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News Archive: June 2005



June 3, 2005

:: Hey everyone :) Just wanted to post these photos from Patsie - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
The description reads: "21 May 2005: Elijah Wood chats with friends, including "Lord Of The Rings" co-star Dominic Monaghan, outside the "Cock 'n' Bull" British pub. The boys had just watched the FA Cup final game, in which Arsenal beat Manchester United 5-4 on penalty kicks. Elijah talked to fans and had a smoke. Dominic looked down in the dumps after United's defeat. He was born in Germany, but brought up in Manchester and is an avid fan of the team.". Thanks Patsie
:: Plus this E3 Elijah photo thanks to Bunnie


June 17, 2005

:: Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates :( Ive got lots of pictures for everyone!!
:: Ok first off Elijah was at LA Film Festival for Down In The Valley Premiere yesterday and Here are pictures of Lij wearing some spiffy new geeky glasses! *melts!!* Thanks go to Undone and Patsie!
:: Bunnie sent along a few pictures from different events. Here is a picture of Elijah on his recent trip to Malaysia. Here are two pictures of Elijah at the Sin City premiere [1] and [2]. Here are two more pictures of Elijah from SXSW. [1] and [2] And finally a picture of Elijah at the Grammy awards - Thanks Bunnie for all of those!!!
::Justine sent in this lovely pic - Thanks Justine
:: Sweetestheart sent in this article on Michael Rosenbaum ( he plays Lex Luthor in Smallville) and Elijah is pictured and mentioned - Thanks Sweetestheart
:: EDIT: Another article where Elijah's girlfriend is mentioned :)
::Ive also added more pictures to the Film Festival page. Just use the above link :)
On behalf of everyone here at A&F, i'd like to wish Autumn a very Happy 19th Birthday!


June 25, 2005


--Thanks Patsie


June 26, 2005

:: Arianah sent in this article where Elijah is mentioned and another picture of Elijah in Malaysia. - Thanks for sending those in Arianah :)


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