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-- January 14 Issue of 'Yam' Magazine --

Is Elijah Wood (22) a good actor? absolutely. Even before “The Lord of the Rings”, when no one had heard about the boy from Cedar Rapids (Iowa, USA) and he only scored little success in “Deep Impact” and “The Faculty” - He sure has talent! In his private life there’s no sign of Frodo’s melancholic look, on the contrary, with laughing sparkling blue eyes the Hollywood star appears at the Yam interview in Berlin. And in spite of leading part in three of the most successful movies in movie history, near him one feels like being with a friend who stops by to chat.

Yam: You must conquer many girls heart with this look?

EW: That could be. (smiles) Girls often approach me in the streets, but I think that it has more to do with my popularity.

Yam: Is it more difficult for you to find a girlfriend, being a celebrity?

EW: It’s harder for me to get to know girls, but that’s not my biggest problem. I’m extremely choosy when it comes to women. The girl must be perfect, both looks and character.

Yam: Did you find some one who fits the profile?

EW: No I’m single

Yam: Do you mind that?

EW: (doubts) The single life has it’s advantages, but I’ve been alone for a long time and it’s starting to bother me.

Yam: Are you ready for a relationship?

EW: Absolutely I’m always ready to fall in love.

Yam: Perhaps a German girl?

EW: I’m in Germany so I expected the question… (laughs) OK sure we talk about Franka Potente. It wasn’t really sensible to fall in love with her on the set of “Try Seventeen”, but anyway she’s a beautiful woman and very cheerful.

Yam: Do you still see her?

EW: Yes, but no longer so often, because she went back to Germany and is know in love, I believe with a photographer from Berlin. The last time I saw her was in the summer. I was in a hospital in LA because of a burst appendix. Franka came to visit and brought food, while she knew that you don’t want to eat anything after the operation, but that’s her sense of humor she’s terrific. By the way by “Wetten Dass…” I got to know Katarina witt. She is also very beautiful.

Yam: Yes and she is almost 40.

EW: That doesn’t matter.

Yam: No really she is 38.

EW: You surprise me there.

Yam: No honestly, she has been with Richard Dean Anderson from “Stargate” for a couple of years.

EW: What, no that’s extreme. Do you know whether she’s single at the moment. I really want to kiss her, she is so erotic.

Yam: No she’s also single, she was also in playboy.

EW: I know, beautiful pictures, brilliant body. Those photo’s were shot in nature, great! I hate most of the photo shoots in the American playboy. They are so tasteless and they always show these silicon blondes. I don’t like that. I’m sure the German playboy is way more interesting. In fact I know it thanks to the internet.

Yam: Very handy, the internet………..

EW: Yes, when I want to watch exciting women, I always go to international sites, because ‘those girls’ are way more exciting. The American aesthetic ideal is laughable. In this case I do not stick to my country.

Yam: And political…?

EW: The American politic is stupid, but aren’t politics stupid in general? I don’t know any political system that isn’t. The people don’t have enough participation. Every government makes mistakes and is corrupt, that’s in the nature of politics. I consider it al bullshit.

Yam: And what do you think about Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of your colleagues, ruling California?

EW: That’s a joke completely foolish. I don’t like it when some one uses his popularity to get a certain position. I feel sorry for his predecessor Gray Davis, even when I don’t know his politics and can’t judge whether he deserved it or not. In any case America gives a bad signal.

Yam: Don’t you want to be in politics after 20 years?

EW: Absolutely not I hope I become a frequently asked actor and not end as Mark Hamill, who didn’t get any good offers after his role as Luke Skywalker in “Star wars”, while that trilogy was as well known as “The Lord of the Rings” is these days. I want to make many movies and I don’t want to stay Frodo forever!

Thanks Hedwig! :)


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