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Birthday Poems 2011

A One Of A Kind Birthday

Three decades ago, an amazing soul was born
An incredible acting talent would later show
As the years passed, so famous he became
Though many would've changed, he stayed the same

Lij, fame and glory mean nothing to you
“A star's nothing but a ball of gas” – that's so true
You give, touch lives & never expect anything in return
We have so much from you to learn!

All your fans can't wait to see
What your next steps will be
We hope and pray, no matter what
You'll always find the most wonderful path

Lij – dream, reach the heights
Life is yours to discover
Each day's a new adventure that awaits
To be uncovered

Your love for music will always inspire
People to share your passion and desire
So unique and special you are, thus
You never stop to surprise and amaze us

Your wise words reach deep within our hearts
On your face shine the kindest thoughts
You help and touch those in need
Thanks to you, so many people live!

Elwood, you're so genuine and humble
You don't take things for granted
In your life's journey, whatever you choose to do
May God bless you and always guide you!

On this truly awesome day, to celebrate
Those who care for you can't wait
To send you gifts, messages, videos and mails
Postcards, drawings and even poems

You deserve it all and so much more
You're truly sweet & kindhearted - that's for sure
Lij, hope you have the most magical Birthday ever
And the love we send your way will stay with you forever

Have lots of fun and much cheer
Hope it's a fascinating one, Elijah dear
Excitement, happiness and love, may you have plenty
On this absolutely fabulous day, on turning 30!

**By, Andrea M.


Birthday Wish

**By, Annabelle

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