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January 2002 News



Tuesday, 1 January 2002

:: Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope you're having fun where ever you are and that 2002 brings you lots of joy and prosperity - Lucy
:: I found 2 brand new interviews today on google.com:
Wood never comes up short, even as Frodo the hobbit and
Labor-of-Love Adaptation of 'Lord of the Rings' Stays True to the Text's Heart
:: Also i might not be on for the next couple of days, so for those in Australia, don't forget to watch the LOTR special - Beyond the Movie - on Saturday, channel 2 at 7:30pm :)

wednesday, 2 January 2002

:: Anela sent me this photo that she took at the Sydney Premiere of LOTR of Orlando Bloom. Ok, i know it's not Elijah, but Orlando is just so hot :) I just *love* his shirt!! This pic is copyright by Anela, so please don't take it without notifying her. If you have any pics, please send them along. Thanks Anela
:: Also, fervour66 from the messageboard posted this funny pic of Elijah leaving the Late Show Last month.
:: 'When you smoke and bite your nails at the same time, you know you've got issues.'
–And the answer to the ever popular question: Does Elijah have a girlfriend?
Elijah Wood: Unfortunately, I don't. I'm a hopeless romantic, and it's quite painful to not have a relationship with a girl. Sadly, I'm single. :(
Read more in the AOL Chat Transcript [Thanks TORn]
:: Another interview: Elijah Wood--Frodo Comes Alive Thanks Autumn

Saturday, 5 January 2002

:: A cool new picture of Dominic, Elijah and Orlando before the Sydney premiere of LOTR Thanks Autumn :)
:: Some new pictures of Frodo: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Thanks to Fantasyplanet.cz
:: A picture from Peter Jackson's cameo in LOTR
:: An article about Elijah from KiwiBox.com Thanks TORn
:: For those in Australia, don't forget the LOTR special on the ABC at 7:30pm:
Beyond the Movie :)
:: Ever since LOTR came out Elijah has been getting more and more popular, and also more Elijah Wood sites are being made. Check out the Links page and visit some of them :)
:: Also some people have been saying that they can access my site easier after they've bookmarked it. I dunno if it works, but to bookmark this site just press "Control D" (Internet Explorer) or go to Bookmark menu then click on 'add bookmark' (Netscape)
:: Jasmine made me 2 really nice wallpapers which you might like to use: 1, 2 Thanks Jasmine!
:: Also Mallory sent me in these 2 sketches of Elijah Wood and Liv Tyler
Also if you have any art (drawings, wallpapers, graphics, paintings) which you would like me to publish, please send them to elvenmuggle@yahoo.com
:: If you can understand whatever language this is, here's a website which points out the mistakes in LOTR.
:: Also some pics from the premiere of LOTR from the Hot30 website
:: Here's a website which has several addresses which you can use to contact Elijah. I don't know if they work, so don't bother asking me.

Sunday, 6 January 2002

:: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CAST AND CREW OF 'THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING' -- FOTR received the following awards at the AFI Awards:
  FOTR - Best Movie of the Year
  Grant Major - Production Designer of the Year
  Jim Rygiel - Digital effects artist of the year
Congratulations to everyone involved in creating LOTR, you deserve the awards for all of your hard work and dedication!
:: Here are HEAPS of pictures from the AFI Awards including a detailed report of the show. Doesn't Elijah look cute in that suit! :) Thank you so much TORn!
:: Also Nicole sent me these two fabulous wallpapers: 1, 2 Please feel free to send any wallpapers which you've made to elvenmuggle@yahoo.com Thanks Nic!!

Sunday, 6 January 2002

:: First of all, this site has been accepted into the elite clique, My Precious :) It is a clique which features websites specifically devoted to an actor or character from The Lord of The Rings. It has the best design, and also has information and pics of different actors from LOTR.
Thankyou for accepting this site! :)
:: Also a relatively old clip from E! Online 'Getting into the Hobbit' which features interviews with the cast at the premiere of FOTR. You can download it at this website [Thanks Autumn]
:: A brand new interview with Elijah Wood which states his plans for his upcoming 21st birthday. Thanks again Autumn
:: I made a new guestbook because the other one didn't offer enough space. So if you posted a message on the old guestbook, please re-post at the link at the top of this page - thankyou

Sunday, 6 January 2002

:: Ok, last update for today - i promise! :)
:: I found 2 other websites with reports from the AFI Awards:
  - Report at Yahoo! This has heaps of sub-links so be sure to check them out!
  - Report at the AFI Website
:: Also more pictures from the AFI Awards :)
:: And i am so happy at the moment because i just stumbled across a site where you can download the full interview with Elijah Wood from The Today Show :) For once my stupidity paid off, if i hadn't of typed Eliah Wood in Google instead of Elijah Wood i wouldn't have found it. Well, here it is: Today Show Interview It take a while to download but it's worth it!!
:: Also Milagros sent me in these 2 wallpapers: 1, 2 ENJOY! Thanks Milagros!

Wednesday, 9 January 2002

:: Well yesterday i watched LOTR again :) and went magazine shopping and found the following pics and articles from these magazines (By the way i live in Australia, so these magazines are available in Australia)
  - B Magazine (February 2002) - 'B Now' Elijah Wood (I *love* this pic!)
  - Who Weekly (January 14, 2002) 'Hobbit Forming' Article 1, 2, 3, 4
  - NW (January 7, 2002) - LOTR Premiere: 1, 2
  - 'Wood Fire' Pic
  - 'Hobbit Forming' Interview 1, 2
By the way my friend Venera scanned these for me, so don't just take these pics and cut off the bottom, i'll know it f you did, i'm not stupid! It's really rude :P
[Thanks Venera!!]
:: A new Interview: Is Elijah Wood Forever Frodo after 'Lord of the Rings'? [Thanks Autumn!]
:: Here are some screenshots from Elijah's appearance on the gaming show Extended Play, from E3. Apparantly he introduced a TV segment. Well here they are:
pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, and pic 4 [Thanks Stefanie!]

Wednesday, 9 January 2002

:: Some new Elijah pics:
  - Elijah on 2 magazine covers
  - From Ipix
  - From Pavement Magaine
  - Elijah on another magazine cover
Thank you so much Autumn!!!
:: Some more fan art :) (sorry if i forgot anyone's!)
By Nic: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4 [Thanks Nic!]
By Yolanda: pic 1 Thanks Yolanda!
By Cat: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4 Thanks Cat!
These pictures are copyright to their original owners!
:: Here is a fan fic which Nic posted on the messageboard which i thought was really funny. However if you get offended by people kind of making fun of LOTR, then don't read it. It's still funny though :) Thanks Nic
:: By the way, (if you've bothered to read up to here) my new server seems to not allow new changes to the site to appear on some browsers. So whenever you come here, please refresh the page like once or twice so that you can see the latest updates. That mighten make any sense, but please do it if you cannot see the latest updates.

Friday, 11 January 2002

:: Hey Everyone! My friend Nic from the messageboard has opened up a fantastic new Elijah Wood site called "Meet the Ring Leader". It has only opened up today but so far it is looking great. Check it out here and be sure to keep checking back because it is going to be big! :)
:: Also Nic has sent me a new picture she drew of Elijah [Thanks Nic]
:: A new article about Elijah: '20 things you didn't know about Elijah Wood' (but we already knew that now didn't we? :) [Thanks Autumn!]
:: Here are 2 new pictures from the Two Towers Movie: pic 1 pic 2 [Thanks TORN!]
:: Another article claiming that Elijah has recently met up with his dad for the first time in 6 years. [Thanks Lena]
:: 2 new pictures of Elijah at the AFI Awards: pic 1 pic 2 Thanks Autumn
:: Another article about the AFI Awards which has a short clip (sorry, no footage of Lij) [Thanks again Autumn!]
:: Heaps more pictures from Wireimage of Elijah at the AFI Awards (sorry, only thumbnails): page 1page 2

Saturday, 12 January 2002

:: OMG, i just love these pics of Lij and Orli: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3. These Pics are from the new Elijah Wood website, 'Meet the Ring Leader" [Thanks Nic!]
:: My friend Svenja has very kindly translated and typed up an Elijah Wood interview which she saw in a Dutch Magazine "Flair" Cick here to read it. [Thanks Svenja!]
:: By The Way, Elijah is in the following magazines: [Thanks Autumn!]
  - Juice Magazine pic 1 & pic 2
  - Live and Kicking magazine pic 3
:: Also, don't foget to watch 'Force of Hobbit: An E! Special Event' on channel E! on January 18 at 4:30 p.m
:: With the new Topps LOTR cards, you can get a really rare Frodo card which has been signed by Elijah. Yuo can see it here [Thanks Autumn!]
:: Elijah Wood For Best Supporting Actor! [Thanks Autumn!]
:: Another picture from the AFI Awards [Thanks again Autumn! :)]
:: Here is a drawing of Orlando Bloom by Mallory [Thanks Mallory]

Saturday, 12 January 2002

:: OMG, i'm so happy right now because Bella has just sent me heaps and heaps of Elijah pics (60 or so to be exact) So i've put them all in the galleries for you to see. You can check them all out starting on the 16th picture gallery. The only problem is that they all have this stupid transparent writing on them, but ah well, at least you can still see them :) Enjoy! Thanks so much Bella!
:: A new Interview with Elijah Wood: He's Hobnobbing Among the Hobbits Thanks Elizabeth!
:: By the way, even though me, Anita and Jochen are opened up and Elijah Fan-Art-Network, i'm still going to put up a small fan art page on the site, however these pics will still be included in the network. So please start sending them in Thankyou!

Thursday, 24 January 2002

:: Yes, Always and Forever: Elijah Wood is finally back after almost 2 weeks of server issues and layout problems. Yes, as you can tell, i've got a new layout - i got sick of looking at the old one :) And thank you sooooooooo much to Linak for designing this layout, it looks amazing! :) But until i can get my new host sorted out, the site will be hosted by envy.nu. Sorry about that, but at least the site is back up! So if you ever come to the site at envy.nu and it is down, just come back later. The site link will no longer be www.elijah-wood.com/always/lij.html, so don't bother going back there.
however as horrible as the 2 week break has been, it means that today i have heaps and heaps of news!! :)
:: Well incase you haven't seen it already, the navigation is above (in the image under the word forever. It'll take a while to get use to, so just start browsing to see what's under each category.
:: Also, i've added heaps of new pages, including the fan art section under 'fans' AND i now have a total of 21 galleries in the recent pics section!! You have to check it out :) the most recent ones r in the later galleries, but they're all pretty new after the 5th gallery. I've added all the new pictures of the last 2 weeks in there too.
:: A clip of Elijah, Ian and Peter Jackson after that very disappointing Golden Globes (LOTR did not win an award)
:: Another clip of Lij, Dom and Billy at the Wellington Premiere
:: Heaps of new pictures at wireimage.com: page 1 page 2
:: A new interview StudioLA Interviews Elijah Wood
:: Elijah Wood: Best Actor of all time - article and pics
:: Elijah Wood: Lord of the Wings - article and pics
:: Realplayer video clip interview of Elijah speaking about his facial hair, and other things
:: 'Elijah Wood (the hobbit Frodo) smokes those awful cloves.' Article with mention of Elijah Wood
:: Another Interview with Elijah Wood
:: Yet another interview: Elijah Wood Won't Be Bound by Rings
:: Another article: Elijah Wood's Star Turn
:: Yep, another article :)
:: Also, let me know what you think of the new layout. Also spread the word of the new URL :) Thankyou for your patience while i got my site back up and running! I will continue to work on it for the next few days and improve it, so any suggestions (and news updates) would be appreciated. - Lucy

Tuesday, 29 January 2002

:: Ok i know it's a bit late, but i've been waiting to do this all year!! *ahem*

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Elijah, Happy Birthday to you!"

I hope you had a great 21st birthday and i hope this year brings you lots of joy in your work and social life :)
:: Ok, I'm soooooo sooooooooooo sorry for the site being down for the last 3 days or something, but the server, envy.nu was completely screwed up! I'm telling you, the internet just doesn't like me! But luckily, i have a new server!! :) Marcus from elijah-wood.com has very kindly offered to host me again, so now the new web address is http://always.ewfn.net/elijah.html. Hopefully now, the site will be available 24/7 :)
Thankyou soooooo much to Marcus for offering me this space, without it, i wouldn't have a site. So everyone please visit his site elijah-wood.com It's such a good site and he does so much for the Elijah Wood community and has helped me so much! Thanks Marcus!!
Also thanks again to the lovely linak for making this layout and helping me during my times of HTML crisis :) Her link is at the bottom of the page. Thanks Linak!!
:: I opened up a media section with heaps of new clips of Elijah. There are trailers, interviews, lotr scenes, etc. etc. Also a clip of the hobbits singing (so cute). You can see it at the media page
:: Some beautiful new pictures from 'Arena Magazine':
[pic 1], [pic 2], [pic 3]
:: An article/interview with Elijah Wood from Arena Magazine. There is a lot of cussing in this, so please don't read it if you are offended by it.
[page 1], [page 2], [page 3]
:: Also, just some misc photos: [pic 1], [pic 2], [pic 3], [pic 4], [pic 5], [pic 6], [pic 7]
:: A gorgeous picture of Elijah taken by Viggo Mortensen. [click] (notice the cigarrette in his right hand?)
:: I found a fabulous new website, Elijah Fan Fics, Which has heaps of pictures of Frodo in the final scene of LOTR (the one which made me burst into tears, lol). [view the pics] Thanks Dany for letting me use those on my site! :)

Thursday, 31 January 2002

:: Got some more fan art today :)
One from julia and one from Dorothy.
They are both fantastic, and don't forget to check out the fan art page!
:: Got some new pics from celebrity-exchange.com! You've already seen them, but they are really really good quality. Enjoy!
[pic 1], [pic 2], [pic 3], [pic 4], [pic 5], [pic 6], [pic 7], [pic 8], [pic 9], [pic 10]
:: I found a site which has exclusives mpegs from the MTV LOTR Special! :) They are found at the site "The Many Faces of Viggo Mortensen". Anyway, here they are:
Complete Arwen scene where she rescues Frodo shown for the first time [click]
Each of the main characters talking about themselves & their character click]
:: By the way, for those in Australia, the interview with Elijah Wood on the David Letterman show with re-run tonight :)
:: Also, here is the entire transcript from the David Letterman show :)
:: Some scans from juice magazine [click]
:: Elijah Wood Flashback :) [click] & a new pic [click]
:: By the way, i'm going back to school tomorrow after a lovely summer holiday :) So i'm not going to be able to update the site as much, or answer e-mails on a daily basis, so please be patient with me :) Have a good day!!


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