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News Archive: October 2005



October 8, 2005

::Sorry for the lack of updates guys, here's a little update for now. Jen found a gorgeous scan of Elijah and girlfriend Pam in the In Touch Weekly magazine. - Thanks Jen
::Dara sent in 10 wonderful pictures of Elijah at the ELF convention [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] - Thanks for sharing those with us Dara :)
::A hilarious picture of Elijah :) - Thanks to lovehermadly


October 18, 2005

EEEKKK I so don't have time for this... but... but :) Premiere magazine outtakes:-

Thanks lemming23.


October 30, 2005

Trust me, you want to click this picture:

:: 2 more Premiere magazine outtakes:

Thanks to lemming23 for all those goodies.
:: Can't remember if I've posted this, but here it is again I guess: An Elijah radio interview


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