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Birthday Stories 2012

The Desserts Continue!

Author’s Note – You may want to read 'Just Desserts' first, otherwise this may not make much sense… ;)


Elijah enters the outside world from his front doorway. He closes his eyes and feels the sunlight pour onto his face. It is greeting him from the sky above, but today is special. It’s the man’s thirty-first birthday today and it should be one of the best! He takes a sip of coffee from his mug and steps off of the porch. The block from his view is looking mightily happy and healthy, and it’s just the way he likes it. Elijah puts on a satisfied smile and starts walking toward his mailbox to see if the newspaper has arrived yet. He stops briefly when he notices a small package waiting for him.

I wonder who that’s from…

The actor raises an eyebrow, and then sets down his mug. Before he stands again, he brings the package with him. Its color is a bright blue – the ribbon and knot is too, only in a decorative navy shade of cerulean. Elijah grins. Blue is his favorite color! He mentally reminds himself to thank whoever dropped this off earlier. Before diving into the present, he sees a card attached underneath the knot of the bow. Elijah quickly sets down the present next to his mug and grabs hold of the card. In his eyes, excitement bursts like fireworks.

Taking a deep breath, Elijah slowly opens the card. He blinks in surprise and reads the words. He does not use his voice – instead, speaks with his mind.

Dear Elijah,
Hi! You might remember me from last year’s card… except that… this is Zinc writing, not Allie. I wanted to apologize for eating your cake. I felt bad afterwards. And I got a tummy-ache too! :( So to make it up to you, I got you some ice-cream! :D I’m pretty sure that your momma baked you a cake… and this ice-cream I delivered to your address can go with it! It’s a perfect match. I hope that you have a great birthday! Party hard with your friends, and don’t let Pinkie Pie steal the cupcakes! :3

From a silly dragon, ZINC

Elijah drops the card immediately without being aware of the 'P.S.' written on it. He removes the ribbon and pops open the present with an exhilarating beam on his face…

But his blue eyes widen, and his once content expression falls into a surprising one. The ice-cream cartons are empty! Gasping for breath, Elijah snatches up the card once more and skims it over.

P.S. – I sort of… had a little snack…

Elijah groans and shakes his head. He should have known that the silly dragon ate his gift… just like the last time.

**By, Allie

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