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Birthday Poems 2014


Electric blue is the color of his eyes
Like a clear morning of cloudless skies
Itís great to see him laugh and smile
Just to see the stars in his eyes a while
And though he looks like an angel from above
He still needs a womanís devotion and true love.

**By, Amanda P.


Forget me not, Carnation

Two special flowers grow in the meadow
Tending to lean towards the riverís flow
Growing tall and steady, reaching for the sun
Bringing joy and cheer into the lives of everyone.
To see forget-me-nots, bluebirds will go extra miles
For their steadfastness and simple styles.
They value those who are honest and true
Always rocking the land in shades of blue.
The carnations live a life so glamorous and grand
The larks swoop in and become a live band
Swinging and swaying to music of the show
They parade around in all shade of the rainbow.
It becomes a regular party when nighttime falls
With weeping willows acting as the castle walls
Music surfs in and out of the midnight air
Bringing joyous sounds to weary ears everywhere.

**By, Amanda P.



Your Birthday Elijah, I guess, is a great occasion to express
Feelings, love, greetings, joy and to share a few
Artworks, videos, stories, poems and submissions
Creative works and thoughts of those who care for you

Each yearís a book and every page
Is filled with lots of amazing tales
Of movies, music, adventures,
Records, festivals, games, awards
Charity events and so much more
Your talent and passion that inspire us all

Your endless search for new and unique
Reflects in every project and opportunity that you seek
Lijah, all that youíve accomplished or achieved
Is fantastic, awesome and for your fans is a real treat!

Elijah dear, you deserve the best & may you always be
Blessed with everything that makes you happy
Lij, youíre so kind, thoughtful and down to earth
Special and ingenious, with a truly loving heart

May each path that you choose fulfill your dreams
And lead you to reach the most wonderful goals
Full of excitement and surprises may your Birthday be
All the best and lots of love on turning thirty three!

**By, Andrea M.

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