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News Archive: November 2006



November 4, 2006

::Elijah at the Bobby Premiere! :D Oooo now isn't he looking mighty fiiine in that suit! - Thanks go to the lovely Bunnie


November 5, 2006

::I got more pictures for you today. First of all here is a photo taken during the recording of Happy Feet -Thanks Bunnie
::For all of you who love the animated show American dad, Elijah is doing a guest spot on the 12th of November, don't forget to add that in your diaries. - Thanks go to Bunnie
::Here's something else to add to your diaries, the premiere of Happy Feet! It's on the same day as American dad, the 12th of November. - Thanks Bunnie
::Ok on to Bobby news, here is a scan. I've also got 4 Bobby stills for you all. [1] and [2] [3] [4]- Thanks Bunnie
::There's a second Happy Feet trailer It's a little different to the first trailer but this one has more Of Elijah's dialogue - Thanks chickenlegs
::Here's an interview with Elijah talking about Happy Feet. Just warning you that it is a little spoilery
:: Elijah was sighted at the MTVu Woodies on the 25th of October. Here are a few pictures. [1][2] [3][4][5][6] [7] - Thanks once again Bunnie
::Elijah was on KEXP radio last Tuesday and if you missed it, you can still hear the interview by going here. All you have to do is scroll down to the 31st of October, then type in 11:10 am, click 'go' then pick your player. Ive also got pictures to go along with this interview. [1][2][3][4] [5] - Thanks Bunnie and Wisteria way
::Here is a scan of Elijah in the Spin magazine. - Thanks electricwine
::Here's a picture of Elijah just being his geeky self :D - Thanks Bunnie
::Elijah will be doing a lot of tv appearances this month:
Wednesday the 8th of November

Thursday the 16th of November

Wednesday the 22nd of November
Thanks sssneaking for those times and dates
::Ive got some amazing pictures of Elijah at the Happy Feet Press Conference, Ive got them all on this page. - Thanks so much to Wisteria way and Mole caz


November 14, 2006

::Boy have i got pictures for you all today. First off, ive added 16 pictures to the Happy Feet Press Conference page, and here is the transcript of the conference. - Thanks Bunnie
::Elijah attended the premiere of Happy Feet on Sunday and we have the pictures thanks to Wisteria way, Prim and Bunnie. [page 1][page 2] [page 3][page 4]
::Elijah also attended the Black Ball (a charity ball to benefit Keep a Child Alive) on Thursday. I've put the pictures up on this page. - Thanks go to Wisteria way and Bunnie
::You can download the KEXP radio show with Elijah here - Thanks earths daughter
::Here's a short interview about Happy Feet - Thanks Bunnie
::Another Happy Feet interview here - Thanks for that Bunnie
::You can read the Tavis Smiley interview here - Thanks once again Bunnie :)
::Another Happy Feet interview right this way... - Thanks Mother 2012
::Sssneaking found a little interview from Time - Thanks Sssneaking
::Sssneaking also found heaps of trailers on this yahoo page - Thanks again


November 15, 2006

:: Elijah was on TRL - Here are some pics. Thanks Kaye
:: Here's a short interview with Elijah (along with a new pic!) Thanks Bunnie.


November 30, 2006

:: There's a nice batch of photos of Elijah at the London premiere of Happy Feet up here -- Thanks Justine
:: Elijah was on Blue Peter, a BBC children's program. Sal has put up a clip here and here are some caps she took:


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