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News Archive: April 2012



April 30, 2012

:: We have a nice mix of photos of Elijah and friends deejaying appearance at the Mercury Nights event in New York City last week. There are a couple of videos as well. [Video 1] [Video 2]

:: Eijah's skills and love for deejaying will take him all the way to Ireland in June for Bushmills Live.

:: We have our first image and story outline from the new season of Wilfred with Robin Williams.

:: While we patiently await the start of season two, FX brings out another promo for Wilfred.

:: It didn't take too long because the first season of Wilfred will be released on DVD in the UK through Amazon.

::Some photos of Elijah and sister Hannah doing some shopping last weekend. [1] [2] [3] [4]

:: A new trailer has hit the net for Red vs. Blue comic science fiction video where Elijah voices the new character, Sigma.

:: A new pic from Elijah's lecture at Ringling College has surfaced.

:: While mostly in French, here is a wonderful behind the scenes making of Maniac. It's also been reported that the horror film remake will show at the Cannes Film Festival that starts May 16th.

:: There is an official date set for the release of Celeste and Jesse Forever.

:: A reminder that Treasure Island will show on the cable network Syfy in the U.S. this coming Saturday as a four hour movie.

:: Revenge for Jolly premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to less than glowing reviews. However, there were tweets from some who said otherwise and I found a couple of online reviews that gives the dark comedy more favorable criticism. Sound on Sight and Flixist.

:: Lastly, the calendar for May is now available. Where did April go to so fast?

:: Thanks for the good stuff this time around Alexis, Ambree, Eliza, Elijah, Jaramajo, Karin, Mumis, Patrick and Robin!

That's all... for now.


April 14, 2012

Lots of Wilfred news with this update.

:: The new season hasn't started to air yet but we're already two pages deep in behind the scenes photos.

:: Here is an amateur video captured of Elijah and Jason filming/rehearsing part of their dance routine for the show.

:: Two new Wilfred promos - actually three that I've seen on TV but two are up on Youtube. Fetch and Spaghetti.

:: At last it's been announced that June 19th will be the release date to buy the two disc first season of Wilfred on Blu-ray and DVD.

:: It's also been confirmed that the second season will be shown in the UK.

:: Elijah will be lending his voicing talents once more, this time for another video game called Red vs. Blue as Sigma.

:: Some photos of Elijah attending the All in for the 99% event.

:: The Coachella Music Festival kicks off this weekend and Elijah is scheduled to deejay the Lacoste Live Desert Pool Party.

:: If you're an artist and love to create images of Elijah, there is a deviantART Group where you can become a member and display your talents.

:: Speaking of artists, Lina has come up with another great Mr. Elwood!

:: Thanks so much Ambree, Danny, Karin, Padabee, Patrick, Robin and Sophie.

That's all... for now.


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