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News Archive: May 2005



May 5, 2005

:: Lots of pretty pics for you all today- Elijah at the Chanel Costume Institute Gala - Thanks Patsie and Marcy
:: Elijah on TRL on May 13th... possibly - Thanks Emmi (and everyone else who e-mailed me with this)
:: Steve was lucky enough to have been cast as an extra on Hooligans so he got to hang out with the cast -- including Elijah! (he's standing behind Elijah in this photo) He sent along some photos with Elijah: [outside Black Island studios London April 2004] and [Relaxing off set of "Hooligans" at Black Island studio London] -- Thanks for sharing that with us Steve
:: Elijah Wood Q&A - Thanks Delicious vinyl, Galadriel, Marea, Lith and John.... and EVERYONE who sent that in :P
:: Kevin "Sin city" action figure - Thanks Delicious vinyl again and John
:: Just a reminder: I'm Still Here: Real Diaries of Young People Who Lived During the Holocaust - Thanks Galadriel


May 8, 2005

:: Hey everyone! Im Venera, Lucy's friend and im just doing a quick update because Lucy's a lazy bum :P Nah she's been busy so i thought i'd give her a hand :)
Patsie posted some great pictures of Elijah at the taping of the MTV X-BOX special, just click here Thanks Patsie


May 10, 2005

:: Thanks again Ven for helping me out with the last update (haha, and 3 hours later... it was done :P)
:: Anyway... ELIJAH! @ the Star Wars screening on the weekend. Thanks Patsie
:: Patsie also posted this photo of Elijah - haha I know how much you all LOVE that photoshoot :P


May 19, 2005

:: Hey everyone, its Venera again. Im here with another update and this one's a little longer, im slowly but surely getting the hang of it luce :P
:: Ok first off here is an old but really cute picture of Elijah - Thanks Undone
::Bunnie found some stills from Everything Is Illuminated [1][2][3][4][5]
::Here's a comment from Liev about Elijah from this interview - Thanks again Undone
Q: How did you choose Elijah Wood for the lead role?
Liev: I think Elijah is an actor that has a tremendous amount of brain, certainly more than he's been able to demostrate in the roles that he's been given. And I'd never seen eyes like Elijah's before. If you're looking for a character who is a subjective character in the sense that the world: of the movie is percieved through them, there is almost no one who can do it better. His eyes are so full and huge and open and constantly taking everything in.

:: John has sent in two older articles on Elijah filming The Faculty: [1] and [2] - Thanks John
:: Elijah will be a special guest at the 2005 Toronto Comic Convention August 26th - 28th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre: [More info] Thanks go to Heather and James
:: Have you got a question you would like to ask Elijah? You can sumbit a question here They're apparently going to chat with him on an upcoming episode of Movie House so stay tuned. - Thanks Mary


May 20, 2005

::I have more news for everyone today :)
::Bunnie has sent in a special request for help regarding Elijah's film Hooligans. She's trying to get a distribution deal for North America so if everyone could help sign this Petition she'd be very greatful. Please note:that if you're not from North America, you should leave the 'location'box blank. You dont have to use your full name, but your email address has to be genuine (it will be kept private) - Thanks Bunnie and everyone who sent that along, i hope it helps :)
:: Patsie posted three pictures of Elijah and Ian Somerhalder leaving the Costume gala afterparty at Bungalow 8 in New York: [1][2][3]- Thanks Patsie
::There's a clip of Elijah being interviewed by Major Nelson on The new XBOX. just click on Major Nelson interviews Elijah Here
::Elijah is on teen people's The 25 hottest stars under 25 list.
:: Lastly i've added 8 more pictures of Elijah at the MTV X-BOX special on this page. - Thanks to Bunnie and Justine.


May 23, 2005

::Ive got heaps of pictures for you all today :) - Undone has posted a really cute picture of Elijah at E3. - Thanks Undone
::Here are 2 Hollywood Bowl pictures of Elijah and Alisha Keys. [1][2] - Thanks Marcy
::On the 19th of May Elijah was accompanied through Los Angeles international airport by a security guard. [1][2] [3][4]- Thanks Patsie
::Lastly Elijah and Dominic Monaghan were at E3. Read more about it here - Thanks again undone


May 26, 2005

:: So, I suck. What else is new?
:: Right,yesterday Elijah attended the Alternative Press 20th Anniversary Party as a DJ and the - both fabulous - Patsie and Bunnie already got some pictures. Have fun browsing them:
[EDIT FROM VENERA: (It seems that Sarah and I were updating at exactly the same time! lol) I put them all up on this page]
[EDIT FROM SARAH: Great minds think alike. ;)]
:) Oh, and yeah you can spot his utterly hot girlfriend in one of those pictures. Very nice. ;)

:: Apart from that Bunnie found a brief text about Elijah's role in Sin City:

"A potentially controversial – and certainly against type! – piece of casting is Elijah Wood. The sweet-faced saviour of Middle Earth is clearly determined not to become the new Mark Hammill with roles as diverse as Kevin, psycho-killer, and his forthcoming role as a thug in Hooligans.

"I worked with him on The Faculty and he’s got these piercing blue eyes that women love but I always found quite creepy. And I told him that I was one day going to cast him as a psychopath, never thinking that I actually would!” Rodriguez grins.

Laughing, Miller adds: "And I really wanted to see Frodo eat people!"
:: Thanks. :)
:: ANOTHER EDIT FROM VENERA: (thought it's pointless to post another update just for this) Josie sent along this poster of the event. -Thanks Josie


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