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News Archive: August



Friday, 2insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: Wow! I can't believe it's August already! How fast has this year gone?! :)
:: I have another article that Annie sent me, which kinda appears new to me, however, some of the stuff Elijah says, I have heard before...
Elijah Wood goes into hiding after 'Rings'
:: Kristy sent me some information about Elijah in another magazine...
I was flipping through like Teen Beat or something and there was this little thing that said Elijah searches toy stores for new Star Wars toys and he says it's really hard because there are so many new toys out.
:: Hobbit Angel sends us a bit of older news about Elijah on 'The David Letterman Show' Here Just scroll down a bit :) and what a coincidence that one of Elijah's favourite bands was playing on the very same show :):)
:: Thankyou sooo much to everyone for sending me news, I really apprieciate it :)

Friday, 2insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: 4 days until FOTR comes out!!! Woohoo! :) Oh, and also, apparantly the animated movie 'Tom Thumb and Thumblelina' for which Elijah provides the voice for one of the characters comes out on August 6th as well! Thanks Hannah and Ali!
:: Irene sent me heaps of misc pics of Elijah from various events: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6] [Pic 7] [Pic 8] [Pic 9] [Pic 10] Thanks again!
:: Some gorgeous new pictures of Elijah - well i haven't seen them yet. [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] Thankyou so much bebe!! :)

Wednesday, 7insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: Wow, where do i start? So much has happened, too much news really :) Not that I'm complaining. But unfortunately Autumn is having problems with her FTP program, so she can't update :( Hope she fixes it soon!
:: LOTR HAS FINALLY COME OUT!!! Have you bought it? It's soooo good! But of course the extended version is right around the corner!! Oh, and you can now download the preview of the extended DVD which appears on this DVD! You *have* to watch it, it's so worth the wait! SO go! [download!]
:: Ok, and unless you've been living in a cardboard box, you would have heard about the ComicCon 2002 thing. And geez, there are soooo many sites which have pics, videos and news from it! It's mainly about Dominic, but we luv him too, don't we :D Here are some of them:
Some misc pics from it: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5]
Comic Con day 2
Comic Con day 3
TORn Report
Heaps of pics from the Bag End Inn
A very long recount of the Comic Con day from the Bag End Inn
Some little pics from Wireimage (if anyone has a subsciption to wireimage, could you please send me bigger versions? Thanks!!)
- - > An 11mb file from the breakfast thing with Dom (i think) From bagendinn.com
:: A scan from today's Daily Variety sent to me by Andrea which also has a pic of Lij, Billy and Dom. Thanks Andrea!!
:: Some cool screencaps from the Extended DVD trailer
:: Autumn sent me the link where you can download the trailer from the movie 'Tom Thumb and Thumblelina' in which Elijah does the voice of Tom - Such a cute voice :)
:: Thanks to everyone who sent me news, i don't have time right now to thank you individually, but u know ur loved, lol :) I'll update the rest another day, too tired now. Take care, and have fun watching LOTR!

Saturday, 10insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: YAY!!! LOTR IS NOW OUT!!!! :) I got it the other day but it was all faulty.. (Bad Manufacturer) so I brought another one today and it did the same thing... guess I'll have to just hire it out :(:(
:: So sorry I havn't update in ages... i feel so slack! anyway i'm sure you know why :) A big thankyou to Jochen & Lucy for all their help! You rock guys! :o)
::Anyway, I seem to have quite a bit of news today and a new picture from Elijah's appearance at 'Comic Con' I never even knew he attended till just now :) Someone (Sorry, you didn't mention your name) tells me that there will soon be a story about Elijah falling off a washing machine.. Ok, not too sure what that is about.. :)
:: Hobbit Angel sends us a link to a very interesting website Here which has heaps of pictures of all the celebrities (including Elijah) that attended Comic Con, if your interested, as well as a write up about a breakfast which Dom Monaghan attended..
:: Alyssa send us some information abut Elijah from some magazines..

One is from Star magazine, dated August 6th. It says: Who knew Hobbits like macaroni and cheese? That's what Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood was heard asking for at Ralph's market on Sunsey Boulevard....
And also...
As Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood battles goblins, trolls, and some really ugly bad guys to return an evil ring to its place of origin so it can be destroyed. In real life, however, the ring ended up at Wood's L.A. home. Director Peter Jackson gave the plain gold band to the young star as a gift after filming of the trilogy wrapped in December 2000. Wood doesn't dare wear it, but not because he's afraid of turning to the dark side. He's just afraid of losing it, so he keeps it in a pouch inside a small wooden box.

:: Rene sent me a link to a site where you can view the script from 'The Faculty' Here I'm not sure if anyone is really interested in it, I thought it'd post it anyway :)
:: Bianca sends us a little review about when her friend saw Elijah ...
My best friend was at City Walk in Hollywood,California on the 20th of July and she bumped into elijah wood! she was just walking and she kinda ran into him but kept walking. I couldnt believe her. So anyways he was wearing all black and was with some guy and he was talking on a silver nokia.
:: I have some rare interviews with Elijah to post but i have to firstly work out where to type them up cause there is no direct link to them, so either Lucy or I will post them in another update :)
:: Someone (Sorry I forgot your name) sent me a 'Wanted' picture of Elijah's Neck (Don't ask :)) and since I found it rather amusing, I thought you'd like to see it too Here
Thankyou! :)
:: Also... Alyssa is actually the one who sent me the link to the 'Tom Thumb and Thumbellina Trailer' and I just passed it on to Lucy :)
Thanks girl! :)

Saturday, 10insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: Hey everyone! Glad that Autumn can update again! :) Ok, so you think that you're Elijah's biggest fan?? Really? Really? U Sure? Well then check out Dede's house: here Now if that isn't obsessed, then i don't know what is! If you think you're a bigger fan, e-mail and give me proof! Thanks for sharing that Dede!
:: An article from TORn about Tom Thumb and Thumbelina which you can view here Thanks to theonering.net
:: Two new scans from the Australian Dolly magazine sent to me by Pia: [scan 1] [scan 2] Thanks girl!!
:: Two pictures sent to me by Ani of Elijah at last year's ComicCon convention: [pic 1] [pic 2] Thanks Ani!
:: FrodoandSam.net have once again posted some great clips from various occasions. The newest ones are from the ComicCon convention and mtv moviehouse. Check them out here Thankyou so much Celeste for posting those!! :)
:: Some news sent to us by HobbitAngel (Thanks!!) of an Elijah sighting - please note, it may or may not be true:
Source: Globe Magazine 08-13-02 Page 14 The Globe Dish "Lord of the Road"
Frodo was seen behind the wheel of his flashy BMW Z8 recently.With all the windows down,and cranking Aerosmith full volume.Sporting dark sunglasses and smoking an unfiltered cigarette ala James Dean,Frodo paused at a stoplight to turn to one of my spies in the car next to his and guiltily say"Life is good."To which my spy replied"Yeah.Life's great when you're are millionaire movie star and barely 21."When the lught turned green,Hobbit Boy put the pedal to the medal and left my spy in a whirl of smoke.
:: Veronica sent me the link to a site called The Spoof of the Rings where you can download clips of various actors of the Fellowship singing - definately one to check out, lol. Thanks Veronica!

Sunday, 11insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: Well first of all, i decided to move the messageboards to a better server which doesn't have a billion pop-ups. However that means that you'll all have to sign up again and start posting again. Sorry about that. The new boards are located at: http://users.boardnation.com/~elvenmuggle so please go, sign up and start posting :) But if i get lots of e-mails from people who are seriously against this change, then it'll be moved back to the original ezboards, so i won't delete it. Have fun :)

:: Some really cool new pictures from ComicCon 2002 from frodoandsam.net.
[Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6] Thanks Marty!
:: These are owned by Darlene: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6] Thanks Darlene and frodoandsam.net!
:: A great petition which you should all definately sign. Read and sign it here
:: A really small article from E! Online about ComicCon sent to me by Audrey. Thanks! :)
:: Damn these articles about Elijah's height. Yet another article about short actors appeared in the Sunday Magazine from Sydney's The Sunday Telegraph. Didn't say very much about Lij, just refered to him as being 'vertically challenged' *gives dirty look to whoever wrote this* hehe, but he looks cute.
:: OMG, how lucky is this girl?
i just went to the comic con and met dominic monaghan it was sooo cool!!! i really wanted to see elijah wood but i didnt see him, anyways i was walking by the lord of the rings booth and there was this big croud standing around this one guy i got really excited couse i thought it was going to be elijah.At first when i first saw him i thought it was the guy from malcom in the middle (the older brother) but the i saw the sighn that said get a chance to meet Merry from LOTR soo i sat in line for 2 to 3 hours to get his autograph, but omg it was worth it he was totally nice he would sit there and talk to you forever.
When i got up there i was really nervous i asked him to sign my poster and he said sure and asked my name i told him bronwyn then he looked at me and said "nice strong australian name" i smiled, he then he asked are you part australian?" i said no im part scotish and greek. (my stomic was all in knots) he said "ya im part irish, you can tell by my voice" Then he asked how to spell my name i told him then he even noticed that they spelled it wrong on my name tag!! his body gard are some other guy (scotish to) was like "that sucks." Then he said "i like your hair. how did youn do it." i told him how. when he started writing on the poster i got time to notice the stuff on his desk it was soooo messy he had jelly beans and all sorts of stuff on it candy every thing finally he was done i said thank you and left when i opend my poster it said bronwyn hello tiger (nice hair) love dominic monaghan

Thanks for sharing that Bronwyn!

Monday, 12insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

::Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend :):) Ok first of all, I just want to ask you, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE when your sending me news, tell me where it's from?! cause I recently got an email from someone telling me that that 'wanted picture' of Elijah I posted in the last update was from Here... now I really don't want to get into trouble over it, so if you could do that, that would be awesome :)
::I found 2 new rare pictures of Elijah when he was younger... [Pic 1] and [Pic 2]
::Melanie & Elizabeth send me the story about Elijah falling of a washing machine... Dom is actually the one who told the story, at Comic Con 2002.. it's also from Bag End Inn although I think Melanie actually attended Comic Con because she sent this too me a while back... :) *Note-this aint exactly 'PG' rated... He said at the time it was awful but he looks back fondly on it now. They were filming the Midgewater Marshes scenes (which he said we’d see on the DVD because they got cut from the movie by some "dickhead at New Line.") He said they were just starting to film when it started to snow big huge flakes, and they were still having fun, since the four hobbits were already barefoot and in water up to their knees, "getting pushed in by Viggo every two minutes." He said the 1st assistant director wanted to call it, but Peter didn’t and they didn’t, so they kept filming for a while, but eventually it became clear that they’d have to go or have to stay there on site. So they all headed back to the hotel and ended up sitting on washing machines getting out of makeup. Viggo brought in a big bottle of whiskey and they sat around getting drunk and telling stories. Elijah was apparently sitting on the last washer in a row, which was just a couple of feet away from the wall on that side, and was telling a crazy stoy. When he finished, Dom, drunk, laughed and pushed at him and Elijah fell off over the side of the washer and into the little space wth just his legs sticking up!
:: Awwww, lol, poor Elijah! hope he wasnt too badly injured :):)
::Vanessa sent us an article which is only about LOTR mainly...
LONDON (Variety) "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" has sneaked past "Harry Potter and the Wizard's Stone" to set a record for the highest first-day video sales ever in the U.K. "Lord of the Rings" sold 1.27 million units on Tuesday, compared with the 1.25 million sales racked up by "Harry Potter" in its first 24 hours of release. The figure for Peter Jackson's movie, which includes VHS and DVD sales, is all the more impressive because the video was released on a Tuesday, whereas "Harry Potter" went on sale on a Saturday.
:: Thankyou Vanessa!
::Kristy sent us some news about what Mandy Moore quoted about Elijah....
" Elijah Wood is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. His eyes tell such a story." How True! :)
::And then what Mandy said about both Franka & Elijah which is really sweet...
"This past April while I was filming the movie, Try Seventeen, I celebrated my 18th birthday. We were in Vancouver and it was very rainy and dreary. I sat in my trailor all day and didn't do anything so it was kind of a bummer. But, the cool thing was, that my co-stars Elijah Wood and Franka Potente (from the Bourne Identity), surprised me with a cake, flowers, and they sang "happy birthday" to me. It was really nice. It was such an honor to make a film with them because they're so amazingly talented. I was lucky to be apart of this project"
::Maggie sent me this gorgeous picture, i've never seen before... Here
::Thankyou so much Maggie!
::Well that's all I have for now!
::Oh, and I just want to say Congratulations to Sean Astin & His wife, Christine on the birth of their second daughter! How Sweet!! :)
::Bye Everyone! Take Care!

Wednesday, 14insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: *sigh* The messageboard has only been open 3 days and already we have an Elijah poser *rollseyes*. Some people are just pathetic. Anyway, there are people viewing this site right now, and you must be pretty bored, so go and sign up to the messageboard and chat! :)
:: Two new TTT books which will be coming out in the near future: The Making of the Movie Trilogy and The Two Towers Visual Companion Thanks Niki
:: Some new pics from the ComicCon convention from the BagEndInn: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7] [pic 8] [pic 9] [pic 10] [pic 11] [pic 12]
:: Katharina made these cool Elijah/Frodo South Park characters: [Elijah] [Frodo] Thanks Katharina!
:: Bebe sent me a new picture of Elijah and Liv, don't know where it was taken though. Thanks Bebe!
:: An article (don't know how old it is) of Elijah and Franka - yes, another one of those.
:: A picture of Elijah and Bijou: [view]
:: A site sent to me by Sam which basically has info about all of the fellowship's relationships. Includes pics and stuff, worth checking out: LOTR Gossip Thanks Sam!

Thursday, 15insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

::Hello! Well according to TORn 'Try Seventeen' will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, held from Sept 5-14.. Lucky Canadians! Anyone who ends up seeing it, please send either Lucy or I a review! :)
::Alyssa sends us some reviews of LOTR and 'The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbellina' from Entertainment Weekly Magazine..
Elvish Lines! The First installment of The Lord of the Rings is a rockin' old-school epic. by Troy Patterson For J. R. R. Tolkien's fan base of dorkish hippies - or is it hippie-ish dorks? - it's the coolest movie ever, dude. If you are of a certain mind-set (reflexively cynical, wary of all endevoures requiring elves), this fact was a reason not to catch that thing with the hobbits. Make amends: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is grand enough to earn a spot alongside such film epics as Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars. To watch Peter Jackson's adaptation of Tolkien's novel is to succumb gladly to fairy dust as the forces of good - a naif called Frodo (Elijah Wood), a wizened wizards (Ian McKellen), and a smoldering loner (Viggo Mortenson) among them - embark on an old-fashioned quest. Jackson does the basic things (sinister silhouettes, racing white steeds, the metallic rasp of swords unsheathed in stereo) with exquisite simplicity. And he does the complex things, like knocking the heart from your chest with the spectacle of impossibly noble heros placed in an outsized peril, simply exquisitily. There is a powerful sense of motion - over blinding fields, through lairs of unlimited darkness- into a fully imagined world where magic naturally exists. = A - What we said then: "....a great pictue, a triumphant picture, a joyfully conceived work of cinema...." A
The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina Voices by Jennifer Love Hewitt and Elijah Wood Good idea to combine a Brothers Grimm tale and Hans Christian Anderson story about little people for the little people, no? It's obvious from the cast list - which also includes Peter Gallagher, Bebe Neuwirth, and Rachel Griffiths - that the filmmakers have pulled out all the stops. But star wattage alone (yes,Hewitt can sing- and rather sweetly) and a few cute animals (the mouse band plays a mean cha-cha) cannot enliven lackluster animation and a sluggish plot that may leave less patient viewers fidgeting in their seats. = C+
::Lucy also posted a short article from Globe Magazine the other day and it said that Elijah drove a BMW Z8... well anyway Alyssa send me a picture of a BMW Z8 and I thought you'd like to see what it looks like... [BMW Z8]
Thanks Alyssa! :)
::Quaxo sent me a cool Elijah collage she made... [Collage]
Thanks Quaxo!
::Rachel also tells me that she went to see the new movie 'Signs' the other day and 'The Two Towers' Trailer was played... Just though you'd like to know... so if you want to actually go and see 'Signs' you can have a little bonus :)

Friday, 16insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: Well the messageboard seems to be down right now...damn thing, this ain't a good sign. Ah well, maybe it'll just fix itself (sure, keep telling yourself that)
:: Hannah sent me some pics of Elijah from E!'s Look at Hollywood Kids. Yes, they are really old, but geez, he looks so damn cute! [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7] [pic 8] Thanks Hannah!
:: Woohoo! Enlarged Wireimage pics :) Uta has very kindly sent me these pictures from Comic Con: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7] [pic 8] Thankyou so much Uta!
:: Sorry everyone, but i don't know what happened to elijahwoodinc.com, but it went down before, but it came back, so keep your fingers crossed. I guess you'll have to settle for this site for a while ;)

Wednesday, 21insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: Hey! How's everyone's weekend been? Well I havn't exactly got that much news, but enough to update :)
:: Veronica sent me This Transcript from the Lovely Liv Tyler Website Thanks Veronica!
:: Hobbit Angel sends us a new article..
Did Elijah Wood break Mandy Moore's heart?
Again, i dunno if this is true or not... probably just rumours if you ask me..
:: 2 really nice misc pitures sent to me by Em: [Pic 1] and [Pic 2] Thanks!

Sunday, 25insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: Don't know why i'm updating, there's no news and i've got so much to do. Just a favour, if you have a question about Elijah or something relating to Elijah, lotr, or whatever that doesn't necessarily have to be answered by me, could you please ask it on the messageboard? It's a real pain having to spend all of my time on the net answering the same questions over and over again. Also, since i don't get on much anymore, it fills my inbox and it shuts it down. So please, try just send me news or stuff that you want to ask me specifically.
:: Can't wait for TTT? Neither can these people: The Waiting for Frodo Comic Strip
:: Elijah's going to be attending the Toronto Film Festival: more Thanks Aunds
:: Bonnie sent me a link to all of her TTT pics! Check them out!
:: See? told you there wasn't any news, and yet ppl are still bugging me to update *sigh*

Sunday, 25insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

::I have quite a bit of news today...
::Emily sent me a cool Elijah banner she made [Here] Thankyou!
::Vicky also emailed me to tell me that she has started an Elijah newsletter and she'd really appreciate it if you joined.. Elijah Newsletter... I havn't joined yet, but from what i've seen & heard, it's pretty good :)
::Stacie has also emailed me with a suggestion that if you'd like to know what Elijah movies & shows (i think) are showing where you live, like in Europe, the UK and the US, i can post links to the schedules... if you think this is a good idea, email me and tell me..
::Hobbit Angel sent me an article... Elijah Wood feels sorry for Culkin Thanks Hobbit Angel :)
::I know i have alot more news and stuff to post from what I see... i just don't have the time right now to post it, so i'll try sometime next week :)

Wednesday, 28insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

::Sorry Guys, I can no longer accept any Elijah or LOTR wallpapers or any fan art of any sort (even though I love it) It takes up too much space (Size Wise)... an alternative to this however, is to post it on the Messageboard I'm sure people would love to see your creations! :)
::Also... If I get any Elijah news/pictures sent to me, I might not reply, but trust me, I am VERY grateful for all news sent to me, these days I just don't have the time to reply to each email especially because i seem to have double the homework at the moment...
::Well straight into the news, i guess :)
::Some new pictures sent to me by various people: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] and... [Pic 5]
Thanks to everyone who sent me those! :)
::Remember [This] Picture? Well look who's body it actually was... [Here] Hmmm... I had a feeling it looked alot like one of 'his' poses :) How natural did Elijah look on it though?
Thanks to everyone that sent me that!
::Some various new pictures... Here and Here
Thanks Quaxo!
::Hobbit Angel informed me about this... I saw Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth and he said that Elijah attended a Coldplay concert that also had Drew Barrymore,Jake Gyllenhaal and Julia Roberts and her new husband in attendence over the weekend.
She also sent me this.. If you go Here and scroll down quite a bit, you'll see they mentioned something about Elijah... I wonder why they found it weird hanging around with him?!
::Also.. Stacie that sent me the information about the TV Schedules.. please email me.. i seemed to have lost ur email address... :)
::Sorry but that's all the time I have to post news, i'll try again sometime later this week :) Take Care!

Wednesday, 28insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

:: Just a really quick update today :) Probably my only for the week, sorry, but i'm *really* busy.
:: Charlene went to the Comic Con festival and sent me these photos which she took. [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] < - - her with Elijah! *is insanely jealous* Thanks for sharing those Charlene! If anyone else has any pics which they took, sent them to me! :)
:: Ani sent me this gorgeous new picture of Elijah: view
:: From Torn: The latest Elijah Wood film 'Try Seventeen' will be screened twice at the Toronto International Film Fetival, 9PM on Tuesday, September 10 & 2:15PM on Thursday, September 12. If you plan on attending, get your tickets now! [more]
:: An excerpt from an article from a the German Newspaper "Bild am Sonntag" about the whole Franka/Elijah thing:
Q.: After nearly five years you have broken up with director Tom Tykwer. The new man in your life is US star Elijah Wood.
F.P.: I don’t want to say anything to this.
Q.: But you are a couple?
F.P.: No. I would not put it that way.
Q.: But there are these explicit pictures of you and Mr. Wood looking very much in love... Are these kisses all water under the bridge now?
F.P.: I don’t want to talk about that!
Q.: Okay. Only one more question: the relationship with Tom Tykwer is definitely off - or is it?
F.P.: Yes.
Thanks Simone and Kerstin!

Saturday, 31insert a dot between the second and third per cent sign to "dot" the day August 2002

::Hi! Well thanks for all those who replyed that wanted me the post the Elijah schedules... so here they are:
::UK Schedule - Here
::USA Schedule - Here
I think that's all Stacie had, the European one is the same at the UK Schedule (I think?!- it should be) Thankyou so much for making those Stacie :)
::Andrea sent me 2 really new pictures of Elijah when he was filming 'Try Seventeen' [Here] and [Here]
She also sent me the article from which the pictures came from Here
Thanks Andrea :)
::Hobbit Angel sends me an E!Online sighting.. Here - just scroll down a bit and you'll find it :)
::She also sends me little questions about Elijah which people have written into the E!Online website & The Entertainment Tonight Website Here and Here
::Thanx Hobbit Angel :)
::Now for some Misc pictures sent to me by various people... [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6]
Thanks to Quaxo, Lily and Elaina for those :)
::Well that's all guys :) Enjoy your weekend!


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