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Birthday Greetings 2014

Happy Birthday to you,
Your eyes are so blue,
May your drinks all be free,
As you celebrate Thirty-three!

I wish you a very happy birthday Elijah!

**Love, Carrie


Even though I don't actually know you, I feel as if I do. You give yourself to others so openly that when you speak to a group, it feels as if you're speaking to someone individually. That's such a rare and unique quality to posses and I wish you much and joy, happiness and love this coming year.

Happy Birthday Elijah!

**Deborah J.


The Number 33

  Long playing records revolves 33 1/3 times per minute.
  Jesus performed 33 miracles.
  33 on the periodic table belongs to Arsenic.
  The human spine has 33 vertebrae including the bones of the coccyx.
  There are 33 racers in the Indianapolis 500.
  33 is the number of the landing strip at Kennedy Space Center.
  Though not verified, Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified in 33 A.D.
  Groundhog Day is the 33rd day of the year.
  Michelangelo was 33 when he started work on the Sistine Chapel.
  33 degrees Fahrenheit is the lowest temperature water remains a liquid.
  Virginia Wolf's first novel was published when she was 33 years old.
  Four MLB teams, two NFL teams, eight NBA teams and two NHL teams have retired the number 33.
  "Thirty-three" is a song by The Smashing Pumpkins.
  The Cylons came every 33 minutes in the first episode of 2004's Battlestar Galactica titled "33."
  In Roman numerals, 33 is represented by 3 XXX's and 3 III's.
  The 33rd state admitted to the Union was Oregon.
  33% of the of the earth is desert.
  The first readable license plate seen in the movie Deep Impact has 33 on it.

and ...

  On January 28th, 2014, Elijah turns 33!

**From, Deenan


E is for Earnest
L is for Legendary
I is for Intelligent
J is for Jovial
A is for Accomplished
H is for Honorable
W is for Wholesome
O is for Optimistic
O is for Open
D is for Distinguished

Yes, you have all this which makes for the one and only Elijah Wood! Happy Birthday!

**From, Robbin Statler

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