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Birthday Poems 2010

Blue Captivation

Eyes so captivating,
Eyes so true.
Eyes lighter than the sky,
Yet deeper than the oceans of blue.
Full of Trust, Emotion, and Enchantment.
Sincere, Hope, and Generosity,
Only with a hint of Curiosity.
His eyes that is the key to light her way,
Out of this dark and gloomy day.
The rain came pouring down,
As is swept across the town.
And there he saw the young girl,
Who seemed as if she was off in her own world,
Elijah certainly did not want to cause a fuss,
In yet he didn't care-it was a must.
Taking off the coat and seeing the girl shiver,
He was positive that he was feeling his own lips quiver.
For moments the rain had dropped,
Oh, could it ever be stopped?
Pulling the girl towards his damp shirt,
Elijah then noticed so much filthy dirt,
Her shirt that used to be so blue,
Still was forever true.
He knew.
Looking up at him with such temptation,
She knew.
That he was genuinely a blue captivation.

**By, Allie


A Truly Blessed Birthday

Special, joyful Birthday we have to celebrate
Iím sure thereís something you can make
Maybe you would like to drink a glass of wine
Watch some of Lijahís movies or even make a pie
Listen to music, play a video game or drink some beer
He sure loves all these and would join you with much cheer

Anything you do today, please celebrate
And make a special wish for him, he would appreciate
A man like Elijah is one of a kind
So many qualities in one guy itís rare to find

Heís so thoughtful and caring, Iím sure you agree
His kindness and generosity in his charity actions you can see
He loves the new and different and seeks out adventure
Music is his passion and reveals his sensible nature

Heís so famous indeed but so down to earth and sweet
To become his fan is a call that many cannot resist
To see Lij acting is truly divine
And all of his work displays an unique style

Elijah, hope you have a very special day
We love you more than we can say
You bring us so much joy, pleasure and excitement
With your smile, amazing soul & eyes and brilliant talent
All the best, lots of love and blessings in your life
And have an awesome Birthday on turning 29!

**By, Andrea M


The Legacy Of You

You make me happy when I am blue.
You've touched my life by just being you.
Your sweetness and kindness wrapped up in a smile,
Are qualities that won't go out of style.

And though we've never even met,
You're the one person I'll never forget.
I care for you just for who you are,
Not because you are some huge star.

We all live and we all die,
And we all have to say goodbye.
But it's what we do and what we leave
Not what great awards we achieve.

Yes, I'm proud f the trophies you've won
Almost as much as anyone.
But you are leaving so much more
In the hearts of those who you care for.

Love and kindness, being polite,
Genuine reality, and doing what's right.
Things that Hollywood seldom sees,
But you'll be remembered for all of these.

So Lij, on your birthday I'd like to say
Thanks for not just following the fray.
Keep on shining and you will see
You are leaving a legacy...

**By, Elijah Fan


A Letter to Elijah Wood

Dear Elijah Wood,

I'm writing this little note to you
To wish you all the best,
For the busy year - and decade - ahead,
Let's hope it's a success!

With films and songs and future joys,
With laughter, love and sun,
Good luck in all you choose to do,
And I hope that you have fun.

I hope 2009 went well,
May 2010 be as good,
All that's left for me to say is
Happy Birthday, Elijah Wood.

Take care,
**By, Mary (maryd)

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