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On the set of Everything Is Illuminated

I promised you all to write report from our meeting and that it is :) . Before this, please, forgive me mistakes, thanks.

Ok, although I live in Prague and I try to find out any info about his stay here I have not had any results, any news, anything. I was really upset. When I met him during IFF in Karlovy Vary I was so happy because I was able to say "I saw him!!!". However this meeting was not the same like in my dreams, you know? I would like to meet him somewhere, accidentaly, without nervous situation, without other fans (forgive me!). There in KV it was "only" to get his autograph and to see him but nothing more.

Well, I managed to get some info about the possibility of shooting Everything is Illuminated at Prague 7, the place with nice park Stromovka, next to T-mobile sport hall. There are so nice place for exhibition with very nice pavilion. So, we went there on Wednesday afternoon. And we were so surprised that the news was true! Elijah was there...he was wearing a black suit with white a shirt and black tie. He looked very nice, only a little bit tired..

We needed help of bodyguards but it was not very easy. When Elijah went into his trailer I stopped him and apologized for bothering him, but he refused my apology- he looked so nice and friendly. His eyes had almost pale blue colour, behind glasses. I wanted to give him small and nice present and thank him for everything and ask him for signature with dedication and I had letter from my dear penpal for him but his lady assistant was so rude and unpolite. She pushed to him to go to the toilet, although he did not want to let us down, his assistant refused his willingness. But he is so polite to his fans! I was almost in tears and it made me so nervous. I started to stutter in speaking and I was not able to speak in English...Oh, it was HORRIBLE situation. But still, i managed to give him my present. It was package of matches with Prague pics on the cover with words "Nice present for your bad habit" - he laughed. He looked at me with a nice and gentle smile [his eyes were almost turqoise colour] and he asked me if it was Prague on the pics? I told him, yes, it is Prague Castle, because I work there. I noticed my friend standing so close to us with her camera and I asked him quickly "May I take a picture with you?" and his answer "Sure!" I will recall for rest of my life!

I also managed to give him a letter from my penfriend from Birmingham - he was so surprised and pleased. Maybe he enjoyed the fact that girls from all around the world make new friendships because of him ;) -Alexandra


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