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News Archive: September 2006



September 11, 2006

::Here's a picture of Elijah being part of the I am African Campaign And this is the official I am African site for anyone who wants to learn more about it. - Thanks go to Bunnie
::Here are three pictures of Elijah and Sean at the Film Society Of Lincoln Center Special Screening that i haven't seen before. They attended this screening in january 2004. You can see other pictures of that event in the gallery [page 1] [page 2] - Thanks Beizy for those
::Not only will Bobby be shown at the Toronto Film Festival, it will also be shown at the Deauville Film Festival as well. (Bobby was shown at the Venice Film Festival on tuesday.) - Thanks Primula_baggins
::Elijah went camera shopping on friday and we have the pics :) [1][2] [3][4][5][6] [7][8]- Thanks txvoodoo
::Here's an article about Happy Feet - Thanks Bunnie
:And lastly, Elijah is involved with Cenrino Duo laptop computers, if you scroll down to the "blog" section, you'll find blog entries by our very own Elijah :D As well as a very interesting interview Thanks go to Bunnie once again :)


September 22, 2006

:: Would you believe that our very own A&F is now 5 years old! Now that's really something special :) Thanks for sticking with us, particularly to Jochen @ ejwsites.net, without whom this site would be long gone.

Now onto business as usual...
:: Here are some trailers for Elijah's upcomming movies: Happy Feet & Bobby
:: Some news regarding Elijah's record label, Simian Records: Simian Records signs Apples in Stereo | And again | ...And again.
:: Here's a photo from Paris, Je T'aime of Elijah with Maggie Gylllenhaal. Thanks to Bunnie for all the news so far.
:: Here's a photo of Elijah from when he DJed in Austin -- thanks to princessofthehalflings for sending that along.
:: Some news from Hobbitangel:
Just thought I'd let you know that the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly mentions that Elijah is scheduled to be a guest voice on the show "American Dad" this season. They didn't mention what episode, unfortunately.


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