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News Archive: June 2008



June 25, 2008

:: There is quite a variety of DVD covers for The Oxford Murders, and Not Alone was kind enough to share them with us. They've been uploaded to the movie stills starting here and ending on the second page.

:: Here's an early report of a test screening for the animated film "9" that Elijah has done voice work on as the main character. Seems that it's still in the storyboard stages and may be released in 2009, not later this year as reported. We'll see. Thanks Sssneaking.

:: Karin lets us know that Elijah is involved in designing his very own a creature for Spore video game that you can vote on until July 18th. His creation already has a lot of votes even though the creature isn't posted or finished! The winning designer receives $15,000 that will go to a charity of their choice.

:: French magazine, Cine Live, has an interview Elijah gave in April that can be read here. Thanks to Moonagh for the find and the translation.

:: Elijah says in the above article that he likes to collect musical instruments, so it seems appropriate he's penned his signature to a guitar. Thanks for the find Mole Caz!

:: Serai has shared a
download of the short film The Witness (1992). After the download, change the file to .avi and you're all set to see Elijah in a rare and haunting WWII film.

:: The talented artist Denise has just finished another beautiful drawing of little Elijah. You can see this and more of her sketches here.

:: You can check out some more amazing pieces, this time graphic art, by Maxspeed which includes many celebrities, as well as Elijah.

:: Lastly, a couple more movie reviews for Everything Is Illuminated and Eternal Sunshine, and movie stills for The Ice Storm are up. The lists are slowly dwindling down!

That's all.... for now.

ETA: I guess that's not really all. Looks like I was a day early with my post. Elijah was co-host of a fundraiser for The Art of Elysium Tuesday in NYC. The organization aids hospitalized children through creative processes helped along by celebrities. I've uploaded some super high res photos of the event. Thanks to Annabelle, Mata and Karin for the photos and links.


June 12, 2008

:: Bidding has ended on Ebay, but I thought you'd like to see a face-cast of Elijah during filming of LOTR. [1] [2] [3]. In case you want to know, the winning bid was $198 US dollars. Not bad to have Elijah's face hanging on your wall. *grins* Karin also shares a wax figure of Elijah's Frodo.

:: A little DVD extra from The Oxford Murders either to watch or to download. Thanks Jaramajo!

:: She also has a download of the skit from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.

:: Silvermere let's us know that Elijah will be appearing on A Taste Of My Life on BBC 2 TV, June 17th with John Hurt. Check the site for any updates.

:: Random Fandom is hard at work on a slew of screencaps from The Oxford Murders in her gallery.

:: A bit late and probably not worth mentioning, but Operation Filmmaker, a documentary, opened last week in New York City. What does this have to do with Elijah? He was among the people interviewed for the documentary during the filming of Everything Is Illuminated, which the subject of the doc, Muthana Mohmed, an Iraqi film student who worked on the movie is featured. Here is a photo of Elijah in costume with Mr. Mohmed. The documentary also has wonderful reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.

:: And lastly, we've updated a few more movie reviews with Chain Of Fools, Day Zero and Deep Impact.

That's all.... for now.


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