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News Archive: August 2012



August 29, 2012

Still a bit quiet on the home front since Elijah has been shooting Grand Piano in Spain but there is a little news and other tidbits to report.

:: There are some random photos taken of Elijah whilst he's been in Barcelona away from filming. At a recent football game and deejaying at Nitsa Club Sala Apolo.

:: A North American distributor for Maniac has been announced, so if you live in the region and want to see this performance by Elijah, your chance may be coming.

:: Hot off its showing at the Melbourne International Film Festival and Fright4Fest in the U.K., there have been quite a few encouraging and positive reviews of this updated slasher remake from Blogmatic 3000, TotalFilm, Super Marcey's Tumblr, Ain't It Cool News, The Hollywood News and a review from Rebecca Brynolf's blog that describes not only the film but her experience afterward.

:: The inset photo is from a remarkable photo shoot Elijah was involved with for Vogue and taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Here is the entire article.

:: New screencaps are posted for the last two Wilfred episodes Service and Honesty.

:: Here's a pretty amusing behind the scenes video from Wilfred.

:: A Spanish article has news that Season 1 of Wilfred will show in Spain starting next month, September 14th.

:: Lastly, a new installment of Mr. Elwood has arrived!

:: Thanks so much Jaramajo, Karin and Lina.

FYI - Looks like we may be hunting for a new comment box provider as the latest one has shut down early on us. Actually, it lasted a lot longer than we expected.

That's all... for now.


August 13, 2012

It's been a bit of a relief these last few weeks of not playing catching up with Elijah's activities. He's quieted down, therefore, so have the updates. Still, there are a couple of things to report.

:: According to several tweets, Elijah is now in Spain getting set to start his new film Grand Piano with co-star John Cusak. Here's a photo taken of Lij in Barcelona at nowhere else but a record store.

:: One of the last events Elijah participated in before heading out of the country was the Bushmills Release Party for a box set of songs he compiled. Here are photos from his deejay stint.

:: There is also a wonderful video Elijah made explaining more about the box set, the craftsmanship of vinyl records and his love of music as well as an impromptu interview held during the party.

:: The box set Elijah curated is something you could own as well as a unique turntable by entering the Bushmills Sweepstakes. You can find out more and enter here.

:: And a nice online interview of Elijah speaking on some of the songs he chose for the set.

:: If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you'll know our character calendar is up for August.

:: Lastly, more screepcaps from Wilfred have been posted for the episodes Control, Avoidance and Truth.

:: Reviews for episodes so far this season for Wilfred have remained enthusiastic, positive and encouraging. With each show that passes people are more curious as to how things will turn out by the time we reach the end of its sophomore year. That being said, fans of the show have been anticipating official word on the third season of Wilfred. According to FX's President and GM, John Landgraf who stated at the TCA Press Tour last month: "As far as WILFRED goes, Iím very optimistic not only about a pickup for next year, which would be Season 3, but for a series run on FX that lasts many years beyond that. But we have some deal issues to work out before we announce anything official on that show."

We are waiting.

That's all... for now.


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