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After being picked up by some Irish guy at Port Authority, I ran over to Mel and we headed over to TRL. We were chilling back by the garage and after like 45 minutes Gita came by. So we're standing there for a little while and this kid came running back and said something to his friend and some girls and all I heard was "is in Virgin." The girls screamed on the top of their lungs and ran down the street. And I went over to him and I was like "Who's at Virgin?" And he was like "what?" And I'm like "Who did you say is in Virgin?" And he was like "Elijah Wood is over there and I dont have anything for him to sign." And I just like turned around and said to Gita and Mel, "FOLLOW ME!" and I went running down the street and across the street to Virgin, almost getting killed 900x.


So the three of us head inside and we're walking around the first floor and I'm peeking downstairs cuz we figured he was shopping. So we were looking in between like every stand and everything cuz we were basically gonna keep an eye on him and when he left we were gonna ask for a pic outside. So we head towards the back and I see a camera crew and some kid in Santa Claus hat. So I turn around and I'm like "I bet you Elijah's in the Santa hat." partly kidding, and we got closer and ELIJAH WAS IN THE SANTA HAT. So then I'm like silently squeeing and Mel is like "is that Dom with him?" and hi, I died. And I go back over there and I was like "no it's Billy." And I'll tell you now, there were seriously like 6 bodyguards with them. So we're just like hanging around looking at Nips cd's and dancing to "Breathe On Me" when there was movement in the hobbit camp. So they start going around the other way (towards the registers) and we go around the opposite way and the kids from TRL had stopped Elijah and were talking to him (no pictures) and he & Billy signed the boy's shirt. And the girls were all around Elijah and Billy was left out so he just started walking towards the escalators. So Gita is like "Mary do you want a pic with Billy?" And i'm like all quietly "yes" So Gita walks up to Billy, me and Mel behind her, and she's like "Billy will you take a picture with my friend? She's a huge fan." And he looks at me and was like "aww of course I will!" So like I got next to him and we had our arms around eachother and for some reason I turned around and saw Elijah walking towards us. The bodyguards were all behind him and between him and the girls so he was like walking alone. Do not ask me where I got the nerve to say this, but somewhere I got it out.

And I looked at him and was like "Hey Elijah! Wanna hop in the picture?" And Elijah's eyes like lit up, like he knew me (which he doesnt... lol... but it was that kinda recognition) and he was like "HEEEEEEY! Yes!" So he comes IN BETWEEN me and Billy and I give him this look and he's like "Oh, you wanna be between us don't you?" And I was like "Yea kinda." (yes, I gave the boy sass... and looking back i have no idea how i did it... lol cuz inside i was completely freaking out)... So Mel takes the pic of the three of us. AND YES ELIJAH STILL HAD THE SANTA HAT ON!!!! haha... and he had on his tan vintage jacket. So afterwards I was all like "thank you soooo much" and they were both like "No problem! Thank you!"So then Mel hopped in between them and yea I couldnt get her camera to work, and I was just focusing on Elijah so I was like "ahhhh" adn i think i said "shit." hehe.

So then after Mel their publicist was like "We really have to go now" and Gita was going up to them and Elijah said really loud "She's the last one." I was like HOLLER! So then Gita got her sandwich and we were like walking next to them (they were going downstairs, we were going outside) and I was right next to Elijah and I'm like "I have to go outside and SQUEE now." lol.... And we said our goodbyes.

post virgin

So I wait by the door and wait till they get on the escalators and I run outside and squee'd. So then we head back over to TRL to await Sean Astin and some lady comes up to us and asked us if we wanted to participate in a contest their doing and that we'd have to dress up like hobbits. Yea, obviously we said yes. So we're standing up on that corner cuz by this time Jill had come and we were waiting for Elijah and Billy to come over to TRL so that we could get Jill a pic and yes, I was gonna try for another one. And Gita's like "Mary there's an escalade down there" But I was like "And..." lol... So then after a lil bit Elijah, Billy and 90000 bodyguards came by us, but we didnt even try to stop them. BUT ELIJAH WAS SMOKING! Too cute. I have always dreampt of seeing him smoking in person. He didn't have the santa hat on anymore. :'(

So yea, we get our lil hobbit cloaks and had a lil photo shoot with them on. And we headed to the front and hung out with Quiddus and listened to Elijah mess up his lil intro thing like 3x. LOL. At this point, we're still expecting Sean Astin. So then the show begins and they said "Elijah, Billy and Dom" and I looked at Gita and I was like "WHAT?!" And she's liek "DOM IS UP THERE" Hi I totally teenied out. And they all came out to the window and I took about 5 or 6 pix of them total. Cuz I've never seen Dom in person so I was slightly freaking out to see him, even if it was thru a window. So then the whole contest goes down, I got tapped :) And Billy was like 2 people away. It was hott. And when I got my hood off, Gita was like "Look up" and there's Dom and Elijah plastered against the window.

So after all that went down, we all headed back to the garage cuz I needed Dom to sign my book. So I was like "Gita just take a pic of me talking to him czu that way even if he can't pose, I'll have a pic with him." So after a while, they come out, completely surrounded by bodyguards adn cops and got rushed into the escalade. So I like ran up to Dom, he was last, and I was like "can you please just sign this?" and the publicist like was pulling him adn he's like "I'm so sorry......" and I was a lil angry, but then again, he totally talked to me. And I can tell you, Dom is pure SEX in person. He's hott in pix and on tv, but they do him NO justice. *guh* But yea, they got into the escalade. Dom had come in the escalade solo. If we had gone down there, we coulda gotten a pic with him. *shrugs* Next time... It was incredible though. Amazing.

Thanks Mary!


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