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News Archive: May 2013



May 28, 2013

:: Here are some images of Elijah attending the Hero Complex Film Festival a couple of weeks ago.

:: A new Grand Piano still and a positive review from a special screening at the Cannes Film Festival.

:: The inset photo is new along with a few more from GQ Brazil and some black and white photos from American Way in 2011.

:: Some uniquely lit and photographed images of Elijah. [1] [2] [3]

:: On the Wilfred front, just 24 more days until the premiere of season 3. A&F is conducting a countdown of the best Wilfred moments on Twitter until the premiere.

:: One of the many unique aspects about Wilfred are the titles of the episodes and they are slowing coming in.

:: The Wrap TV says Wilfred should be acknowledged for an Emmy this fall. We say the show and its actors have always been contenders.

:: You may be familiar with some promotional photos from the last season of Wilfred but a few more have surfaced.

:: This is our first sneak peak at Peter Panzerfaust.

:: A crop of new posters from Maniac have come.

:: Accompanying the posters there is another trailer as well as music from the soundtrack by Rob. Click on the titles.

:: Lastly, staying on the Maniac vibe, the new Mr. Elwood hits home with hilarity!

:: Thanks goes to Jaramajo, Karin, Lina and Padabee this time around.

That's all... for now.


May 11, 2013

:: Don't forget to order your Blu ray or DVD copy of the second season of Wilfred due out June 18th just two days before the season 3 premiere on FX June 20th.

:: BBC3 announced via Twitter that the new season of Wilfred will be shown in the UK later this year. No exact premiere date has been set as of yet.

:: And Wilfred has again landed in a most anticipated summer television show line up.

:: If you haven't seen the animated series Tron: Uprising or want to catch them again, they're now showing on Netflix. It's a fantastic series so let's hope it comes back to television.

:: Maniac continues to bring in high acclaims from the horror genre. The film recently showed at The Stanley Film Festival where they joined the praises with their review, another from Movies.Defined and another which commented on a Horror Oscar worthy performance from Elijah. The movie is set to open in a limited release in the US on June 21st.

:: They're not the Oscars but the horror flick has picked up some awards. From The Stanley Film Festival, the Audience Award for best feature (wait for the scroll) and Best Film at the Fantastic Film Festival of Bilbao (Spain).

:: A new art poster for Maniac.

:: Some new scans from last year's magazine August Man.

:: Lastly, through Twitter again, creative studio Lamppost announced the effects were near completion on Grand Piano.

:: Thank you Ambree, Jaramajo and Karin.

That's all... for now.


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