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Birthday Poems 2015


Enchanting music comes floating off the sheet
Lyrics are bouncing in time to the beat
Inspiring listeners to get up and move
Jazz is the sound that makes you groove
Artistic dance steps liven up the hall
Harmony and rhythm, at the midnight ball


Musing on Music

Music is magic for the ears
Music can bring us to tears
Music is a language all by itself
Music can help when times are tough
With a little tap from the conductor's baton
Come the first notes of the orchestra's song.
The melody rises into the air like a mighty bird
Conveying meaning and emotions without a word.
The tune goes up and down to stay in the air
Like the wings of a bird, to get everywhere.
It feels like the music is taking us for a ride
To magical places, though we're still inside.
To let our minds soar with such beauty is a God-send,
But, as with all things, even this journey must end.
As the orchestra reaches the end of its symphony,
So too our minds come to the conclusion of a journey;
And even though the music is bringing us back in
It leaves us with a sense of peace from within.

**Poems by: Amanda P.

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