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News Archive: October 2006



October 21, 2006

:: Catching up on a whole month of Elijah news here. That'll teach me to neglect the site for so long :(
:: Some great news from TORn:
Elijah Wood has been confirmed as a guest for ORC 2007, our annual LOTR convention held in LA. I missed ORC 2006, therefore did NOT get the chance to meet Miranda Otto (doh!!!). ORC 2005 was a blast with Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, John Rhys-Davies and more! More news as we confirm guests, ORC 2007 will take place Fri., Sat. & Sun. March 9-11, 2007 at the The Burbank Airport Hilton Hotel. [More]
:: Here's some news from Aileen:
For those who might be interested... Green Street Hooligans is currently on limited release in the Philippines. It opened last October 11, 2006. You may check out these links: [1] [2]
:: Justine sent in this scan from Disney Mania magazine about Elijah doing the voice of Spyro
:: You can view/download the Spyro trailer here
:: Happy Feet goodness is over this way and here as well
:: A transcription of Elijah on D List Radio - thanks Prim
:: A good article about Bobby. The UK will be able to see this film from the 5th January. Here's a still from Bobby as well. Thanks Bunnie.
:: Spoilery clip of Elijah and Lindsay Lohan in Bobby is up here


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