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News Archive: January 2003



January 2, 2003

:: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Hope you had a good day yesterday! ... Anyway, first off, at elitefanpages.com we're up for site of the month! But we need votes! Please support an Elijah site and don't let a Kirkpatrick site win over an Elijah one! So please go to that site, and vote for Always and Forever in the poll on the right hand side in the grey box. Thanks.
:: A cool new article where Elijah talks about music, music, and more music. And according to the bagendinn, these two gorgeous pics are from that article: [pic 1] (He picked the Prince "Let's Work" 12" vinyl out of the Blender vault to take home. The only Prince 12" I. Don't. F***ing. Have.) [pic 2]
:: Ami scanned this rare picture of Elijah looking... ummmm.... different. Thanks Ami!!
:: All you need to know about Elijah's movie Ash Wednesday at Rotten Tomatoes. Also shows a poster on the left.
:: Any bizarre fan experiences? People call you Frodo on the street?
People call me Frodo all the time. Nothing too crazy. I met a girl in Canada who had seen it 14 times, and she burst into tears.
Did you console her?
Yeah, it was kind of emotional.

Hmmm... could he have been talking about Bonnie??? It's a good interview, read the rest
:: New article from TeenHollywood. Thanks Capotica :)
:: Nora sent me a neat clip from the Lord of the Rings exhibit at Casa Loma, which features interviews with some of the cast and shows lots of the props and costumes that went into making the film. Don't know what's with the freaky music though... Thanks Nora!
:: Am i the only one who has developed an obsession with Dominic? I never realised how cute and sweet he was! Honestly, he seems like the sweetest guy in the world...and Elijah of course... and Billy...

January 4, 2003

:: Hey everyone! Thanks to everyone whose voting for us. *hugs* Hehe, and judging by the amount of e-mails i got since last update, seems i'm not the only one who is turning towards Dom :)
:: Some gorgeous new scans from Gear Magazine thanks to BabieLuvEjw from the messageboard [scan 1] [scan 2] [scan 3] [scan 4]
:: Also, ElijahzPrNceSS from the messageboard found the Gear magazine article. Thanks for that!
:: Some really cute pics of Dom, Billy and Lij "after a days shooting in the Eden Valley where they are staying to bring in the New Year". They're all on this page But they're really small because they have to be bought in order for you to get an enlargement. In case the site is down, here are the pics: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6] Thanks Sam and Kylee
:: Yet another interview with the hobbit lads about whether or not the hobbits are gay. Thanks again Sam
:: A weird article which Leanne send me about Elijah and a certain game of Dungeons and Dragons. Thanks Leanne!
:: A great site which Vivian sent me with has links to lots of TTT clips and Tv appearances and stuff. Thanks girl!
:: All the info/clips/screencaps you need from the LOTR video game on this site. Thanks Vivian
:: Nora sent me another clip [in 3 parts], this time from this year's LOTR exhibit: [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

January 6, 2003

:: Quaxo sent along some pics that she took of Elijah at the Wellington Premiere (lucky her!) [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] Also, she's putting together a birthday tribute for Elijah, so if you want to participate in that, e-mail her. Thankyou so much for sharing those! They look fantastic.
:: Lauren sent me 2 scans from TV HITS, however it had nothing new in the info department... it did have this new pic though. Thanks Lauren!
:: TORn posted an article of Elijah, Dom and Billy pheasant shooting - also has a nice pic with it. Here's a better quality version of that pic
:: Anna (the girl who is offering those tapes) sent me this news for everyone who ordered from her or who is going to order from her:
I'd like to thank everyone who has expressed interest in purchasing a copy of the Elijah TV appearance tape that I've put together. I have already received over 30 payments for the tape through paypal, and I have also received another 60 or so emails from people telling me they are mailing me payment. While I will do my best to get the tape to everyone who has paid quickly as possible, I just want to advise everyone who has sent payment that it might take an extra couple of days for me to get your tape out to you. I can only make 3 or 4 tapes a day on the weekend, and I can only make 2 tapes a day during the week as I work from 9-5 Mon thru Fri. So I hope that everyone will be a little patient with me. I promise that if you did send payment, you will receive your tape. But you might receive it in a week as opposed to in a couple of days.
Thanks again for providing this offer Anna! [check out her yahoo group]
:: Mark Raats has sent me an exclusive picture which he drew of Elijah Wood for A+F. You can see it, and his other lotr sketches here. Thanks again Mark! < - - check out his site, i swear his artworks are beautiful!
:: ahhhhhh......... *squeals and dies* The Bagendinn just posted this from a ROTK calendar! *sniff* geez, i'm getting depressed already...poor sam. She also posted these other pages from the calendar.
:: Also posted on the Bagendinn is this oscar poster
:: A cute new picture of Elijah and Dom at the Paris Prem. Thanks Ami and Andrea.

January 7, 2003

:: That's it, i now have my new year's resolution... to not answer stupid e-mails anymore. Seriously, it is making me insane. Every day, i get heaps of e-mails, and about 5 of them have news, the others are all stupid questions from people who claim to be a long term fan of the site - yet they e-mail me asking when his birthday is, how old he is, where he is right now, how can i find him. From now on, if it's written on the site, i'm not answering it. E-mails from people who are rude and ask simple questions which they could find the answers to if they weren't so lazy will not be answered, as i will simply be too 'lazy' to bother answering you. *sigh* i need Autumn. All the info is in the biography, all the pics is in media, it's not hard!! Sorry if that's harsh, but if you were in my position you'd feel the same! Read the FAQ too, lots of commonly asked questions there too. Don't assume that just because i own this site, i know everything about Elijah.. i don't, and i don't want to. The info is there, you just have to put in the effort of clicking on the link! Good, glad that's out of the way.
:: Quaxo sent me another picture which she took, this one has Dom and Lij in it :D :D Thanks Quaxo!!
:: Crystal sent me this info:
I was reading the August issue of Teen People and there was a mention of Elijah Wood! In the q+a section, there was an article on 21-year-old Ned Vizzini called "The WRITE Stuff." This guy wrote a book called Teen Angst... Nah and it was a cult hit and now might be a possible TV series about his life in high school. The last question says:
Q. So who should play you?
A. We got a call from Elijah Wood's people, which would be amazing. Maybe we'll get the girl (Alexis Bledel) from
Gilmore Girls to do a part. She's a teen, right? (Actually, she's 20.) Maybe if you print that, she'll call me.
Hmmm... i doubt if Elijah would ever be involved in a TV series (apart from the Simpsons of course) Thanks Crystal!
:: OOOoooo... We hates this girl, yes we do. She met Elijah Wood yesterday on a subway! Lucky lucky lucky girl! Read about it on her Livejournal. Thanks ElijahzPrNceSS from the messageboard

January 9, 2003

:: OMG, 2 days and only 1 stupid e-mail. *sits in shock* Just one. Thankyou so much for giving me a break! I'm very proud of you! *hugs everyone* And also, be expecting a new layout in the next few days :D Yes, yes, i hear the gasps from long time visitors, and you'll be happy to know that no i didn't make it (lol, i wouldn't put you through that), but the point is it won't be brown!! yay!! And i don't care how many e-mails i get telling me that they liked this layout (like last time i wanted to change it) this layout is out! :) BTW, the new layout was designed by the lovely Helle of Starless-Day.net who owns the ELFHOB Fanlistings - and yes, you must go visit her sites :) And huge thanks to Jochen who has been working hard to get it set up *yay for Jochen* :D
:: Elijah's going to appear on Conan O'Brien next Friday the 17th. Conan is on NBC at 12:35AM. Thanks to everyone who sent that along.
:: Abby pointed me to Sarah's website in which she's posted pics from her trip to New Zealand. There are pics from the Wellington Premiere, also, there's some pics from famous LOTR places you'd remember from the movie... also that famous fountain which was involved in the Dom and Elijah peeing incident apparantly ;) Of course those pics are copyrighted to Sarah, as written on the bottom of the page.
:: The Bag End Inn has some scans from Sneak Magazine.
:: More pics from the Two Towers premiere in New York - including some nice pics of Elijah.
:: Also, the Bag End Inn posted more pics which Vadas Nightmaere took at the New Zealand premiere.
:: Warofthering has posted bigger versions of those first ROTK pics
:: Mireia has kindly sent me two good pics which she took of Elijah at the Paris Premiere: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] Thanks for sharing those :)

January 11, 2003

:: Thanks to everyone who wrote to me commenting about the new layout :) I'm glad you all like it too! I've added a site of the week to the sidebar - it was going to be a site of the month, but there are too many lotr sites that i like! If you have any suggestions for SOTWs please send them along. And show your support for the SOTWs by visiting them :) Pretty picture Amelia sent to me - - - - >
:: All the info you need to know about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
:: Wow, now this is a story... Stokely sent this to me today:
I'm involved with a treesit right now. In about a week, Orli, Billy, and Dom are set to come out and visit Old Glory - an amazing 400 year old oak which the developers want to move to put in four lane highway. We need to get as many supporters as possible. This sit is in southern california, so it would be great if you could show your support! It would be much appreciated :) Please consider it.
Apparantly it's a big project, and John Quigley has been up in the tree for 70 days now trying to protect it. I don't know for sure if the boys are actually coming, but that's what she says...it would be so nice if they did though. Please visit the site Save Old Glory and show your support like Orli, Billy and Dom are - supposebly :)
:: Elijah chats about stardom and his lack of privacy in the January issue of J17 magazine - also includes some pics, but they're not new. Thanks Kitty for scanning that!
:: hehe, more pics of Elijah, Dom and some other people seeing someone off at the airport. Thanks Kelly for scanning that.

January 13, 2003

:: Orli's 26th birthday today! Happy Birthday!! ... Heaps of people have been e-mailing me about Old Glory, on Saturday, police removed John - the guy up in the tree ;) - by force, so it's unprotected now...looks like the boys won't be going there afterall.
:: Yay, we won two awards from Yenearsira Awards and The Last Alliance Awards. Thanks! And we're site of the week at Berian Edhellen
:: Nora sent me the latest Try Seventeen ad along with the info that Try 17 opens in the US on January 22nd :) Thanks Nora. It also opens in the Philippines on the same day and is rated PG-13 - Thanks Aileen
:: A pic of when dezlovesLIJ from the board met Elijah Wood :) lucky her
:: Some new TTT prem pics: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] - Thanks Mel
:: Pics of Elijah at a Knicks game with Kirsten Dunst: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] ... (his hair is growing back! see, told you hair grows back, he won't be bald forever :P ) and more pics from the last Knicks game: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] ... These are all from the Bagendinn
:: Ok, so it's not news, and it's not Elijah, but it's sooooo cute - 80cm frodo german doll! Thanks Hanako
:: Rajel sent me this link to a site which has collected heaps of ROTK pics. Thanks Rajel.
:: Sian is trying to collect signatures for a petition:
I have started a petition that will be sent to Peter Jackson and New line cinema in a months time requesting that they include some footage of the cast auditions (especially the tape Lij made himself) as a special feature on the 2 towers DVD (either the extended or the theatrical version) I already have 50 signatures, and it's only been in existance for 2 days - the more signatures I have the more chance that Peter will actually take it into consideration! All I need is for people interested to email me with their name (first and last) and the country they live in. My email is: ringbearer87@hotmail.com
I'm not saying it'll work...but it's worth a shot ;)

January 16, 2003

:: Hanako, can you please e-mail me and tell me where you got the frodo doll from? A lot of people have been asking about it :)
:: First off some pics from the bagendinn:
From the hunting trip: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3]
From the set of that Sunshine movie: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7]
And finally... pics from an event called Super Skate: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3]
Oh yes... we love the bagendinn :D
:: Ismeril sent me this scan from TWIST of a new pic of Elijah... not recent, but i've never seen it before (lol, therefore it's not :P) Thanks!
:: And Juliet sent me a scan from her local newspaper called Clarin - no idea what it says, but the pic is cute :) Thanks Juliet
:: New Elijah and Sean interview

January 18, 2003

:: Well now today i did get a rather strange e-mail from a webmistress... So, want a piece of Elijah's hand? A finger, a thumb? How about a thumbprint? ;) I kid you not, you can now purchase one of 10 Elijah thumbprints from the masters in famous thumbs: famousthumbs.com! Yep, you can now bid for it :) Don't believe it's Elijah's? Check out the pic on the right....Now, for all non-uk peeps, think of the price in your own currency, and it looks fine...use a currency converter and you wonder why the hell anyone would pay AUS$2000 for a thumbprint. But hey, whatever turns you on ;) And right now he has the most expensive thumbprint - well it is a cute thumb after all. Thanks to the webmiss Katrenna for sending me the link. They've also got other celebs, so check out famousthumbs.com!
:: HEAPS of new sunshine set pics sent to me by Amanda - [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7] [pic 8] [pic 9] [pic 10] [pic 11] [pic 12] [pic 13] [pic 14] [pic 15] [pic 16] [pic 17] [pic 18] [pic 19] Thanks Amanda for sending them in a zip file - hint hint to everyone else! :)
:: I finally got around to writing some rules for the board (it's getting way outta hand) so read them before you continue posting.
:: Ok, i have some info about that frodo doll, Gladys and Babsi tell me it was probably purchased from this German online shop...and of course it is in German (incase you didn't realise) so good luck trying to figure that out!
:: Heaps of people have been e-mailing me asking for the rest of that Clarins interview, so Juliet kindly sent it along :) So this is for the spanish fans...please don't download it unless you are spanish, because it's useless to you if you don't understand it. If there's any new info in it, could someone please translate it and send it to me? :) And thanks to everyone who translated the text on the Clarins scan! :)
:: Looks like Elijah won't be on Conan... this was posted on TORn:
Earlier this week we reported that Elijah Wood would be a guest on the Conan O'Brien show tonight (Jan 17th). Either he had to drop his commitment or we were in error, either case Elijah will NOT be appearing on Conan tonight. Everyone can get some sleep!
:: A lil article from a Valentines section in Twist magazine sent to me by Rachael about Elijah and a Valentines day date :
Dream Date: Elijah would probably take you to an amusement park where you guys can just chill and have fun! The adorable things he's do throughout the day are what make the date so special. The way he'd hold your hand right before riding scary roller coasters, how he'd give you a sweet kiss on the ferris wheel, and the way he'd spend hours trying to win the stuffed animal you want! AW!
Don't magazines have anything better to write about? Thanks Rachael
:: An interview sent to me by Emma - Elijah Wood Not a Fan of Teen Flicks
:: Apparantly a lot of people weren't aware that Chain of Fools - an Elijah movie ;) - is now available on DVD. If you can't find it then you can purchase it here - Thanks Jochen
:: The LOTR extended DVD won 5 awards at Tuesday's second annual DVD Premiere Awards, including Best Special Edition, New Release. Thanks for that info Audrey
:: Andy tells me that the powerhouse museum in Sydney is thinking of hosting a LotR exhibition (the one that's in NZ right now), but they're not sure if they will yet. So if you've got a spare moment, please go to their website, click on feedback (on the right at the bottom) and show your support for it! I know i'd love to see it!

January 20, 2003

:: Marlen sent me some lij pics...we've posted really small versions on the site before, but big is beautiful ;) [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] Thanks Marlen
:: According to TaroDragon, Elijah was in the audience on Conan. Apparantly "They did a little act which included an actor sitting in the audience and Elijah was behind him." ...wonder why he wasn't interviewed. Thanks.
:: WOW... apparantly this is the first draft script for the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Elijah's new movie in which he plays Patrick ;) And no, i don't know exactly where it's being filmed, but this was in an article: Kate, 27, blethered away with colleagues on the set in New York's East Village. - don't know if that helps or not (and no don't write to me telling that it doesn't help, i need my mail space)
:: Lots of Sunshine pics... just one or 2 new lij ones on page 11, but a lot of the other cast...including Kate (apparantly her character has a thing for brightly coloured hair) Thanks Shannon.
:: YAY! Autumn just sent me an e-mail.....SHE"S BAAAACK! :D :D *hugs* don't you ever leave again!
:: Capotica sent me this link which has lots of various ttt pics, some of which i haven't seen before...worth a look
:: Quaxo asks that you stop sending the birthday tributes now... i think it's too late :) Also, a pic which apparantly Liv Tyler took
:: Why on earth do people think that every e-mail i post here is automatically Elijah's??? Sian (person asking for sigs for the audition tapes to be placed into the extended dvd) sent me an e-mail asking for people to stop sending e-mails to her addressed to either Elijah or me... also, Sian, like me, cannot speak all god-knows-how-many languages in the world, so please keep it in english!

January 20, 2003

:: Hey Everyone!!! Well as you can see, i'm back from my holiday! i've missed you all! :) I love this new layout! it rocks!! :D Ok, well anyway I just wanna say that you can start to send me news and stuff again, please don't send me pictures and news that Lucy has already posted cause i'll get easily confused and then i'll probably repeat all the news she's already posted.. and I just wanna wish a Very Happy (Belated) Sweet 16th to Lucy (yes, our Lucy) for the 5th of January! hope it was a great one! and congrats on that Learners Permit too!! Go Girl!! Hope everyone had a Nice Christmas and New Year too and hope you all got your TTT fix, i know i sure did! Ciao for now... :)

January 21, 2003

:: See...this is the problem with sites copying other sites...one site makes up crap like, say, Elijah drives and red ferrari, then all the other sites decide to copy it and just assume that it's true *is proud that she didn't write that Elijah drives a red ferrari on the bio page*, i just checked out 2 random Elijah sites and they both had that written down *giggles* funny how the world works. Ok, so noone knows what i'm going on about (as usual).....
Emily sent me the link to this really really cool interview Elijah did on a New Zealand radio station - it's sooooo funny! Elijah chats about the oscars, bitting his toenails, ummm.... internet crap - no, he does not drive a red ferrari - and...well...just download it :) And the lesson to be learned here? Don't believe everything you read on sites (including this one) We don't know everything there is to know about Elijah! Also, for the millionth time QUIT ASKING ME FOR ELIJAH'S E-MAIL... I DON'T HAVE IT! Thanks Emily for the link, i loved listening to it!
:: News from bagendinn...Sean's short film (the one he did while filming LOTR - watch the extended dvd) opened today, and you can download it here... Elijah was the 1st assistant director, Dom helped to write it and apparantly Billy provided 'musical inspiration' :) Check out the credits at the end, i'm sure you'll see some familiar names :) BTW, Christine is Sean's wife, incase you didn't know
:: Some new Sunshine pics thanks to Julie [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5]
:: An encounter sent to me by Caitlin:
I recently read your posting about wondering where Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is being filmed. A little clue to add to the suspicion of filming taking place in New York: Recently, I got an e-mail from a friend that lives in New York City. She informed me that she was at Tower Records and she thought she had spotted Elijah. She didn't believe it at first, but when she got a little closer, he said "Hi" as he was walking past, and she did verify that it was him. Just a heads up that he was supposedly spotted in New York. :)
:: Also, Michelle sent me this info about where it's being filmed: the movie will film for three weeks in downtown sections of Yonkers, NY Thanks Michelle. Now for god's sake, stop e-mailing me asking if i know where it's being filmed... any info i get i'll post!!! I PROMISE! ;)

January 21, 2003

:: Hello Hello :) havn't got much news at the moment but it's better then nothing :)
:: I got another TTT premiere picture, taken at the New York prem i believe.
Thanks Hany.
:: Another web poll where you can vote for Elijah :)
Thanks to Lith for that :)
:: Some info about what lij did for New Years which is from Peoplenews website...
What does an actor, who's spent 16 months in New Zealand playing a Hobbit, do when the cameras stop rolling? Well apart from telling all about their set-side antics in magazine interviews, it seems three out of the four Hobbit actors - Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood like taking part in a different kind of shoot. The three went on a Christmas and New Year shoot in the Lake District firing guns not cameras, and saw the New Year in partying in a farmhouse together. They liked the Lake District. Elijah said: 'I think of the land of Rohan when I look around.' Get over it, Elijah.
Thankyou to who sent that along to me [Sorry, you didnt leave your name].
:: Sam is looking for someone to be a co-webmaster for her Elijah site, if your interested Email Sam.

January 22, 2003

:: Hey Everyone! Just a quick update before i go to bed..
:: Another premiere picture from Hany - I think this may be from the Hollywood one :)
Thanks Hany!
:: Some articles i've come across...
- Elijah Wood Comes Of Age in 'Try Seventeen' -
- Elijah Wood Reveals More About Frodo And The Rings On Internet Chat -
- Clowning Around is Hobbit-Forming - (hehe, go lij!)
:: Some more 'Sunshine' info from Kimberly..
A friend of mine runs a Kate Winslet site and she has posted updates on this movie, she just recently posted this: 'I have learned that ESOTSM is scheduled to begin filming at the former Military Ocean Terminal in Bayonne, NJ in March.'
Thanks Kimberly :)

January 25, 2003

:: Sorry Guys, there really is no news, but i'll update with what i have. 3 days till Elijah's birthday!! :)
:: Some new pics! Edna kindly scanned a new picture of Elijah from a magazine.. thanks Edna! :)
:: And.. Hany sent me some new pics.. [Picture 1] [Picture 2]
Thanks so much Hany!
:: And an article i came across.. Elijah and Dominic's Dirty Revenge - lol, aww poor orli! :p
:: And to all those Aussies out there! Happy Australia Day for Tommorow :):)

January 26, 2003

:: I love japanese magazines!! Have i said that before? I'll say it again... i *love* them! Cybie sends along this gorgeous (but tiny) magazine cover from the japanese magazine 'roadshow' - I got it last week, sorry i took so long to put up Cybie...thanks! If anyone finds a bigger version, please send it along
:: Julie found some more Elijah pics from the Wellington prem: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] - Thanks Julie
:: Elijah will be on the E! Rank: Young Hollywood Special premiering on Feb 3 at 10pm: Read More - Thanks Karen and Adelle
:: For those of you with Kazaa, you can download 2002's TRL clip with the cast of LOTR - including a very funny 15 second 'human trailer' - Just search for "trl_3hi" - Thanks Kat for the news
:: Elijah's birthday stars ... it's getting closer

January 28, 2003

:: HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY ELIJAH!!!... From everyone at A+F, and it's loyal visitors
Yay, *throws confetti* ... Now, if only we had a fanmail address, we could have sent him something! I think this calls for a lij movie marathon today :D Ah well, you can leave a birthday message here
:: Some Elijah eye candy for this special day (and Autumn has heaps more too! Stay tuned for that!) ... Southwisper sent me two scans from the magazine TOPP, including an autographed picture of Lij :) [cover] [autographed pic]
:: Congrats to the team who made TTT, they have been nominated for NINE BAFTA awards!! Including Best Film and Best Director... go PJ!!
:: LOL, hilarious TTT captions which feature on bootleg asian copies of the movie
:: Joined 2 elite cliques, Akallabeth and 5Stars
:: And just a personal thanks to both Capotica and the lovely Anna for the tapes :D All of my friends thank you! ... They're all looking forward to seeing it too *hugs*

January 28, 2003

:: Woohoo!! Happy Birthday Lij!! Have an awesome 22cd birthday!! :):):)
:: I have a heap of goodies today including some scans from the new 'Roadshow' mag which Lucy posted the cover to the other day :)
:: Here are the scans from 'Roadshow' (they're actually pictures scanned for ebay so they're not the best but i still think they're pretty good) ... [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4]
:: Another picture i found :)
:: And.. Malimoo sent me a new picture.
Thanks Malimoo!! :)

January 29, 2003

:: Lotsa pics from The Bagendinn today...
:: 2 really big scans of Elijah from the Toronto Film Festival.. [Scan 1] and [Scan 2]
:: Better quality pics from 'Roadshow' mag from the Bagend Inn... [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
[Thanks to Undone for scanning them and Luisa for sending those along to me too!]
:: Heaps of really cool 'Ash Wednesday' caps here too..
Thankyou so much to the bagendinn.com for all that!
:: I found this picture, not sure if it's new or not, i've never seen it...
:: Jetmira scanned this picture from a Swedish magazine.. and also if your interested, you can read the script for TTT here.
Thanks Jetmira :)
:: Shannon sent me a link to a kinda review/spoof about TTT that you might enjoy reading... Thanks Shannon :)
:: Woohoo, the cast [of TTT] are nominated for a SAG award! well i assume that when they say 'Outstanding performance by a cast in a Theatrical Motion Picture' they mean the whole cast.. :p
Thanks to TORn and Sarah for the news!


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