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News Archive: October 2007



October 21, 2007

:: Let's start with some Day Zero news and a report from the filmfestival in Lyon - CONTAINS MINOR SPOILER!!! - "Wow! What an amazing night. The audience was great - perhaps 125 people - and they pretty much all stayed for Q&A. The festival did a great job with the subtitles because near as I can tell everything translated really well as a film going experience for the people there. The first question about whether or not Dixon and/or Rifkin were there to leave or say goodbye to one another at the end erupted into general debate among the audience. My french is pretty poor, but they were quite intent in their discussion. Anyway, it was a great crowd, who all stayed until the theater management kicked us out. Lyon is a fantastically beautiful city, the festival folks were great, ran a tight ship, and were very fun to hang out with. What a great way to end this portion of the festival tour! Onto Williamstown, MA and Savannah, GA." Thanks very much to Tony Moody for this.

:: First Look Studios finally has their Day Zero website up and running. Not much there yet apart from a slightly different poster but keep an eye on it for more.

:: There's a new interview with Elijah on the VIMBY website where he talks about Simian. It can be found here.

:: Jaramajo found a new behind the scenes clip of Elijah's segment in Paris je t'aime. It's uploaded in three parts and is available for download here, here and here.

:: Simian Records will release the new Heloise and the Savoir Faire album next spring. Read all about it here and here.

:: Deenan and I are currently working on the new layout. It's a first time experience for us so we'll have to ask you to be a bit more patient. In the meantime, we've added Ash Wednesday and Try Seventeen stills to the movie stills section.

:: Last but not least, some wonderful new pics of Elijah taken at the Bonnaroo Music Festival last June. [1] [2] [3] [4]
And this black and white gem of a photo from L'uomo Vogue magazine taken in 2006. Thanks Bunnie for sharing them.

:: That's all folks.


October 10, 2007

:: Let's start off with quite a bit of Day Zero news. First Look Studios and Indalo Productions says a release for the film will be January 18, 2008 in NYC. They're counting on a lot of ticket sales that weekend, for the more people who see it, the better its chances of becoming a wider release. You can read more about it here.
:: The film went over extremely well to audiences at the festival last week in Barcelona. As reported by producer Anthony Moody:
"Well, all I can say is that if the audience tonight was any indication, Day Zero definitely plays in Spanish. I can't tell you how many people came up to me afterwards and told me how much they enjoyed it, how it made them think, and how unlike most American films it is (which I gather is a compliment...) Good stuff."
Though the screening was small in London at the Raindance Film Festival, the response to Day Zero remained positive.
"It was perhaps 1/2 full, and Q&A was fairly short, though the few people who came up to me afterwards were extremely complementary... A couple nice folks from Wales said hello - it was so wonderful of them to make the trip to London for the film."
They would be our very own Annabelle and Carol!
:: There's another festival lined up for this weekend (Oct. 13 or 14) for the film, but there are little clues being dropped as to which city in the States it will be held in. Check out the Day Zero thread on the forum to get the latest clues.
:: The movie is lined up to show at two more 'known' film festivals in the U.S. The Williamstown Film Festival in Massachusetts on October 25th, and a special screening at the Savannah Film Festival in Georgia on November 1st. If you live anywhere near these festivals, get your tickets and support a meaningful and relevant film!

On a personal note, I feel we should thank Mr. Moody for being remarkably giving of his time and personally informing us fans of the manner in which films get into theaters, especially independent films that Elijah is more devoted to. Being somewhat involved in the process myself a couple of years ago with Green Street Hooligans, I know it's not as simple as it may seem. So on behalf of the fans at A&F, Brenda, Yeux de bleu and myself, a big hardy thank you Mr. Moody!

:: Remember the Flaming Lips movie Christmas On Mars that has been rolling in the rumor mill for the past six years and supposedly have Elijah in it? Well, it looks like a release is coming sometime next spring. Maybe.
"Frontman Wayne Coyne tells Billboard.com that he's hoping to premiere the movie at the South By Southwest film and music festivals next March in Austin, Texas."
:: Here is a wonderfully offbeat pic of Elijah and Heloise And The Savior Faire. Thanks to Bunnie for the find.
:: Jaramajo is hosting a great behind the scenes look at Elijah in Bobby. Click the link and save.
:: Brenda posted the Spanish version of the teaser trailer for The Oxford Murders last time and now, the English version can be seen on director Alex de la Iglesia's website.

:: The voting is complete for our new default header at A&F. I'll give you a little tease to the numbers, but the final image will still be a mystery.

5th place header - 118 points, 4th place header - 134 points, 3rd place header - 141 points, 2nd place header - 199 points, 1st place header - 275 points.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the voting. Again, as soon as our tech administer can work the new default header in, you'll see it.
That's all... for now.


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