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News Archive: December 2007



December 23, 2007

:: Welcome back Brenda! We knew you'd be home in time for the holiday. Rest up, and we'll see you soon. Take care of yourself sweetie!

:: There's a little more news about the DVD release of The Ice Storm that comes out in March.

:: Here is a blog featuring screen shots of a scene from Day Zero. There is also a download of it available there.

:: A couple of new screencaps from the film. [1] [2] Thanks Bunnie!

:: She also tipped us to a new trailer for the film which is probably for the DVD coming out in February, and she and Jaramjo snagged some larger pics from The Oxford Murders. [1] [2] [3] [4]

:: Earane Elensar did a great job piecing together the two scans taken of the cast.

:: The movie stills section has one more film added. Check out The Faculty.

:: We have some new wallpapers to share with you. Much appreciation goes to Rakshi at SANET for her artistic generosity!

:: Jaramjo scanned a couple of pics from El Pais of Elijah backstage at a recent Gogol Bordello show in Spain here and here.

:: Lastly, I would like to send out some big thanks. Thanks so much for all your well wishes for Brenda. They worked, and she's home to make a full recovery. Thanks for all your patience and support while myself, Brenda and the moderators on the forum are trying to keep our site up to date and running smoothly.
Thanks to director Alex de la Iglesia for sharing an in depth look at the film making process and to producer Anthony Moody for giving us the opportunity to be involved with the business of bringing a film to the public and so much more.
Thanks to all the fans who shared information and pics with us throughout year.
And most of all, thank you Elijah! We hope 2008 will bring you much happiness, love and may your many new endeavors be enriching and fulfilling.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


December 12, 2007

:: An English version of The Oxford Murders trailer is now available for viewing here.

:: Jaramajo found a new pic from the film and two scans of the cast with director Alex de la Iglesia from ClubCultura magazine. [1] [2]

:: Another "official" poster for The Oxford Murders.

:: One more new pic from Day Zero which looks to be behind the scenes. Thanks to Bunnie and Lyon Reese, the first assistant director of the film.

:: A pic of the cast from the premiere of Paris Je T'aime that some may not have seen. Thanks to Chickenlegs for the find!

:: It appears that a special edition of The Ice Storm is coming to DVD according to The LA Times.
"The upcoming Criterion release of Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm," will feature interviews with all the key cast and crew members."
No release date has been announced, but we'll keep you up to date. Thanks to Sssneaking for the news!

:: On the music front, The Apples In Stereo debut CD, New Magnetic Wonder, on Elijah's Simian label is up for nominations on a few sites.

NPR Music (You can only vote once and before December 17th)
MTV2 Subterranean ("Energy" and "Can You Feel It" are both nominated. Click on "vote" near the top and vote as much as you want. Click on the song title, then the box next to it.)
The Plug Awards (Though not nominated, you can cast a write in vote. Just click on "Music Categories" and fill in the info.)

:: Teresa tells us Elijah was beaming with pride for his newly signed band, Heloise & The Savior Faire this past weekend at their concert in LA. He was nothing less than his usual receptive self, chatting it up with fans. He asked her to come to their next show and how could she deny that!? She was also kind enough to share her photo of them together.

:: And many thanks to Primula Baggins for sharing her pic of Elijah during the show.

:: The first edition of the Celebrity Handprints book has been sold out, but you can still get your "hands" on a limited edition of Elijah's prints with a little kickback to you. Our sister affiliate ElijahNet has an offer in cooperation with the organizers where you can receive 20% cash back on your purchase. Please go to the site to find out all the details.

:: Lastly, let's all wish Brenda a fast and full recovery while she's battling pneumonia. She's in ICU, but I'm told she'll be fine. We're all pulling for you girl! Get well soon!

That's all... for now.


December 2, 2007

:: Operation Filmmaker, the documentary about the young Iraqi film student who was invited to come work on Everything Is Illuminated by Liev Schreiber has a short interview with Elijah. You can see the clip here

:: Karin and Chickenlegs found some new old pics [1], [2], [3]

:: A new pic and report from the Gogol Bordelo gig in Madrid.

:: A few new pics from The Oxford Murders [1], [2] and a Spanish Q&A with director Alex.

:: Remember the PizzaHut commercial Elijah did when he was a child? It was voted #8 in The 10 Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials. You can watch it on YouTube

:: And Finally, we've uploaded a lot of new affiliates buttons. Check them all out here!

That's it for now!


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