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News Archive: October 2002



October 1, 2002

:: Already October.. Wow! where has this year gone?
:: Anyway, Sarah kindly sent me an Elijah Picture and a Scan about Try Seventeen..
Thanks :)
:: Amber sent me this review of "Try Seventeen" from the Ain't It Cool News website :)
Thankyou Amber!
Have a nice day guys..

October 3, 2002

:: Justine kindly sent me 3 new pictures she found... [Pic 1] [Pic 2] and [Pic 3]
Thankyou Justine!
:: TORn posted an article about Elijah – Wood Wants Fellowship DVD (Thanks to everyone who sent this in to Lucy too!)
:: Sian sends me the news that the film "Back to the Future 2" which Elijah has a small appearance in–will be airing in Australia this Saturday at 7.30pm on channel 7 (i think).
Thanks Sian!

October 3, 2002

:: Some misc pictures sent by Solinas [pic 1] [pic 2]
:: Solinas also sent me some information about buying some Elijah books and stuff. A lot of people have been e-mailing me about where to find Elijah's Book. Amazon.com does sell the books, however only on the marketplace, so you'll have to wait a while. However Solinas informs me that it is available through Amazon.ca
:: Also, Solinas told me that Elijah also narrated an audio book (didn't know that) called "The Most Beautiful Gift," a Christmas book. It is available through Amazon.com, however again, you'll have to wait until someone wants to sell it, or you can get it from Amazon.ca Thanks Solinas!
:: All the info about "Ash Wednesday".... Apparantly it's being released soon.
:: If you feel like using up some Mbs on ur computer, then check out these LOTR song videos made by fans. They're really good actually... worth at least checking a few out em out! Twilight Music Videos and Belladonna's Music Videos Thanks Secondbreakfast11 :)
:: A really cool site with wallpapers and scans and stuff of heaps of actors: Thru-a-lens. They have really good quality scans, look at this scan of Elijah
:: Lol, ok, now this is weird... Gandalf halloween costume (yeh sure... like i don't want it! :P) yes, as you can see i've been doing a lot of surfing on the online stores.
:: Omg, can you believe that the extended DVD is coming out so soon??? only like a month left... and in another 2 months (or thereabouts) TTT will come out! tis so close!! :) :)
:: Pre-order: Special Gift Set of Extended Version of The Fellowship of the Ring DVD

October 4, 2002

:: Ok, this is totally un-elijah related but my buddy Hobbit Angel got one of her Poems published on here and she would really really appreciate it if you could vote for her poem 'Sky' :)
:: Any aussies out there... Tara just emailed me to tell me that ":Back to the Future 2" is actually on this Sunday on channel 10 @ 7.30pm..
Thanks Tara :)
:: Hannah sent me [this picture] of lij which i've never seen before :)
Thanks Hannah
:: A picture I found [here]...
and... I had a picture sent to me by Anonymous [here] which she took when she surprisingly saw him recently... it's a shame you cant really see his face but it looks alot like him...

October 5, 2002

:: Shannon sent Lucy and I two rare lij pics she found... Here and Here
:: Adriana sent me this link where you can see people's reviews of 'Try Seventeen'.
Thanks Adriana :)
:: Sam sent me a comment about Elijah said by Mandy Moore... September 14, 2002 - Mandy Moore on Elijah Wood to the Philippine Star, "Amazingly talented. It's wonderful to just be able to sit back and observe and watch him work. He's passionate about what he does. Great to work with."
:: Rebecca tells me that on the channel TBS Superstation - Elijah does a small commercial type thing for it, he says something like 'Only only on the superstation' so anyone with this channel, look out for it!

October 6, 2002

:: Hey everyone. I don't really have much news for you, but i'm bored, so heck, why not update?
:: The site received some really cool awards today from Fansite Honors:

Thanks so much for choosing us :) :)
:: Pics from the Burn This premiere which Elijah attended at Broadway: [pic 1] (Is it just me or does his hair look lighter?) [pic 2] (Not sure if this is at the same event or not, but he's wearing the same thing - even with the same red shirt underneath) Thanks Moryaveiel!
:: A short interview from a German Magazine called BRAVO sent to me by Simone:
Question: Hi Elijah, LOTR-TTT premieres on December 18th. What's new in that episode?
Elijah: If you've read the book you will remember Gollum. He guides Frodo and Sam to Mordor. It's a completely computer-animated creature. Really cool, I've just seen it for the first time on the screen.
Q: What other new characters are there?
EW: There's this guy called Grima Wormtongue. A real freak with ghoulish eyes. He can give you nightmares!
Q: During the summer you've re-shot some scenes in New Zealand. What was it like to team up with the crew again?
EW: It was like coming home to your family. Most of them are close friends to me anyway.
Q: German newspapers are swamped with stories about you and Franka Potente. Are you still an item?
EW: That seems to bother you a lot it Germany! It's true, I met Franka while we were filming "Try Seventeen". We even have been an item for a short time. But we broke up again. We didn't really match somehow. At least Franka is six and a half years older than me, maybe that was the reason.
hmmmm..... interesting what he said about him and Franka, so they have broken up after all. Thanks Simone!
:: Once again The Bag End Inn has come up with new pictures and posters :) Check them out. It has posters, screencaps from the trailer, Pics from a UK TTT Calendar!!!, oh... and some popcorn bags :) Worth checking out!
:: More info about the upcoming Extended FOTR DVD
:: Some cool wallpapers made by Anne: [1] [2] [3] [4] Thanks Girl!
:: Marina told me that "Mort The Dead Tenager" in Portland... however it hasn't been confirmed. Thanks Marina!

October 7, 2002

:: Hey! Just another small update :)
:: A picture I found from the FOTR premiere in L.A last year :)
:: I also found an article when has the small mention of 'Ash Wednesday' in there here - this is what the article says:
"ASH WEDNESDAY" Edward Burns wrote and directed this New York drama, set in 1983, about a pair of brothers trying to escape mob life. Mr. Burns also stars, with Elijah Wood, Rosario Dawson and Oliver Platt. (R) (1:38) Opens Fri.
:: Darling sent me the link to this site which has info about 'Try Seventeen' and a few pictures from an interview.. :)

October 7, 2002

:: Quick update just to say that i finally decided to open up a chatroom. It's just like a test one, if it's not popular i'll take it down. Find all the details in the forum.... oh... and by the way, i wasn't imagining things, apparantly Elijah did get blonde streaks :) Thanks Sian for verifying that. Have a nice day everyone! :)

October 8, 2002

:: Awwww... isn't he cute?? - - - >
Some new TTT decipher cards have been popping up on the net. Check them out here
:: An old picture from a fan chat Elijah did ages ago.... he wouldn't made such a better Harry Potter! Thanks Danielle
:: Remember this picture of Elijah leaving the late show? Oh, yes, we all remember it well (he's so damn cute, lol). Well elijahwoodfan (sorry, you didn't leave your name) sent me this article which she scanned yesterday which is so similar to that one (minus the funny face). The article isn't very nice though :P
:: Forget the Gandalf Halloween Costume, Newline Cinema Shop has heaps more costumes - 2 pages infact. Lol, how cute does that child Gandalf look!? *sigh* I love halloween, if only they celebrated it in Australia :(
:: And Happy Birthday to Natalie (HobbitAngel) for yesterday! I hope you had fun :D

October 9, 2002

:: To everyone from England kt1415 (sorry you didnt tell me your name) tells me that TTT will be out on December 18 at cinemas!!
Thanks for the news! :)
:: Just look at this picture- isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?!
:: I also got sent me a few other pictures here, here, and here
Thanks to Evelyn for those!
:: Ruthie sent me this picture of Elijah :)
:: Babieluvejw sent me the link to this site which led me to find a small extract from the UK Glamour magazine on Elijah Fan.com back at the end of September.. this is what was said:
Elijah says: "Coming off Lord Of The Rings, my sights were on something more intimate. I wanted to focus on acting and simplicity, and Try Seventeen is character-driven. What really drew me to the film was the quirkiness and humour in the script. Also, the director, Jeffrey Porter, really knows how to articulate himself. He is a bit of a perfectionist, which is fantastic and makes us fight for those specific moments that he wants. Shooting in Vancoucer has been great and has given me the opportunity to take in some awesome hockey games!"
:: BTW, if you get a spare moment, please vote for the site :)

October 9, 2002

:: Congrats to Autumn for getting her Learner's permit :) *throws confetti* We're proud of ya! Happy driving!
:: Finally finally finally after all of these months, i have the enlargements of the wireimage.com TRL pics!! Christy has very kindly sent me all of the TRL pics, and pics of Elijah when he was younger from a photo shoot. Thankyou so much to Christy for sending me those.
:: Tam told me that the magazine cosmoGIRL! is publishing the Elijah & Orlando interview in the November 21st issue. So watch out for that, our questions may be in it. Thanks Tam!
:: Some TTT premiere info

October 11, 2002

:: Thanks for posting that Lucy :) I'm so honoured. :) Driving is fun!!
:: Anyway I have alot of news to get through today :)
:: Firstly, I came across these pictures which I've never seen before.. thanks to Vennie for helping me sort them out :)
[Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3] [Picture 4] and [Picture 5]
::Susi kindly sent me this scan of Bravo magazine. (Lucy posted the interview the other day) anyway, you have to be able to read pretty good German to read the scan.. But I spy a new picture on there ;) Thanks Susi!
::Wanna know the TTT release date where you live? go here. Thanks Aci T for the link..
::Stacie has again kindly updated the US tv schedule :)
US SCHEDULE- Here Thanks Stacie! :)
And... Happy Belated Birthday to Lily for the 8th! Hope you had a great birthday! :)

October 12, 2002

::I've actually had quite a bit of news lately so thanks alot to everybody who has been contributing :) Also, we know that the messageboard and the site have been experiencing errors for some days now... sorry about that, but Jochen is trying to fix it, please be patient :) I think the messageboard has been getting far too many hits.
::I came across this review of Elijah's recently released film 'Ash Wednesday'- it seemed to get a pretty good review too!
::These scans posted at TORn showed an interview with lij (and Sean Astin) about TTT.
Thanks to Hobbit Angel and Lily and anyone else that sent it along (sorry if I forgot anyone).
::Hobbit Angel also sent me a little bit of gossip (if you could call it that) from the November 2002 issue of Seventeen magazine where Elijah is mentioned..
When intervieing Brian Sites for his new Fox show The Grubbs,he said this: "People always tell me I look like Tobey Maguire,Elijah Wood or a young Robert Downey Jr.I get those three comparisons all the time."
Thanks! and Hobbit Angel also won the competition for her poem! thanks to everyone that voted for it and congrats!! :)
::Venera sent me a picture she found here which appears new to me :)
Thanks Venera :)
::Justine also found a picture here which looks new too :) love the hair!!
::I also came across these 3 pictures... Picture 1 and Picture 2 and Picture 3.

October 14, 2002

:: Only a small update to let you all know that the updates are probably gonna be less frequent as Lucy and I are back at school now after our 2 week break... Lucy probably won't be updating this week as she has exams..
:: Well I might as well update while i'm here :)
:: Hobbit Angel sent me a new Elijah sighting..
Elijah Wood and another actor Zoey (Sep 30, 2002, 05:26 PM) I was coming out of Jamba Juice in Santa Monica (CA) and they were going in. The guy Elijah was with was one of the other hobbits but I don't know his name. They were talking about going to Las Vegas for some down time before the Two Towers premiere stuff. It was really cool to see two movie stars up close.
Thanks!! :)
:: Good News! according to this article, Elijah loves to sign autographs! Great news for us ;)
Thanks to babieluvejw for the news!
:: I have so much for news but i dont have the time to post it all at the moment so please bear with me :)

October 15, 2002

::Wow! look at all these awesome pictures Flow sent me! they are only thumbnails though, u need a $ subscription to get the larger pics.
::[Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3] [Picture 4] [Picture 5] [Picture 6] [Picture 7] [Picture 8] [Picture 9]
Thankyou so much! :):)
::Susi sent me 2 pictures... [Picture 1] and [Picture 2]
::Moniek sent me a cool picture Here
::Danielle sent me a new picture here which i've never seen before..
::And Adriana sent me a picture here of when Elijah was young.. cute! :)
::If you live in NYC, Kate tells me that you can see 'Ash Wednesday' at the cinema! go here for more details.
Thanks Kate!
::For AOL users.. TORn posted the note that there is a small interview with lij on AOL about the TT game coming out...
Thanks to Lily for the link!

October 18, 2002

::Wow! I have so much news :) Thanks for everyone that has been sending it along!
::Firstly KT sent me these 3 pics [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]...
Thanks!! credit to Babieluvejw as well for the 3rd picture seeing as she posted it on the board :)
::Moryaveiel posted this adorable picture on the board..
::Sofie sent me 2 pictures.. Picture 1 and Picture 2
::Malimoo sent me a TTT card Here of Frodo :)
::Danielle sent me an older picture of lij Here.
::Shalom sent me a Scan of an Elijah poster she found.
::And.. TORn posted a Picture of Elijah and Ian McKellen at the GQ 'Men of the year awards' held in NYC on October 16th.
::Elaine sent me this snippet of gossip in the UK tabloid magazine The Sun..
ELIJAH WOOD - Frodo Baggins in The Lord Of The Rings - has split from Bourne Identity actress FRANKA POTENTE. They dated for five months but Elijah now says: "I admire her as an actress but nothing more."
Note- this IS a tabloid magazine, nothing is confirmed as yet apart from what they claim Elijah says :) Thanks to Stacie for sending me the same thing from IMDB.
::Sian tells me that in this months issue of Premiere magazine, there is a 2 page special on TTT, i assume there are pictures of Elijah/Frodo in there :)
::Amanda gave me the link to the Elijah site 'Never Let Me Down' which has a few encounters of when the Webmistress met Elijah! just click on the 'Me and Elijah' section :) Lucky Girl!
Thankyou so much for the news everyone!

October 18, 2002

:: Hey everyone! Sorry i haven't been updating, but i've just finished my first major exam block. But i still have the 2 worst tests to come, so don't expect me to be updating very often at all :(
:: Heaps of pics sent to me by Elise and Aleesha from wireimage of Elijah at the seventh annual GQ 'Men of the Year' awards held on October 16th in NYC. Thanks girls!
:: Just some random Elijah pictures: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4]
:: More info about Ash Wednesday, and from Bagendinn, some screencaps: [pic 1] [pic 2]
:: Well people seem to be impressed with Ash Wednesday :) ... well....sort of.....Andie writes:
I do have to say though that the role Elijah played did not suit him well. The entire movie is based on the mob, therefore, it the film doesn't allow a minute to go by without letting the "F" word pass through someone's lips. But, honestly, the language does not roll off Elijah's lips that well. Elijah plays Sean Sullivan, the "innocent" younger brother that is in trouble with the mob and trying to escape with the help of his older brother, played by Burns. Elijah plays the "innocent" very well -- he's our very own 'Lij with his optomistic views and hopes -- i will admit that as the film progressed he grew on me, but the first scene with Burns and Elijah makes me wish that he would've gone over his lines better and made them more true to life. The movie was great... and i would recommend it to anyone... however if your ears are sensitive to harsh language..... be warned... it's jammed packed.
Thanks Andie!
:: Some Lij sightings :) [Sighting 1] [Sighting 2] Thanks MoeW. Now we know what he's been up 2 :)

October 19, 2002

::Not much news today really... just a few pictures n stuff :)
::Babieluvejw posted this picture of Frodo on the board :)
::I found this picture of Elijah.. credit to Bag End Inn for linking to the artice that provided the picture.
::Mirela sent me a scan of an Elijah article, which is basicaly the same as a German interview scan i posted a little while ago, but I found this picture on it and she also translated a certain question on there about Franka and Elijah..
"BRAVO: In Europe the newspapers wrote very much about your relation with Franka Potente. Are you still together?
Elijah: I think it was exaggerated! The newspapers from Europe are greedily after this kind of subjects. It's true, I met Franka while we were filming "Try Seventeen" and we have been an item for a short time. We broke up and even now we donít know if we were an item in the real sense of the word. I think the base of what happen is the thing that Franka is six and a half years older than me."
Thanks Mirela :)
::Samantha sent me the link to her friend's website 'Simply Irresistible' and she'd appeciate it if you'd visit it :) it's pretty good so check it out!! :)

October 22, 2002

::Ooooo I found more pictures from the GQ thingy... :)
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]
::Justine sent me lotsa pictures!
[Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3] [Picture 4]
Thanks Justine!
::Flow sent me a Frodo Picture.
::Mirela sent me a Poster of Elijah she found recently..
Thanks Guys! :)
::Alyssa sent me this which she found from Star Magazine- So cute!
Road to riches -That Elijah wood sure is a good son and brother. The Lord of the Rings star just went out and bought his mom and sister brand-new matching Mini Coopers. They'd both told him they loved the cute new BMW cars, so he surprised them both with a set of wheels.
::Wow, look at these images from the extended FOTR DVD- how nice!
Thanks to TORn and Veronica.
::Susie tells me..
OK, well I recently went on holiday to a place called Uzbekistan (it's near Russia) and to my delight I discovered that they are one of the only countries in the world which sell the official Lord of the Rings bubblegum! They're really cool and tasty so, if anyone wants to know where to get the bubblegum, go to Uzbekistan!
It's so amazing what lotr things come out! thanks Susie!
::To all the people in the UK, Emma tells me that 'The Osbournes' will be airing there on channel 4 on November 1st! and Elijah appears in the 2nd Episode :) and in NZ it'll air this Wednesday at 9:30 on channel 3 - Thanks Siobhan.
And Ampxi89 would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Viggo Mortensen :)

October 23, 2002

:: Woohoo! No more maths exams for the year!! ahhh... freedom!!! Ok, so it went really bad... but still... it's over!! :D
:: I just had to post these photos that Ami sent me from when Elijah met one of his favourite bands The Flaming Lips, but man was he drunk! lol. Or stoned.. either way ;) - see, even Elijah freaks out about meeting famous ppl ;) [picture 1] [picture 2] [picture 3] [picture 4] Thanks Ami!
:: Thanks to everyone who voted for the site :) We got more awards!
:: Cover shots of the new TTT books due out on the 24th thanks to the bagendinn.com... how good do they look?

October 23, 2002

:: Congrats to Lucy on completion of her exams! *claps*, I hope you get great results!
:: Remember the other day when I posted that you could buy bubblegum in Uzbekistan?? Well apparently it's available in Brazil too and Niege sent me a Picture of the packaging! how cool!
:: Calwis sent me one of those 'GQ' pictures that she edited here
:: Danielle sent me a Picture from a scan :)
:: Nikki sent me an Elijah sighting...
a lady I know in LA mentioned that a frind of her's saw Lij and some pals sitting at a table at the Kodak's open court at the end of Sept...she said her friend wanted to ask for his autograph, but the conversation going on was rather pg-13 rated as far as language content goes, so he was intimidated by it, and chickened out...
And... she also saw 'Ash Wednesday' and this is what she had to say..
I saw Ash Wednesday at the Fairfax in LA, and I thought it was pretty good...the other person who reviewed it and said they had a problem with Elijah's character cussing over emphasized it...it fitted Hell's Kitchen and the plot...just cause Elijah looks like a cherub, doesn't mean he is, or that he should be limited to roles that are "angelic" or "innocent" But thats my 2 cents worth...
Thankyou so much!
::Anyone wanna be a co-webmaster? no, not for this site, but for another Elijah site! De need's someone to help her out... but she really needs you to have a basical idea of HTML and FTP programs...

October 27, 2002

::Lot's of pictures today!
::Darling sent me a cartoon picture here of Frodo... kinda scary..
Thanks :)
::Danielle sent along this picture..
::Elijah Lover sent me this picture of Frodo from TTT from a calendar :) (at least I think it's from a calendar..)
::Wanna see Elijah in a kilt? here is your chance!
Thanks Susie and everyone for the pictures!
::A Picture I found...
::Hobbit Angel sent me this adorable Elijah picture, from one of the photography books Viggo brought out i assume, and Hobbit Angel tells me that it's in Entertainment Weekly magazine, i think it's probably the most recent issue..
And along with that she sends an article...
'LOTR' Star Elijah Wood Can't Kick His Gaming Hobbit
At least in one way, Elijah Wood's career has come full circle. The 21-year-old actor who first appeared on screen as a kid playing an arcade game in Back to the Future II, now finds himself in a videogame that's based on his upcoming movie THe Lord of the Rings" THe Two Towers. And though you can't play Frodo - the film's hobbit hero-parts of the game are spent protecting the diminutive ring bearer from the forces of evil. "Poor helpless Frodo!" laments wood, who lends his voice to the game. His less-than-heroic role notwithstanding, Wood was eager to become involved with the project. "I'm quite the videogame fan," he cheerfully admits. "It's part of my geeky obsession." To offer proof, Wood proudly cites his recent playtime with games like Eternal Darkness and Halo. He even fesses up to taking his PlayStation to New Zealand for the 15 month LOTR shoot. Unfortunately, it got about as much use as a hobbit shoe rack: "I plugged (it) into the wall and it burned because I didn't get a power transformer for it." If only the one ring could be destroyed that easily.

October 27, 2002

:: There isn't really any news, but i came online today to clear out my mailbox (which sure enough was closed down again - sorry about that) and i figured i may as well update
:: So you thought you'd seen all of Dede's house?? Thought there couldn't possibly be anything more? lol - yeh right! Well she's been a busy little thing these past couple of weeks and she sent me some NEW pics of her home... including her CAR! lol, check out te license plate! :) I so want that house!
:: Anika sent me some really nice pictures from the extended DVD which she found on herr-der-ringe-film.de: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] Thanks Anika!
:: The Bag End Inn has a bigger version of the picture that Viggo took - not that one, another one ;)
:: A new TTT promo poster from The Bag End Inn
:: TheOneRing.net has some stunning scans from Empire Magazine

October 27, 2002

:: Just another quick update to let everyone know that De has found a co-webmaster for her site (I posted it in Wednesday's updates) so there's no need to email her anymore but thankyou too all those who did, she's really thankful

October 28, 2002

:: Does anyone have the larger version or know where I could get the larget version of this picture?
:: Some pictures from Flow.. Pic 1 and Pic 2..
:: A scan from Malli..
:: A picture from Marcy...
:: A scan from Ulla...
:: And.. various pictures i've found...
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
:: Kate sends us her review of 'Ash Wednesday'...
Honestly, I didn't think it was very good at all. Though it had great promise, I think the writing was not as good as it could be, the same goes for the acting. Since most people want to hear about Elijah, I will say that he could have tried harder. He was completely unconvincing as someone born and raised in Hell's Kitchen, he was also unconvincing as a married man, and a father, and even as someone who could go to a bar and not be carded. None of this (except the bar thing) has anything to do with his looks, it had to do with his acting choices...and perhaps amount of life experience. I really think he should have tried to at least have a small hint of a New York accent, he just had his own midwest-sounding voice. Also, whenever he got to say a swear word, he over emphasized it, making it sound like he was saying the word just for the heck of it, and not because he really meant it. The only times where I was excited by his performance (or any performance in this movie, for that matter) was when he was not talking, and when he was brandishing a gun, as awful as that sounds. Don't get me wrong, I completely support and adore Elijah, and have done so since I was like, eight or something. But, I really think he could have made some better acting choices. It's not completely his fault, though, the movie as a whole was not very good.
Thanks Kate!
:: For any aussies out there.. Katy and TORn say that you can buy LOTR magnets in leading supermarket's like Coles and Woolworths! cool, i want some! :)
:: Stephanie tells me... In the December 2002/January 2003 issue of Teen People Elijah is in there about 3 times and there is a 2 page article on orlando Bloom.

October 28, 2002

:: Hey everyone! If you know a second language i.e. a language other than english; and want to help out with the site, then here's your chance! :) We're looking at translating the site into other languages making it more multicultural i suppose :) So if you think you'd be interested, please e-mail me and apply, stating your experience and into what language you'd like to translate. But please only apply if you know HTML (at least basic knowledge!) and have an FTP program (or at least know how to use one). Wow, we're gonna have staff now :D
:: Emily found some Ash Wednesday clips which you can download here. Thanks Emily!
:: HobbitAngel sent us a transcript from an interview which was on the Comedy Channel on The Big Schmooze. Thanks Natalie!!
:: That's it, this update was mainly just to ask for translators :) Have a nice day

October 29, 2002

:: Hey Guys! Just a quick update...
:: Gwavyan sent me these really cool scans from the TTT calendar...
[Legolas] [Gandalf] [Frodo] [Frodo 2] [Eowyn] [The Hobbits] [Arwen] [Aragorn]
Thanks :)
:: A picture I found, again if anyone has the larger version, please send it along!
:: Mrs Wood sent me a candid she took of Elijah when she went to the premiere of 'Try Seventeen' at the Toronto Film Festival..
:: Also.. this picture that i posted in 'October 27th's' update actually belongs to Mina because she scanned it in for her Site...
:: Some magazine info from Hobbit Angel...
Elijah in Teen People(Dec.2002/January 2003 issue with Justin Timberlake or Avril Lavigne on cover)- Style Star Watch -Page 62 -This month's celeb trends: Velvet and Pinstripes - Elijah's photo is right above Clea Duvall's and right beside Master P and his son. I think the pic is from the Movieline Young Star Awards. Its a really cute pic.
:: And.. babieluvejw has some magazine info too...
just want to tell u for those people lived in US and Canada buy the teen beat magazine(the winter issue), it has 2 pages of articles and some nice pics of elijah.. and also, US magazine and international Globe (i think that was the name) has 2 small column of elijah....in the IG it has a pic of elijah and a small kid pic...so cute =)


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