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Birthday Poems 2013


You smile
All are blessed
You laugh
the universe rejoices
You speak
the world listens
How, I am wondering
did heaven ever let you go.

**by, Michelle (Shelly) Burke--January 2013


Birthday Greetings

With every moment and every year
Time flies but you Elijah dear
Remain the same kind soul
Full of love and so much more

You are like a star that shines so bright
Your affection is endless, you are so kind
You’ve touched so many lives indeed
And you never stop giving to those in need

Your acting skills have always impressed
It is so clear you are the best
You stand out from the crowd
Lij you’re unique, one of a kind

Always in search of new and all the best
With passion for music you were blessed
Musicians, artists, DJs can say
You’re so talented and special in every way

Lijah, your eyes can say a thousand words
The beauty of your heart in all your deeds reflects
May this be the beginning of new horizons for you
And all your dreams come true

This is your time to celebrate with cheer
With dear ones, fans and everyone
Happy Birthday Elijah dear
Be joyful and have a lot of fun!

**by, Andreea M.


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