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Birthday Poems 2009

No ways to explain your beauty, or your skills.
You are a work of your own,
And get better as you go.
Don’t ever stop,
You inspire many souls.
Congrats on your Birthday,
And many more.

**By, Amber B.


A Heart-felt Wish for an Amazing Soul

For your birthday Elijah, I guess
There are no words that can express
Wishes, thoughts and feelings true
From everyone who cares for you
Your loving heart, your soul’s so kind
Thank you so much cause you find
Always time for smiles and hugs
Giving endless autographs
Grateful for your amazing acting too
No one can compare to you

Every night you close your eyes
Think of all your loved ones
The moonlight sends its shine to you
The nature sings to you its grace
Hope that all your dreams come true

For every new step that you make
And any challenge that you take
Will bring you high beyond your dreams
Leaving behind you any fears
Where mountains end and sky begins
Above the land, the woods and plains
Where stars are shining long after….
…their time has passed
Where there’s no end, no time, no past
But only things that always last
Like love and friendship, peace and joy
Amazing feelings that make you fly

May light shine always in your eyes
And your face glow in the sunrise
May your life be always blessed
In ways the words cannot express!

**By, Andreea M.


The Aquarian Man

The Aquarian male is a wonderful man
A guy who spreads joy wherever he can
Sure of himself and unique in his style
With a face that lights up with a beautiful smile

His kindness to strangers and loyalty to friends
Reveals a true heart in which love never ends
In his eyes there is kindness that shines from within
His voice echoes laughter and his mouth wears a grin

While loving adventure and longing to roam
He knows the importance of family and home
A passion for music he also displays
And joy that he shares in so many ways

The Aquarian man is a wonderful kind
And one in particular I have in mind
Though he lives so far away
I wish him the best for his special birthday

**By, Annie G (OLC)


Elwood Who's So Good
A Dr. Seuss Parody
by Celebrian

In eastern Iowa
Where fields of corn do grow,
Year 1981
A new baby did show.

He was named Elijah
Has a mom named Debbie.
Locked her out of the house
When he was less than three! :-O

As he grew she found that
He had much energy
Climbed up on everything
And was called the Monkey.

So all he would do was to
And Debbie just could not
keep up with her son.

And then
An idea Struck!
Watching TV, what luck!

She looked!
Then she saw something that do he could!
She looked!
And she saw it!
At that he'd be good!
And she said to self:
“Send him to model I should!”

“I know that it's new
But I'm sure he could do it.
I'll sign him and Zach
Together to go through it.”

She found model school
And the brothers went there.
And then to L.A.
They all flew through the air.
Elijah so impressed
An agent at the show
That into acting
He decided to go.

So the family moved
From midwest to L.A.
With his sister Hannah,
But, dad Warren did stay.

And it didn't take long
For “Elwood” to turn “pro”
He soon had a role
In music video.

And agent said “Yes! Yes!
You sure will make it here!
You're Elwood Who's So Good
With talent – that is clear!

“This is fun!” said Elwood
“I am having a ball!
“This is fun!” said Elwood
And he could play roles all:
A Video Game Boy,
Sean, Michael Kaye also
Luke, Willard Young, and Mike
Little Boy, Nat, Day-O,
Mark Evans and North
And the well-known Huck Finn
Stu Simmons in The War
Elwood just jumped right in.

“Look at him!
Look at him!
Look at him now!
It is fun to play roles
But you have to know how!”
Was Sandy in Flipper,
Got to swim with dolphins!
Mikey in The Ice Storm
Artful Dodger Dawkins.
Leo in Deep Impact,
The Faculty's Casey
Barney, Wren, second Sean
And another Mikey.

That's impressive so far
Elwood's career stood tall.
But, that is not all!
Oh, no.
That is not all. . .

The best was yet to come
The role of a lifetime
In a big trilogy
Elwood got the role prime.

Made an audition tape
With a costume rental.
Filmed it up in the hills
From more than one angle.

And that got him the part
As the hobbit Frodo
In the Lord of the Rings.
To New Zealand did go.

They filmed for 16 months.
He made lifelong friends too.
And with these three big films
Elijah's fame just grew.

Elwood's fan base increased,
Fan websites did appear.
Lucy's A&F won
A prize year after year.

And so what was next
For Elwood Who's So Good?
Did he pack it in,
Hang out in his neighborhood?

No! “I just like to act.
Oh, I like it a lot!”
Said Elwood Who's So Good
“To stop now I will not.
I will not go away.
I do not wish to go!
And so,” said Elwood Who's So Good
so. . .
I will show you
Some other good roles in a row.”

There was All I Want's Jones,
Cameo as The Guy,
Became a Hooligan
Was star of EII.
Stole panties as Patrick
In Eternal Sunshine.
As Sin City's Kevin
On people he did dine.

Played tourist in Paris,
Voiced penguin who can't sing,
William at the hotel
To see Bobby speaking.

As Aaron gets drafted
In the film Day Zero.
For The Oxford Murders
To England he did go.
Then they needed extras
For scene in lecture hall,
So some fans that I know
Were there to heed the call.

Lent his voice to some games
Three of them as Spyro,
Plus new one based on Rings
So returned as Frodo.
And voiced a doll for 9,
Will do Spyro movie,
Had a few short guest spots
On some shows on TV.

He will play Iggy Pop
If they make that movie,
And, in Hobbit prequels
The same folks we may see.

What else will future hold
For Elwood Who's So Good?
Well, we can't really tell,
Though I wish that we could.

He might choose to direct
Or produce a movie,
Or make use of passion
Has for photography.

He'll work on his label
Which he calls Simian.
And support good causes
Like “I am African,”
He'll do art with sick kids
Stuck in the hospital
Art of Elysium's
Group that makes possible.

And as for other things,
That Elijah may do.
Well. . .
What would you say
If we were to ask you?


My Birthday

The date draws ever near
when I will turn 28
one year older
one year wiser

My friends will come
join in my celebration
to another great year
in this place I call home

**By, Elizabeth Coffey


A Fan’s Celebration

To the pen she is accountable
With longing insurmountable
To create a work stupendous
For tremendous Mr. Wood

For the moment she’s conceiving
Ways to write what she’s perceiving
Yes he looks like Spring time evening!
Ever fair Elijah Wood.

Oh those eyes of deep blue aster
He with skin of alabaster
How she wishes they had cast her
On the screen with Mr. Wood

Her soliloquy should grace him
She decides, since she can’t chase him
And her heart cannot erase him
A seraph’s face, Elijah Wood

Graceful, kind and so soft-spoken
Action, horror, drama, Tolkien
Oh the hearts he must have broken
Out of reach Elijah Wood

Then she finds her mind reliving
All the gifts she dreamed of giving
Diamonds, horses, islands even
For a smile from Mr. Wood

She has thought of gifts a plenty
For a man of eight and twenty,
Chocolates, pens, an elephant, he
Would have got them if he could.

So she settles on a letter
He might read it, so it’s better
He may never get the sweater
Happy Birthday Mr. Wood!

**By, Emily



Beautiful blue-eyed baby boy,
Crawling around and playing with toys.
Nobody knows what he'll grow up to be,
Too far in the future for them to see.
Full of life, full of joy,
An amusing, outgoing little boy.
Moves to LA on the wings of a dream,
Starting a life on the silver screen.
Bright-eyed teen idol, child no more,
Professional actor with roles galore.
Teenager to adult, and cygnet to swan,
The roles keep coming and the show goes on.

**By, Maryd

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