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Birthday Greetings 2019

Rich and Famous

Just the other day I read an article that people who were born between January 20 and February 18 are more likely to become rich and famous. And now, here we are on your birthday, this January 28, and it seems the studies are true, but not in the exact way as described in the writing. Elijah, your riches come from the people you keep around. A caring family and close friends are the kind of riches that don't have a dollar amount.

As far as being famous, well, I know how you feel about fame. Sure, you're a personality where many know your name and your work. But as it pertains to you, Elijah, your real fame stems from your humility, kindness and amiable demeanor. For some people to achieve this is a great task. However, you make it seem easy. Your fame flows deep from inside and that's a quality which is hard to find in many.

Even if you were born in April, July or October, you would still be rich and famous. Hoping you have a wonderful birthday Elijah!

**From, Betsy


Happy Birthday Elijah!

I was born exactly 15 years and one day after you. You're celebrating today, and I'll celebrate my birthday tomorrow. While you're knocking on the door of 40, I'm turning legal in many ways. Even with the gap between us, I feel like we're one. Happy birthday fellow Aquarian!

**From, Dylan K.



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