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News Archive: June 2004



June 3, 2004

:: Justine has once again sent along some Elijah pictures i haven't seen before: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] - Thanks Justine. And please credit if you repost - Thanks.
:: Undone found these pictures of Elijah at E3: [1] [2], and one from last year.
:: Tina found some pictures which i've never seen before: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
:: Tanya sent a scan of a review of the All I Want DVD which featured in Sugar Magazine [May 2004], as well as this interview which featured in TV Hits [June 2004]
:: Kristi let me know that Elijah has been nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Best Actor in a Drama/Action Adventure - you can vote for him here
:: Thanks to everyone who contributed to this update! :)


June 6, 2004

:: Patsie [L&BA] posted some outtakes from a past photoshoot: [1] [2] [3] [4]
:: Hobbitangel sent me this article she found at TORn:
Elijah Wood-n't be in The Hobbit
:: Also, Hobbitangel and Rafferty let me know that Elijah picked up a Sy Fy Genre Award for Best Young Actor - More details, and Rafferty sent along this link where you can vote for Elijah in the In Style 7th annual "What's Sexy Now" poll
:: Amity sent me this snippet from an MTV online article:
Elijah Wood must be racking up the frequent flier miles. Just after he returned from England, where he was shooting the soccer hooligan flick "The Yank," the Los Angeles-based actor was off to Austin, Texas, to work on Robert Rodriguez's comic book epic "Sin City." Now he's in Prague getting ready to make "Everything Is Illuminated," from the novel of the same name. Actor Liev Schreiber ("The Sum of All Fears") is making his directorial debut with the picture, about a young Jewish man in search of the woman who may have saved his grandfather during World War II.
:: Julie and Carol-Anne sent in this snippet from an interview with Daniel Radcliffe:
AP: I've heard you're a film buff. Are there any particular actors who influenced you?
Dan: One of them would definitely be Gary Oldman . That was amazing to be able to work with him (on this movie). I think people like Tobey Maguire and Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood , actually, because they were all child actors. When you say child actors, everyone thinks Macaulay Culkin . Macaulay Culkin has actually now come back as well, he's been great. They were all child actors and they all turned out to be some of the most amazing actors of their generation. Christina Ricci is unbelievable. I think I kind of look up to them.

:: Amy let me know about this page which has some new pictures from the TORn Oscar Party.
:: Thanks to everyone who contributed... have a great weekend everyone!


June 13, 2004

:: I keep getting e-mails about this so i guess i had better post it...

Thankyou so much to everyone who has been nominating A&F at the Movie Site Awards, it's a real honour. To show your support and help us make it into the next round, please post a quick comment on the Movie Site Awards Messageboard.
:: Elijah has been nominated for a GPhoria award for Best Male Voice Performance for the ROTK video game... make sure you vote for him here. Apparantly he may be presenting an award too! [more] - Thanks Kalhan and HobbitAngel
:: The lovely Nature sent me this spiffy Elijah picture which was in March's SCREEN magazine.
:: Carissa sent in this info:
In the People magazine with Julia Roberts on the cover, there is a snippet in it that mentions that EW will be doing some GAP ads this year.
Thanks for that Carissa :)
:: Autumn posted some of these ages ago, but BEI has some more pictures of Elijah modelling when he was younger: [1] [2] [3]


June 18, 2004

:: I have some pictures of Elijah in Prague thanks to Patsie [of L&BA]: [1] [2].
:: Jade scanned in this interview with Elijah from a magazine called More in England [the April/May edition]
:: Sleepyhobbit let me know that apparantly Elijah will be a guest at the 19th Karlovy Vary which is an International film festival in the Czech Republic to present the film ESOTSM. You can get more info here.
:: Thankyou so much to everyone who posted a message of support for A&F at the Moviesite Awards messageboard. It really means a lot to us :) To those who haven't been able to register, please keep trying!


June 26, 2004

:: Some of you people may have been mad about me not updating and stuff but I have an excuse: I was in Prague on a school trip. Sadly I didn't meet Mr. Wood himself nor did I see any parts of a film set. So I cannot tell you where he is and what he does. =/ Even the production company couldn't as they don't want people to disturb their process. Right now nobody seems to know where he is, so if you have ANY piece of information for us - send it in. =) Thanks in advance. ♥
:: EF.Com has posted about Eliah to attend the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic. Read more about that here.
:: The release date for ESOTSM is September 28. Preorder it at Amazon.Com Thanks to EF.Com! =)


June 27, 2004

:: Eva-Lisa sent along a Dutch interview of Elijah on the set of The Yank - it also contained this photo of Elijah which i hadn't posted before. Thanks for translating it Eva-Lisa ;)
:: Undone posted some great pictures from "All I Want" - some of which i haven't seen before: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
:: Cheryl_cat from the messageboard posted this cute article about Elijah and Kate Winslet's stand-in in ESOTSM - Thanks Sarah for sending that in as well ;)
:: Meghan scanned this picture of Elijah from the newest issue of Electronic Gaming. The caption read: "I came all the way from Middle-earth and all I got was this lousy ring," says hardcore gamer Elijah "Frodo" Wood.
:: Sleepyhobbit sent along this article which was in a Czech magazine called Story [26/04 issue]. The picture is from the filming of Everything Is Illuminated at the Masaryk railway station in Prague. Sleepyhobbit also sent me a brief translation of the contents of the article:
In the article it's only written that they shot the opening scene where young author Jonathan Safran Foer (Elijah) is arriving in Ukraine. He gets off the train, meets his guide and tries to explain to him how to pronounce his name. They shot this scene almost the whole day, because the director Liev Schreiber wants it to be perfect. They also mention that in Prague Elijah lives in leasehold villa at a restricted place in the city and that he will stay in the Czech republic till the end of August.
:: Tina posted some screencaps of Elijah on Much Music's Nard Wars 2: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] It's from the old interview which you can listen to here interview
:: See, patience will be rewarded ;) Thankyou to the majority of visitors who have been so supportive of Sarah and I, and to everyone who has been sending in news so that A&F can be updated instead of complaining about the lack of Elijah news. Have a great weekend A&Fers!


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