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Mardi Gras Brunch Report - Marielle

Today I went to New Orleans to go to the Bacchus Brunch. We parked, got down to ground level and went inside the Hilton hotel. We waited in front of the doors to the ballroom from about 9:15 to 10:15 when they finally let us in. When we went in, it was so huge and pretty and just wow!

Around 10:45ish one of the head guys announces that Sean and Elijah will come in soon. So I get nervous. Start shaking and sweating, because this is it. What I've been wanting for more then 3 years, since that first movie, is now going to happen. (trying to get you pumped too, lol)

Around 11:00 I got off to the blockade/divider to keep the fans out from the guests/me away from sean and the important people, lol. Around 11:20ish they came out!! I saw them and I had to keep reminding myself that it was really them. And you know how some people cry infront of celebs? Well, I found out what that emotion felt like. It was weird. It's like, wow I've seen on tv and on the big screen and in pictures, but you are right here next to me. Incredible. But I didn't cry.

So dad takes a lot of pictures as Sean gives a speech. And I wish I could have remembered what he said, but I can't recall. I do know that he sand that song, When the Saints Come Marching In. He also introduced his family, his queen his wife, his adorable children. So cute. (he was the king). At one point the crowd starts to chant Rudy Rudy Rudy, so he gets up on his king chair and says that big quote from the movie. This one, "We're going inside of 'em, we're going outside of 'em -- inside of 'em!outside of 'em! -- and when we get them on the run once, we're going to keep 'em on the run. And we're not going to pass unless their secondary comes up too close. But don't forget, men -- we're gonna get 'em on the run, we're gonna go, go, go, go!" Pretty cool.

Elijah would every so often get up and sign autographs in this one corner, so we moved over there. So from where we were, about 15ft away, we were about 4-5 from Elijah and same from Sean. So cool. One time Elijah got up and came over so dad thrusted my picture I wanted him to sign to Elijah. He did!!!! Then he sat back down and got up again. He came over and I took a picture with him!! Very awesome. He came to me left and put his arm around me and touched my arm! So I put my arm on his back. Firm and muscluar by the way, lmao. And for you who want to know, he smelt good. Not like a cologne or anything, but just clean, fresh, not of sweat. Sean was the same way. lol. Oh, and my face was close to Elijah, omg!!

So Elijah went to some other people, but I was just thrilled because he didn't go around the rope thing. He left after a while. But Sean stayed and went through everyone. He started at the other end, so we were last, but it was worth it. I was afraid he would leave, but he never did. He finally got to us, probably an hour later and he signed Sam's page, and then dad took a picture of them together. Then I got Sean to sign my picture and I took a picture with him. Then dad said a few words to him, asked him which team he was for, for the Super Bowl. Sean said Philadelphia, and then dad got a picture with him. Very awesome.
After that we stole some things, lol. You'll see those later, and now for some pictures.

This is when they first came out.

Elijah took lots of pictures himself when Sean was talking. Sorry they are dark, it wasn't dark at all in there. It's just because we were far away.

Same goes on.

They looked good.

Elijah got off the stage, or you know, maybe just crouched down, lol.

Er, blurry. Don't worry it will get better.

lol, Elijah continues.

Seans daughter, I think it's Elizabeth. And her mommy Christine clapping.

I think that's Elijah's table.

Elizabeth again.

Speech continues some more.

Sean gets off the stage and gets about 10ft from me. All the while during his speech, he throws doubloons at the crowd. I got 2. Well, 1, but we picked one off of Elijah's table later.

Sean closer!

But he goes away. This is where he said the quote from Rudy. Oh his chair.

Still on the chair. I remember clapping and laughing a lot. He spoke like a king too.

The glory shot, lol. He has the mic down by the kids because they said something like hail the king. lol.

Boys talking into the mic.

Elijah gets up every so often. See the bandaid? Not sure why he has it, but he is a bit bruised on that eye. Maybe got hit by some beads or something. Anyone know?

Him back at his table.

At his table.

So cute.

And then we move and we are about 4-5 ft away! So awesome. I felt like I was invading, but this opportunity doesn't come around often.

Elijah eating.


There's his plate.

Sean in his king chair. His wife to his right, and Alexandra to his left.

Later he picked up his daughter and went up with her on the stage.

Aw, so cute!

You could see that their bond was soo strong.


Back to Elijah. He drank a lot of that in that pitcher. It was champagne with orange juice. It was okay.

He got up, came over and was blurry, lol.

There it is!!! Me in the green, along with the others in the group. You can see his finger on my back, hah! And I was so excited I had made myself have a weird neck, lol. Look at those eyes oh his!. lol.

And the people who got the tickets to give to the family who invited us, forgot their camera for a shot of their daughter with Elijah, something like that. So we took one of her. Not sure if this is really what went on, but something close. Good picture too.

Seans wife, his youngest daughter and I guess being held by their nanny ish person.

Me and Sam waiting for Sean.

After about an hour he got to us! Yay! Sam and Sean.

Aw yay, me and Sean. I like that picture.

Ah the goods I brought home. I bought that huge Empire magazine when RotK came out that while back. And it finally proved to be handy! I grabbed the booklet with the cast and crew pictures and brought it with me. Elijah's autograph.

And here is Sean's. And see the smiley face? That is so my trademark right now. You should see Jamie's binder and book, it is covered in smiley faces this year. So that is just nifty.

The beads we got. The purple, gold, and green is what we stole from the tables, lol. And the masks. And Elijah's card for where he sat. Even though they spelt his name wrong. The sharpie he wrote with, twice!

close up of it all.

Elizah. lmao.

And the doubloons! on the left, I guess a Bacchus guy, and on the right, Seans head. Sorry it's blurry.



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