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News Archive: April 2006



April 1, 2006

:: Hey all. I have lots of pictures for you today :)
:: Firstly, here are some photos of Elijah and Pam at the Gogol Bordello concert in San Diego: [1] [2] [3] [4] Here's a writeup about the show which mentions Elijah. Thanks to Deenan and Joanne for that
:: Bunnie found this photo of Elijah & Pam hanging out with some members of Gang of Four
:: Primula_baggins posted a bunch of photos of Elijah at SXSW last year: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] ... and here is one from Karin
:: If you still haven't had enough, try browsing through the search pages at flickr because there are quite a few photos of Elijah with fans, like this or this and this or that ;)


April 19, 2006

:: Ok, ok I'll update. But trust me you haven't been missing much :P Hope you all had a great Easter.
:: Elijah's movie Green Street Hooligans is available to pre-order from amazon.com
:: Well, it seems that Elijah got Punk'd. He'll apparantly appear on an episode of Punk'd in the U.S. which will air on MTV on Monday, April 24, 10 PM. EWNow posted the preview clip for the episode :)


April 20, 2006

:: Here's a new photo from Elijah's film Paris, je t'aime [credit: Allocine]

:: An Elijah sighting thanks to TM Harvey:
CENTRAL PARK W AT W 82ND ST Apr 19th, 2006 @ 11am
I smelled a nasty clove cigarette. I have asthma. I coughed dramatically, looked around and saw Elijah Wood, and not a lot bigger around than his cigarette. He met my eye, looked apologetic, and stamped out his cigarette! What a little gentleman!

:: BTW for those who aren't aware, Elijah is currently filming his new movie Day Zero in New York City - Thanks Texas Tactical


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