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Mabyn's Elijah encounter

Missy and I knew Elijah was going to be on Conan on Thursday, so that morning we got up at 5:00am to get stand by tickets. We waited in the standby line for 3 1/2 hours and finally got the tickets. We were numbers 34 and 35 so we had a decent chance of getting in. We wnet back at the taping time and lined up by number. For awhile it looked like we might get in, but like 5 minutes before they were going to let us go a whole bunch of ppl from the morning line got came in (BLAST!) So, the lady came and said the first 30 could come in, it was cutting it close because not all the ppl w/ standby tickets had returned. What happens next makes me sad. We were lookin like we might get in and what happens?! She cuts the line off right at my friend Missy and tells us to go home!!!!! So close and yet so very far!!!! So mildly discourraged Missy and I waited around till the end of the show to see Elijah. Unfortunatly the secutity tricked us and Elijah went out the other door. Apperently though he didn't have time to stop for pictures and ran right out. But on the bright side, Missy and I got to meet A bunch of the SNL cast! And we saw Ben Afleck. I was standing like 2 feet away from him! It was sooooooo cooooool!!!

So after meeting all those SNL stars my faith was renewed that i'd meet Elijah. So the next morning we got up even earlier 4:30am and took the subway back down the Time Square and waited in the standby line for Good Morning America. I was suprized that there weren't more people there that were Elijah fans, Missy and I seemed to be the only 2. So they started to let the standby people in, and what happens? The security guy cuts the line off RIGHT AT ME!!! Well at this point i'm tired and emotional so I burst out into tears (yes i'm a gigantic dork) But hey at 6:30 in the morning, running on 5 hours of sleep and it happened to you the day before, you'd be a little sad too right? Anypoo, the security gaurd was just playing a mean joke on me and apologiezed over and over! He felt so bad that he put Missy and I in the front row right by the door where all the celebs come out!!! It was great! I frogave him immediatly!!

So it was really neat seeing how they taped everything but my poor awesome best friend Missy was sick. I told her we didn't have to go but she sucked it up and dragged herself all the way down there and stood for most of the 2 hours we were there. The security at GMA were so nice to her and let her sit on a bench for awhile but it was only for like 2 minutes because as soon as she sat down Elijah came out for his interview!!!!!!!! He walked right by me! He looked soooooo amazing!!! Now. I have to say that i've never ever been obsessed with a movie star....it's rather odd that Elijah is the only star that can make me revert to my 13 year old self (no offence to anyone but i'm 20 now lol) Anypoo, I seriously was in shock, all I did was stare at him while he joked with the hosts and camera men while he waited for the interview. His eyes are even bluer in person! They almost glow!!!! Anyways while he was off the air I took a bunch of pictures of him just sitting there. One of the hosts made a joke and Elijah giggled the most beautiful giggle ever!!! oh man I wanted to fall down right there and proclaim myself dead lol! (damn whats wrong w/ me? LOL!)

So he did his interview and this cute little bit to a girl who has a book list *shrugs* and he was just so great in his interview! After he started to move away in a different direction and I didn't think I was going to be able to meet him, but luckily he turned around and went the way he came. I called out his name and he turned around, I handed him this silly little key chain fish I made him (insert nerd alert here) and he was so gracious and took it.

Heres the dialouge as best as I remember:

Me: Elijah!
Elijah: Hi there!
Me: I made this for you (stupidly thust silly little fish key chain at him) it's to go on your key chain or something.
Elijah: Awww thank you, thank you so much!
Me: Can I get a quick picture with you?
Elijah: Sure! Sure!
(Me and Missy huddle in close while random woman tries to work my digi cam)
*Elijah Giggle*
Me: Thank you soooooo much Elijah! Thank you! I'm such a huge fan!
Elijah: Aw thank you! take care!
(Exit Elijah)

Yep and now i'm still trying to wrap my brain around the whole thing! eeehhh! he was great!!!!

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