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News Archive: May



Wednesday, 1 May 2002

:: Squinty sent me some interesting info from "Sky" magazine (May 2002):
Most people in Hollywood thought film-makers would stay away from Peter Pan after Steven Spielberg's HOOK flopped. But now there's talk of another live action version that will be more faithful to JM Barrie's original story. And I hear that ELIJAH WOOD could end up in the starring role. No word on likely candidates for Tinkerbell yet though.
Thanks Squinty!
:: By the way, those pictures from yesterday (pics 2, 9-13) were taken by Jen from Ringbearer.org Thanks for letting me keep them up!
:: Anna's got some news for us:
Someone told me that Elijah wrapped "Try Seventeen" in Vancouver & that he flew home either yesterday or earlier today. And he didn't leave with Franka -- she's still in Vancouver. I don't know if she's still filming, though. I also heard that Elijah will be heading down to New Zealand for re-shoots on or around May 15th.
:: Some cool new pictures of Elijah sent to me by the lovely Anna. Thankyou so much girl!! :)
[pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5]

Thursday, 2 May 2002

:: Wow, 5 updates in a row - enjoy it while it lasts! Please keep sending me news and pictures because i can't update if you don't :(
:: 5 new cute pictures from HobbitAngel (thanks girl!) [pic 1]
[pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5]
:: A new picture of Elijah at the Harvard Lampoon 'Best actor of all time' award thingy: [picture] Thanks Moew!
:: Some articles sent to me by Moew:
Frodo feted at Lampoon
Elijah's Dj-ing Skills
Elijah Wood turns back on big bucks movies
Elijah Wood meets the bizarre fanatics
Frodo plans second tattoo
:: By the way, those gorgeous pictures i posted yesterday sent to me by Anna were actually scanned by Grace. Sorry about that Grace, but i really appreciate you letting me keep them up. Thanks!! :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2002

:: Hey Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates - i told you it wouldn't last. I really shouldn't be updating right now, but i'll try to be quick. Sorry about not being able to answer any e-mails for the past week, i will get around to it soon i hope. To everyone who has been sending me news, thankyou so much, you're such a huge help! *mwah* luv ya.
:: Anna has sent me heaps and heaps of pictures which she receives from wireimage because she has paid for them, so please don't take them from this site, it's really not fair for her to pay for them and just have them taken. Thankyou so much Anna!! :) :)
[pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7] [pic 8] [pic 9] [pic 10] [pic 11] [pic 12] [pic 13] [pic 14] [pic 15] [pic 16] [pic 17] [pic 18] [pic 19] [pic 20] [pic 21] [pic 22] [pic 23] [pic 24] [pic 25] [pic 26] [pic 27] [pic 28] [pic 29] [pic 30] [pic 31] [pic 32] [pic 33]
:: Elijah won the Movieline Award!! :) Go Lij! According to theonering.net, Elijah is back in LA and filming for Try 17 has finished. Elijah won the award for "Hottest, Coolest, Young Veteran." :) ain't it the truth? [More]
:: An article and video from the Movieline Young Hollywood Awards [view]
:: [Tarantino to Executive Produce New Marvel Film] Elijah's going to be in a new movie - 'Mort The Dead Teenager' hmm... interesting
:: There is more news, i know there is, but i really don't have time, maybe tomorrow though! Take Care!

Sunday, 12 May 2002

:: Well this time there was a reason for not updating, i've been confined to my bed for the past 5 days and panadol has become my new best friend. I've had the worst fevours and to top it all off, i've lost my voice (no!!!!!) and my throat feels like someone's trying to jam a knife down there... but anyway, i won't be updating until i get better which will probably be for another 3 days or so.
:: A lot of people have been e-mailing me about pictures 24-26 which i posted on the last update. That is a scene from the movie 'Black and White' where Elijah is kissing Brooke Shields. So don't freak out, he doesn't have another girlfriend
:: Some really cute videos from Musings of Viggo made by Jaimie. [view] Thanks Jaimie!
:: More Movieline pictures sent to me by the lovely Anna: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7]
:: Elijah's new movie Ash Wednesday premieres today at the Tribeca Film Fest in New York City and Elijah is expected to be there [more] Thanks to theonering.net
:: From E-Online - Gossip: (Thanks HobbitAngel!)
Elijah Wood, catching the Buffalo Daughter and Big Sir show. The Troubadour. A sultry Saturday night. West Hollywood. Despite his Lord of the Rings reign, E.W. stood in line to get inside along with his gang of guy-buds. Clad in cool indie-rock attire, brown tee and antique faded jeans, the happening Hobbit chilled at the bar during the opening act and then headed outside to grab a smoke.

:: A gorgeous new picture of Elijah sent to me by Autumn: [pic]
:: A new article from Yahoo News [read article] Thanks Autumn!
:: Elijah Wood talks about his Lord of the Rings costar Sir Ian McKellen winning a SAG Award for best supporting actor in a motion picture. [view] Thanks HobbitAngel
:: Another article about Elijah winning the Movieline award [read] Thanks again HobbitAngel
:: Aunds sent me 2 pics which she scanned from the Toronto Star [Elijah] [Franka]
Caption: "NEW TWO YOU: Hotties Elijah Wood and Franka Potente, on the Vancouver set of TRY SEVENTEEN. Apparently the two are taking their work home with them."
Thanks Aunds!
:: Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there too! :)

Thursday, 16 May 2002

:: Thanks for everyone who sent me nice get-well-soon e-mails :) I am feeling a little better. And my e-mail has been full for the past couple of days, so sorry if you couldn't get your e-mail through or if yours got deleted (sorry!!!)
:: Robin found a picture of Elijah's dad in a magazine (also an article about how they met again) [article] Thanks Robin!
:: Some MTV screencaps from the lovely Anna: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] Thanks Anna!
:: Apparantly Elijah and Franka are NOT dating, according to some information which was posted on Franka's site:
"Hello dear ones! To avoid even more rumors: Tom is still my boyfriend - the alleged "Kiss-Photos" were planned for the Making-Of-Video which appears in the DVD-Version. They just originated due to funny situations. My Press speaker already explained this. I hope it's all cleared up now" Thanks Emma!!!
:: Also another message from Franka's site:
Hello you all! Okay, not that even more rumors will come up: I am still together with Tom as I was before - The kissing-photos were actually planned to be in a Making-Of-Video for the DVD-Version, but unfortunately they were taken in a very funny situation. My Press-Speaker has already taken care of the situation and sorted things out. I hope that everything is cleared up now :-) Take care, yours Franka Thanks Gwen and Anna!
:: Hmmmmm...... i'm not too sure about that because look at these pictures of Elijah and Franka:
[pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] Thanks Anna!!
:: Some pictures from Ebay sent to me by the lovely Autumn :) [ebay pics]
:: 2 new pictures of Elijah sent to me by Moews: [pic 1] [pic 2] Thanks!!!
:: A really weird article, don't know if it's true, don't think it is: ELIJAH’S GAY BAR RAGE Thanks Moew!
:: Some information about Elijah's character in Mort the Dead Teenager: [info] Thanks Stephanie!!
:: A new picture sent to me by Autumn: [pic] Thanks Girl!
:: Another adorable picture of Elijah jumping on Orlando from Anna (thanks girl!) [premiere pic]
:: Also, Elijah came 3rd in Dolly Magazine's Hot 100 this month (beaten by Orlando and Josh) Thanks Julia (there's also an A4 picture of Elijah in it)

Saturday, 18 May 2002

:: Marion sent me 5 pictures which she scanned from a magazine of Elijah on the Osbournes. Thanks Marion!! :) [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5]
:: Dorothy sent me a link to the Brazilian chat which Elijah did a while ago [view] Thanks Dorothy!!
:: Here is a text version of that interview [read] Thanks to Theonering.net
:: Pic and article from TeenPeople. Thanks HobbitAngel! [view]
:: Elijah Wood was at the Star Wars premiere (wise person :) with Sean Astin on Thursday. [article] Thanks HobbitAngel and Moew!
:: Another article with a larger picture sent to me by the lovely Autumn: [view]
:: About that message from 'Franka' on her website i posted the other day, it was actually not posted on her site, but in the guestbook by someone who 'claimed' to be Franka, and as i know from my own guestbook, anyone can claim to be someone they're not. So, sorry about that, but it looks like they are still together :) :) What her press spokesperson did say to a German magazine was: "No comment, more later". So until then, i'm convinced that they are together. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to tell me about that, especially Jen, Cat and Claudia!
:: 2 more pictures of Elijah from the Japan Premiere sent to me by Anna :) [pic 1] [pic 2]
:: Another Elijah and Franka Picture! Thanks Anna! [pic 1]
:: A picture from Elijah's film - Ash Wednesday. Thanks again Anna! [pic 1]
:: Some more MTV screencaps from Anna. [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4]
:: E! Online Fashion Police Thanks HobbitAngel!
:: A scan from the magazine Cosmogirl from j . a . e < - - visit her site! [scan
:: A vvvvveeeeeeeerrrrryyyy interesting scan sent to me by the lovely Betti from a German magazine (have no idea what it says, so don't ask me! :) It's title is Elijah kisses Franka *nudge nudge* [view scan]
:: Another really really cute scan of Elijah and Franka sent to me by Claudia (Thanks Girl!) [view scan]
:: An article sent to me by Autumn: [ELIJAH WOOD’S SECRET HEARTACHE] :(
:: I just uploaded some new galleries: [Gallery 34] [Gallery 35] [Gallery 36]
[Gallery 37]

Sunday, 19 May 2002

:: Hehe, just a quick update, i just *had* to post this pic, lol. NOTE: This isn't exactly a PG picture. [Elijah and Franka] I think that's pretty funny really, hmmm.... Elijah and Franka not dating?? i think not! Thanks 'Pounce'!
:: Eva very kindly translated that German article from yesterday. Here are just some notes: (picture captions 1-4)
1. Together Elijah and Franka watch an icehockey match in Vancouver
2. The Vancouver Canucks lose - Franka comforts Lij with a sensitive touch
3. This must be luv: tenderly Franka Potente snuggles close up to the six years younger Elijah Wood
4. ...and recieves a kiss as a thank you from the LOTR-star
- The reason: The kissing-scenes of Franka and Elijah (21) in Vancouver didn't stop after the end of filming. The first time "Lola" and "Frodo" were seen together kissing in a restaurant. Immediately rumours spread all over the internet. While the german fans reacted quite angrily ("Leave your hands off Elijah, he's much too young for you!!"), the signatures in the guestbooks of american websites were more or less positive. One female Elijah-fan e.g. wrote: "Finally Lij has got a girlfriend - he really deserves that." By now the rumours about the young love proved to be true. At the end of April a fotographer caught the two at an icehockey match of the Vancouver Canucks vs. the Detroit Red Wings - holding hands, cuddling and kissing. Franka hasn't yet given her view on the matter of having found the big L in Lij. And Tom Tykwer just explained: "There are arguments everywhere, also in our relationship." But the pics from Vancouver speak an obvious language!
Thanks Eva!

Wednesday, 22 May 2002

:: Hey Everyone! Another quick update, my fingers are freezing so i can't type very much (and yes, i do have gloves on, it doesn't help!). To those who e-mailed me, i will get back to you soon, but i'm only one girl, so be patient :)
:: Lots of new pictures sent to me by the lovely Autumn. Thanks girl!
[Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6] [Pic 7] [Pic 8] [Pic 9] [Pic 10] [Pic 11] [Pic 12] [Pic 13]
:: A new picture from Ash Wednesday thanks to Hobbit Angel.
:: A really really cute picture of DJ E-WooD at the wrap party of Try Seventeen Thanks to Anna, Autumn and Sophia.
:: An interview with Elijah at MTV.com [read it] Thanks to theonering.net
:: An article about Elijah sent to me by Anna. Thanks girl!
:: Another scan about Elijah sent to me by the lovely Margaret [view]
:: A big apology to j.a.e who sent me those scans the other day, i stupidly stuffed up the link to her site, so everyone please go and check out her site [here] C'mon, you know you want to! Sorry about that!
:: As you can see, most of this news was sent to me by people, so please, if you want the site to be updated, send me your news/scans/pics whatever! Thanks!!

Sunday, 26 May 2002

:: OMG, have you seen these amazing Two Towers posters?? You have to check them out - - - > [here]
:: A gorgeous wallpaper that i found at fantasyplanet.cz. The only reason that i'm putting it up is because it has a new picture of Elijah. [wallpaper]
:: An article of Elijah on the Osbournes
:: A cool new fanlisting with an amazing layout. Check it out!
:: Elijah Wood and Franka Potente will be on RadioSonic - a Canadian radio program - on June 1st. Check out the site [RadioSonic] and also the picture Thanks Kari, Claudia and Ani!
:: A cool new Chain of Fools picture
:: Some info about Elijah at E! Online Thanks HobbitAngel!
:: Article: Elijah gets Thai with Franke Thanks again HobbitAngel and Claudia
:: HobbitAngel sent the nomination that LOTR got for the Teen Choice Awards:
Actor Drama/Action-Adventure: Elijah Wood(The Lord of the Rings)
Drama/Action Adventure: The Lord of the Rings
Actress Drama/Action Adventure: Liv Tyler(The Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Rings
Good luck to them!
:: Autumn sent some more gorgeous pictures from Corbis: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6] [Pic 7] [Pic 8]
:: Thanks Autumn
:: Article: Down-to-Earth Wood Reminded Of Fame
:: By the way, I'm no longer accepting fanart anymore unfortunately. Sorry about that. However if you want your fanart on a website, visit Niki's site Orliology and submit it to her. Also, please if you have any Orlando Bloom news, send it to Niki and not to me.

Wednesday, 29 May 2002

:: Hey everyone, i won't be updating or answering e-mails very much for the next week or so because i have my half-yearly exams and i haven't started studying yet. I'll try my best to update, but it'll be a huge help if you could send me news and pictures. Also, yahoo mail seems to be really screwed up because i keep getting heaps of blank 125k e-mails, so i think that yahoo is deleting them or something. If i don't get back to you within 2 weeks, please write back. Wish me luck! :)
:: Some new Franka & Elijah pics which i just *had* to post. Thanks so much to Bella! [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] < - - yeh, sure, they're not together! :P
:: ahhhhh... damn yahoo mail won't let me in, so i can't update anymore :( sorry bout that!
:: Also, Ani sent me this website which has a short post about when Elijah was on the Canadian radio station. Also, a really really cool photo of Elijah and Franka. Thankyou so much Ani!! :)


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