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Site Credits

Just a quick thank you to everyone who contributes to the running of this site.

>>Jochen - For taking a chance on a little crappy site and helped build it to the longest lasting Elijah Wood fansite! You're the nicest guy in the world and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You're the best host anyone could ever wish for. (hugs)

>>Lucy - Whose brainchild was Always and Forever. She took an idea and ran with it. This is her baby and it's a true honor to see the site grow and remain one of, if not the top fansite for Elijah.

>>Venera, Autumn, Sarah & Brenda - Like a great reign of "second in commands," these wonderful ladies lent a helping hand, provided insight and assisted to keep this site operating.

>>The Board Moderators - Your tireless efforts to keep the old board under control was a huge help and I thank you.

>>Marcus - For hosting the site when it was in desperate need for one *damn geocities* Lucy would have given up on it if it weren't for you.

>>Helle - Who provided the first stunning site layout that brought and kept fans here for years.

>>Everyone who contributes to the site - You know who you are! The site would honestly not be here without your support and tenacity. Thank you for *truly* keeping the site running for as long as you have! (group hug)

>>Elijah (OF COURSE) - For being just who he is and making me want to keep running a site about and for him.

>>And various Elijah sites which were around when A+F was first opened, especially EWForever and Julia's EW Page (which have since closed down) who inspired Lucy to start this site.


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