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News Archive: February 2008



February 21, 2008

:: Mata found photos from a shoot Elijah did for Q Magazine last year which can be seen here.

:: Some new pics from Michel Gondry's (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind) movie premiere of Be Kind Rewind.

:: Don't forget that Day Zero will be released on February 26th. You can order your copy in all regions through Amazon.

:: I don't think this lovely pic of Elijah taken during a Spanish radio interview for The Oxford Murders has been post before.

:: There will be some changes made to the comment box. Brenda and I will be implementing a new layout for it as soon as we have clearance. This will be a trial and error process, so things may not go smoothly. One thing we do know, when we change over the box, all previous comment will automatically be deleted, so if there is anything you want to keep, save them as soon as you can before they're wiped away. During this time of change, if there is something wrong with the box, don't worry. We will do everything to make it right again, so please be patient with us and the procedure while we make our home more enjoyable.

:: Last, but certainly not least, Happy Birthday Brenda! Where's the party and who can I bring?

That's all... for now.


February 9, 2008

:: Elijah did a radio interview in Madrid to promote The Oxford Murders. You can download it here. Thanks Deenan for the upload. There's also a picture from the event.

:: A truly stunning new picture showed up that is probably part of a promo campaign for The Oxford Murders.

:: Again, we're spoiled with a series of new stills from The Oxford Murders.

:: Elijah and Pam attended a photo exhibition from LizMcClean in New York during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. You can find all the pics here.

:: Rumour goes that Elijah is one of the candidates to star alongside Sylvester Stallone in a remake of Charles Bronson's "The Mechanic". Cinemablend is one of the online sources reporting this.

That's all... for now.


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