video of the full Wilfred Comic Con panel but in the meantime check out this report on what happened. Here's another short clip of the panel.

:: Screencaps from the latest episode of Wilfred titled Intuition. Don't miss the featured song and review from what I think was the best episode so far this season.

:: The wildly outrageous film Pawn Shop Chronicles will be available on DVD/Blu ray August 27th.

:: Not only will Grand Piano be opening the Sitges Film Festival in October, it's also scheduled for a theatrical realease in Italy the same month.

:: Now back to Maniac. Unfortunely the movie has been banned in New Zealand but it's allowed to show at film festivals such as the New Zealand International Film Festival. The decsion to do this wouldn't restrict people from seeing the movie but would only lead some curious about the film to find ways to watch it. Censoring films and what discerning people can see is preposterous. How does an audience differ at a film festival than one at a local theater? Instead of banning a film, allow the public make their own resonable judgment whether to see it or not.

:: Lastly, it hasn't been released online at the time of this update but keep watch of our Twitter and Facebook accounts for the video This Must Be the Only Fantasy by Rodarte featuring Elijah that's scheduled to be out at the end of July. Hey! That's today!

:: Thank you very much Ron! The crew at Wilfred are the best!

That's all... for now.


July 20, 2013

:: Even though he's filming and couldn't physically attend Comic Con this year, Elijah made his appearance by satellite. Here are a couple of clips. [Video 1] [Video 2]. Hopefully the full panel will be online soon.

:: The movie he's filming is one he's talked about that he's producing through his company Spectre Vision. Here are some photos from on the set of Cooties.

:: Fashion house gurus Rodarte has a new short film coming out starring their good friend Elijah called This Must Be The Only Fantasy. It should on the net by the end of the month.

:: Season 3 of Wilfred is chugging along and so are the screencaps. More from episodes Shame and Delusion.

:: I really like the short Wilfred behind the scenes videos and they've come up with some gems this year. Elijah answers a Tweet, The Coolest Person, Dorian and Elijah on acting, Jenny's advise for Elijah and That Kiss.

:: Executive Producer of Wilfred, David Zuckerman gave a brilliant interview discussing season 2. [Part 1] [Part 2]

:: Congratulations to Flying Lotus on their MTV Video Music Award nomination for Tiny Tortures which features Elijah.

:: Check out the new additions to the movie stills section (now named production stills) for Tron: Uprising and Pawn Shop Chronicles . Also added, reviews for the latter.

:: Some photos of DJ Jamie Starr (Elijah of course) at Heloise and the Savior Faire's performance at Amoeba Records.

:: An insightful interview with Franck Khalfoun on Maniac.

:: It's been reported that production on the biopic Late Bloomer will get underway sometime in August not long after filming for Cooties is complete. Busy, busy, busy...

:: Lastly, it has also been reported that Elijah has purchased a home in the Austin Texas area. The people of Austin are mighty lucky.

:: Thanks for all that you do Ambree, Jaramajo and Karin.

That's all... for now.


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