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Birthday Poems 2012

A Unique and Precious Celebration

With every day and every year
There’s more to celebrate Elijah dear
Your every choice and every path
Makes you complete and more than that
Brings to light more of you:
Perfect, special, kind and true
Passions, skills, you’ve got them all
A great fascination for music
And enthusiasm galore
May thrilling occasions arise to you
In all that you do and you dream, too.

For all the ingenuity and talent
That you’ve got
You’ve earned awards, the fame
Recognition and acclaim
Though for many this would count
You give importance not to that
But to all that makes us proud
Of knowing you, Lij, your loving heart
Like being humble, down to earth,
Caring and thoughtful, no doubt.

Since you were born and up to now
You’ve stood out from the crowd
Remarkable you’ve always been
Your amazing traits so many have seen
For all that and so much more
We wish you Elijah lots of love and joy
Great achievements and new opportunities
Outstanding experiences & many blessings
Have a blast and lots of fun
On this exciting Birthday, 31!

**By, Andreea M


The Power of Elijation

No matter how old you get
You never get old from me
No matter how far you are
You never get far from me

Your smile can throb the oceans
and shake the sky
Your eyes can fuel the fire, beat the thunder
and can never lie

They can glow like a diamond
The shine that I can never shine
When I look at your face
I can see the moonlight

You belong to my heart
and my love never dies

**By, Jay



It's been ten years and I still did not stop liking him
He must have some sort of constant magic that never fades away
It's also feel that he's getting younger each year
Or it is probably the age defying magic potion that he drinks each day

May this year make an unlimited success for him! I wish him all the best from the deep bottom of my heart.
Happy Birthday to him! Always & Forever!

**By, Jay


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