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Birthday Greetings 2020

The Number 39

Each and every 2 digit number that ends with a 9 is the sum of the multiple of the two digits plus the sum of the 2 digits.

(3x9) + (3+9) 27 + 12 = 39

This really doesn't mean anything. I just like the way numbers works. In any case, have a happy birthday!

**From, Danielle C.


Pass Along All That Is Good

Dear Elijah,

Like so many others, I've been a witness to your outstanding career, generosity and kindness and you surround yourself with people of the same demeanor. I can only imagine how difficult maintaining those qualities must be with so much unnecessary disdain and negative influences in our world today. When I see you with others, you naturally bring a smile to their faces and that's a wonderful gift to have.

When I came to know that you were going to start a family, I was thrilled for you. I know you will pass all that is good inside you to your little one and will fill them with the same positive values you hold close. I wish you and your family much joy, laughter and love in the years to come. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

All my best,
** From, Taylor


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