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Ok, so what happened was, after waiting in a mile long line (LITERALLY) we finally got in at about 1.

I knew Andy Sircus (sp? he does Gollum's voice) and some of the costume people were presenting at 2, so we hurried our asses up over to Ballroom 20 (this HUGE room where all the celebs were presenting). When we got there, there were no seats, so we had to stand and walk around for awhile while Kevin Smith was onstage (That man is hilarious...he had me laughing so hard! For all of you Kevin Smith fans, he said a lot about Jason Mewes...if you want to know just ask ). So once he got offstage, we rushed to get good seats...they were pretty good, close to the stage sort of and in the middle. Close enough to see people's faces at least. We sat next to these girls/guys about our age dressed up at LOTR's cast...there was even a girl dressed as Legolas. So cool.

Anyways, then the cast of Freddy vs. Jason came out, the guy who played Freddy, the guy who played Jason and the director...they had a Q&A session with the public and then showed some footage from the new movie. After that, they cleared the stage and the New Line rep came on and started telling us about what we were about to see (exclusive footage, no videotaping allowed, ect.).

She brought out the head costume guy(after an Uruk-Hai, Sala Baker in costume, appeared behind her), the guy who made the swords and some makeup people and they gave demonstrations on how the made everything in the movie...they showed how they did the Hobbit's costume, the Orcs, the Elves, ect. Also the weapons. Then the NL rep came over to the podium and goes, 'Well, that hobbit costume looks pretty good...but I think we need an expert to inspect it...' and everyone held their breath as Dom came out, and the place went insane Everyone starting standing up and screaming. All the while Dom is just glowing in the attention I can't remember everything he did, but some highlights were that whenever music came on he kept doing a cute dance, he kept talking to the girl who was demonstrating the Hobbit costume, he kept putting his hand above his eyes to find people in the audience, and when people starting screaming for him even more after once of his dances he was like 'Thank you, thank you...I'm availible for birthdays...bat mitvahs...*pause* Women's parties' (cue mad screaming and him just sitting up there like Ooooh yea, you ALL want me ) Oh yea, and he talked a little about how male Elves supposedly have no 'private things' (his words not mine ) and how they're very asexual. He was wearing a grey top that said 'Bro.' on it and jeans.

After he came on, Andy came on and once again, the crowd went wild. And damn, that man was buff. He and the guy who created Gollum talked about the special effects that went into it and showed us exclusive footage of all the Gollum-ness. They even had Andy's original audition tape for Gollum...it was so funny, he looked kind of embarrased though. So after watching all the footage, the NL lady came out again (and I knew she was going to introduce more people...I was half-expecting Orlando to come onstage) and goes, 'well, after spending so much time with Gollum, I think we should meet some people who know him best...' or something like that.

THEN Lij and Sean came out...OMG, everyone went crazy again. There were seriously 40 year old men standing up cheering like they were at an NSync concert Lij is SO SMALL in person, he must be like 5'3 or 5'4. Lij, Dom and Sean all hugged with huge grins on their faces, I think Lij and Dom even did a little jig Lij and Dom together...man, they were hilarious

They showed us part of Sean's short film and Domlijah was busting a move when they played the music And whenever they showed Elijah on screen, he'd raise his arms up and go YEAAA and do a little dance again, it was so funny. I just couldn't get over the fact I was seeing them in the flesh, it was weird.

Dom and Lij stood next to each other for most of it, too. To end everything, they showed us a 3 minute preview of ROTK (although it wasn't really a preview Just characters talking about their roles in it). After the preview, they said their goodbyes and something to the effect of 'We'll see you again!' and then did the dance again It was great. I had so much fun...after that we just left and went downstairs a bit, then walked around downtown. Definitely the highlight of my day, seeing them.


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