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My uncle works for a record company that does a lot of buisness with MTV. About a week ago, he called me from New York and told me that he had heard Elijah was going to be on TRL and if I wanted to go. I said, "Heck, yes!" We planned it out that my uncle would put our names on a ticketholder's list so we could get our armbands and get in the building.

So, on Tuesday I skipped school and drove down with my twin brother to New ork, (It's about a 7 hour drive from Boston) We arrived that night and stayed at my uncles apartment. The next morning me & Matt (my brother) got up and walked around New York some, we had lunch and I drank about 6 Dr. Pepper's-I was starting to feel nervous. Anyway, we arrived at the MTV studios early, and had no trouble getting our armbands. The only problem was, my uncle has reserved the seats so late that we weren't together. My brother too the seat in the back and let me sit in the front b/c he knew I would want to be close. The hobbits came in not too long after the show atarted and they did a little dance. They talked about little pet peeves that bug them about each other, compared themselves to their characters in the ROTK video game. Then they gave everyone in the audience a free video game!

During one of the commercial breaks they were walking around in talking to the audience. Elijah and Billy were standing in the row behind me, and I turned around to say hi, and Billy said 'Hello' back and told me that I have "Way cool red hair." Elijah turned around and said, "Yeah." Then told me that he liked my Beatle's T-Shirt!!

After the hobbits had left (right after they gave this girl a trip to all the ROTK premieres) all those Dr. Pepper's were kicking in. I got up to use the bathroom-I didn't want to get up during the show, but I had to pee REALLY bad. As I said, my brother wasn't near me, so he followed me out, not knowing where I was going. When I came out of the bathroom, Matt wasn't there, so I figured he had gone to the bathroom too. A couple seconds later, my brother comes out of the bathroom, and says "Ok, lets go." But the door to the men's room opens agin and Elijah comes out. My brother was in the bathroom with Elijah. I asked him if he realized that he was peeing next to Elijah Wood, and he laughs and says "Well, I would have much rather been peeing next to Liv Tyler. I'm not as into hobbits as you, I'm much more into female elves." Well, that was pretty much my day at TRL. It was great, and even worth baring the drive home. I've been playing the ROTK non stop, which is great. Gamers should defiantly pick it up!!

Thanks Maggie! :)


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