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News Archive: May 2008



May 31, 2008

Another quicky update.

:: The 2008 MTV Movie Awards which starts at 7:30pm, Sunday June 1st, will feature Elijah in a short comedy spoof along with the host of the awards, Mike Myers and director/actor Jon Favreau. You can take a sneak peek here, and a comedic behind the scenes look here. If you're in the UK, the show will air on Monday, June 2nd at 9pm on MTV One and MTV One+1 at 10pm. If you happen to miss the show, MTV replays the awards for a while.

:: A new/old pic found by Bunnie from Parade Magazine.

:: Karin found a few more pics from the Coachella Music Festival [
1] [2] [3], and some nice older shots. [1] [2] [3] [4]

:: If you're one of the people who can't wait to see The Oxford Murders on the big screen or DVD, Annabelle has the entire film up on her website.

That's all... for now.


May 24, 2008

:: A nice interview that Jaramajo found from Clarin (Argentinean) newspaper, and translated again by the wonderful Serai.

:: A couple of new/old, super high res photos from the Giffioni Festival in 2006. [1] [2] Thanks Bunnie!

:: A recent German cover has joined others in the magazine cover section.

:: The Legend of Spyro - Dawn of the Dragon is making another comeback. Part three of the video game will be out this fall and once again, the main character is voiced by Elijah. You can visit the official website

:: A radio interview given last month on Classic FM can be heard and downloaded as well.

:: Karin has shared a PFD file on The Oxford Murders production notes. Beware of potential spoilers!

:: A video during Coachella of Elijah with a few fans. Thanks again to Karin. This clip can be downloaded as well.

:: Our movie review section is slowly coming together. There's a long way to go, but we'll get there.

:: Another area that's gradually being added is the movie stills section. Check out Deep Impact and Oliver Twist.

That's all... for now.


May 12, 2008

:: Day Zero is one of the films competing in the American Independents Competion at the Troia International Film Festival in Portugal. No details yet but I'd recommend you to keep an eye on the festival's website

:: Lots of pics showed up about Elijah visiting the Coachella Music Festival. I've put them together in our special events section.

:: Karin found some new pics taken on April 22 at the London Punk nightclub in Soho [1] [2] [3] and a wonderful pic taken in Barcelona last year [4] at a Gogol Bordelo concert.

:: The Oxford Murders is number 1 at the Spanish Box Office. Alex de la Iglesia's film had been seen by 1.34 million people, who had left 7.8 million euros in box office ($12,245,000).

:: Karin found a video where Elijah is being interviewd when he was only thirteen years old. You can watch it through the site of MSN. The clip starts right after the commercial.

:: Bellewood found some cute, geeky pics of Elijah that I had not seen before. [1] [2]. They were taken in Palm Springs last month.

:: In an interview that appeared on bbc.co.uk, Elijah said he had no problem at all with the sex scenes in The Oxford Murders.

:: The magazine scans section has been updated with new pics from Vanidad Magazine.

:: That's all... for now!


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