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Birthday Poems 2016

Mr. Bluebird

Dear Mr. Bluebird why do you sing?

Oh, you see, because of everything!
For the sun, the flowers, and even the trees
I'm quite happy with all that I see!

Oh Mr. Bluebird, what a joy!
You're so happy, oh boy oh boy!
Tell me your secret, please, real quick!

Doesn't matter if clouds are thin or thick
Look for the good, no matter the case!
Always keep a smile on your face
And maybe a song in your heart!
Now I must go, for I've done my part!

But oh Mr. Bluebird, please tell me why!
Real quick now, before we say goodbye!

Real quick then, for I really must go!
We should not be weighted down so
By mean people and sorrow and fear
We must make the most of our time here
For we will all leave one day
And now we must part ways!

Farewell and thank you Mr. Bluebird!
For your time and wise words
I wish you could stay and talk some more!

Same here, but I must go before
Winter sets in and it gets real cold
Now's the best time when it's all gold
So farewell, farewell, till winter's end
When I return with all my friends!


A Cheery Song

To hear a choir of bluebirds sing
Oh such a wondrous thing!
They make every day such a happy time
With their upbeat tunes, rhythm, and rhyme!
Ask about their color and name, you'll see
How they got it is no real mystery
The sky above provides a clue
It's no wonder why they're blue!
When they sing, the clouds seem to fly
This way and that, revealing a sapphire sky
The sun shines through without a care
Like a crystal with sparkle and flare
Letting us know that life still has its ups
To get over the downs with a half-full cup.
So follow the bluebirds on their cheerful path
Forgive and forget all wrongs, sorrows, and wrath
Lead a life filled with love and cheer
Be good to those whom you meet here
And maybe we'll see each other again soon
Somewhere far beyond the moon.

**Poems by: Amanda P.

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