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News Archive: September 2007



September 30, 2007

:: Day Zero was one of the films featured at The American Film Festival in Moscow and was a great succes there. Producer Anthony Moody was so kind to send us his report. "Got back from Moscow yesterday -- what an incredible 5 days. Bryan [Gunnar Cole, director] and I literally barely slept at all. In the midst of it all we had two fantastic screenings of Day Zero. They were well attended with extremely eager/interested Q&A afterwards (including some requests for Elijah's phone number...) I had no idea what to expect re: the reaction to the film by a Russian audience. But if the festival crowd was any indication, the film definitely plays there, especially among younger (call it age 15-35) people. Interestingly, rather than subtitle, the festival did real-time translation ala the United Nations -- a translator sat in a booth with a written transcript (which we provided) that had been translated ahead of time. And the audience listened through little headsets which were provided for free. Anyway, an unforgettable time in an incredible city. I'm back in NYC for a few days, then off to Europe for Barcelona, London, and Lyon...." A short clip including an interview with director Bryan can be found here
:: An new Oxford Murders poster showed up that seemed to be legit. It can be found on our OM movie stills page. And there's more... sssneaking found a teaser trailer of the film! Let's hope we'll get a real trailer soon.
:: Don't forget to listen to BBC Radio 1 tonight. Elijah will be hosting a two hour special in honor of John Peel. The program airs at at 10PM BST and 5PM EST. There's also an article that explains why Elijah was chosen to host the show. "as part of the 40th Birthday celebrations, Elijah Wood is presenting a programme called Keeping It Peel. This isn't totally inappropriate - Wood had been lined up as a guest host to cover what turned out to be Peel's final holiday - but the attaching of a Hollywood name to the Peel show demonstrates how far from "Keeping It Peel" the network has drifted."
:: We also have a number of new pics for you: From the Happy Feet Press Conference, some hi-res pics from the Green Street Hooligans Photo Shoot & Screening, in 2005 and a few from the Everything is Illuminated Press Conference. Special thanks to Karin for finding those.
:: If you haven't voted for the new header yet, you have until midnight EST tonight to do so.
That's it. More in a week or so.


September 19, 2007

:: Karin has been gracious enough to share some of the features of the Green Street Hooligans DVD that has been distributed in Germany. There are loads of extras that are not on copies of the US version. This has been separated into a four part series. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
Thanks for all your hard work Karin!
:: Jaramajo uploaded a short video of Elijah talking about the making of Bobby.
:: Adding to the list of film festivals that Day Zero will be showing at is The Lyon Festival Hors Ecran in France on October 14th during the closing night ceremonies. This will follow The Raindance Film Festival-London (Oct. 5-6), The Barcelona Cinemapolitic Festival (Oct. 2) and this coming weekend, The American Film Festival (Sept. 23) in Moscow.
:: Here's a nice article by Elijah speaking fondly of his home state, Iowa.
:: Elijah has added his name to the list of celebrities on a petition to release Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma from house arrest. You can read more about their plead here.
:: There's a hilarious video on Youtube pairing up Elijah's appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba with LOTR. Check it out! Thanks for the find Mole Caz.

:: Just 10 days left to send your decision for our new header. It's great to see the votes come in and I really appreciate all the lovely comments that have been sent. The last day to cast your vote is September 30th. Remember, please send your vote to me at deenan@ejwsites.net.
I've been sending thank you replies to everyone who has voted so far. If you didn't receive one, I may not have gotten your vote. If you can't send an email, or if you didn't receive a reply, and are a member of the forum, you can contact me via the forum, and click on "Send this member a private message."
That's all... for now.


September 10, 2007

:: On September 30, BBC Radio 1 is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a special event called 'Established 1967'. At 10PM, there will be a special 2 hour programme featuring John Peel�s favourites, hosted by Elijah Wood.
:: YouTube has a very cute clip of a little Elijah advertising Wavy Lay's . You can view it here.
:: Karin and Bunnie found a few pics I had never seen before. One still from The Oxford Murders and another from Elijah's appearance on The Sauce
:: The Movie Stills section has once again been updated with stills from Paris je t'aime and Green Street Hooligans. Go and have a look!
::If you haven't done so yet, please take a few moments to look at the banners Deenan made and vote for your favorite. Votes are welcome via email to Deenan@ejwsites.net and can be send in until the end of the month.
::That's it for now!


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