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Birthday Stories 2009

The Birthday Present

I took a look at my calender and I saw: Elijah will be 28 on the 28th.
A present is needed, but what should it be?
I asked my friends. (They now you from TV.)

Margret said: "Thatīs easy."
"That's easy?" I asked.
"Of course. For example, I got a new espresso machine for my last birthday."
Hey, your old one was broken and you said that you wanted a new one. Usually you are not happy with household articles as a present.
"No, no, an espresso machine is not the right present for you."

Then I asked Pold and he said: "I know what I'd want. I'd want to travel to the Caribbean. This is a fine present."
"For you." I said. "I donīt know, if Elijah likes the Caribbean. Maybe he'll feel like he's sent in exile."
"No, no, I donīt send you to Caribbean."

Further I asked Emily.
She said: "I have always wished for a sweet little hamster. All my friends have one. Give him a hamster as a present."
"But will the dogs eat it?" I asked.
He may not take care of it and I heard about the right kind of care of a hamster.
"No, no, I donīt buy you a hamster."

Julian said: "You are right not to buy a hamster. If I were you, I would buy him a keyboard. I also wanted a keyboard for my last birthday."
"Yes," I said, "and now it is behind the sofa, for not being used, because you left it in the middle of the living room, besides, I think he already has one."
"No, no a keyboard is not the right present for you."

Then I asked Karl and unkindly he said: "I'm Sure he has still everything. You better give a present to me."
"No, no." I said. "You have your present for your birthday."

I still asked Gabi 1 and Gabi 2, Regina and Sabine, Anita and Bettina and even Thomas and they all told me their own wishes, but not yours.

So I only wish you the very best and that your wishes come true.

**By, Grisu

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