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News Archive: May 2012



May 29, 2012

With things becoming a lot more active, it's time for another update.

:: First, the Cannes Film Festival is over and Elijah was again in attendance this past weekend. He was there with other cast members and crew for Maniac and there are photos from the midnight premiere showing.

:: Not long after, the reviews started to come in and thus far are positive despite the gore and disturbing subject matter. Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Filmoria.

:: If you want to take a glimpse at that subject matter, the full trailer is now out. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

:: A great video from the red carpet the night of the premiere in Cannes. And another of Elijah greeting the fans.

:: Here's a translated article about Maniac with director Franck Khalfoun and producer Alexandre Aja. And behind the scenes video and interview from Elijah.

:: In other movie news, Revenge For Jolly! has been picked up for distribution. There's also a poster.

:: Here's another scary thing. A concept video for The Home.

:: Moving now to television, only one month left until the season premiere of Wilfred. FX has released new promotional photos that can be seen in our growing Wilfred section. I've created an artwork for just the occasion. If you would like to submit your own Wilfred works of art, please email them to me.

:: A reminder that Tron: Uprising will premiere next week, June 7th on Disney XD and Elijah talks a bit about the show in this video.

:: Online, Red vs. Blue premiered its first episode yesterday.

:: Elijah along with other LOTR players are involved with raising funds for The Court Theater in New Zealand by auctioning off signed memorabilia. You can read more about it here. Hurry if you'd like to bid. The auction closes tomorrow.

:: Let's see... Oh, there's a new magazine issue of NUVO being released and you can read the interview here.

:: Lastly in music, a short film of the Danko Jones music video trilogy will be out soon and there is a teaser video for it.

:: I can't leave without bringing the latest Mr. Elwood comic!

:: Thanks for bringing all this goodness Ambree, Karin, Lina, Matt, Patrick and Robin.

Funny, I thought Elijah was just a film actor. ;-) That's all... for now.


May 20, 2012

:: I decided to do an update now before things get too backed up.

:: We've all caught the teaser trailer for Maniac, right? If not, beware of the intense (yet awesome) content. It's dropping from a lot of sites so catch it soon.

:: Cannes has also released a test poster for the film. You can see it here along with other images.

:: On to more lighter things, there are some videos from the recent Tron: Uprising press junket. [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4] [Video 5]

:: There are a few more images from the event.

:: It has been announced that actor John Cusack (2012, Con Air) will join Elijah in the "Hitchcockian" thriller, Grand Piano.

:: Here's a fun, short video of Elijah, Jason Gann and Fiona Gubelmann getting prepared to answer fan questions on the set of Wilfred. And it's really cool for A&F's Twitter handle to get a mention from them! Hopefully our question will be answered.

:: The inset photo is a new promotional still from Wilfred.

:: What is Elijah's tastes in food? He explains it for Bon Appetit.

An interview explaining so much of what Elijah is involved with.

:: Lastly, for the users of the forum read my reply to the revamp.

:: Thanks Jaramajo, Karin, Patrick and Robn.

That's all... for now.


May 13, 2012

:: Gee, where to begin? I suppose with more photos from on set of Wilfred, and the start of the promotional photos as well.

:: Elijah is set to star in a new film entitled Grand Piano which is slated to start filming sometime in July. Here's an article where he explains more about the premise. The movie will be represented by The Solution Entertainment Group at the Cannes Film Festival in the search for international distribution.

:: Talk about an intense photo! May 26th is the date Maniac will debut at a midnight showing during the Cannes Film Festival. One more photo of Elijah on set with director Alexandre Aja.

:: Wilfred isn't the only television series Elijah is associated with. Let's not forget that Tron: Uprising will air on Disney XD early next month. This photo was taken yesterday during a press junket for the animated TV series and here is a new sneak peak.
ETA: Photos from the press junket can be seen here.

:: Ironic that on the day after Beastie Boys Adam Yauch lost his fight with cancer, this photo was found of Adam with Elijah with other cast and crew on set of the music video Make Some Noise.

:: Here's an amusing video shot during the All in for the 99% event in March.

:: Lastly, few more photos have popped up from the Mercury Nights event.

:: Thanks so much for keeping me really busy Jaramajo, Karin, Lijeyeshaveit, Patrick and Robin. :-)

That's all... for now.


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