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Birthday Greetings 2011

For Elijah..

I first looked at your face
and I knew
that nothing
would ever be
as it was...

I looked in your eyes
and I saw
that my world
was changed,

You've brought me
so much joy,
and love
beyond compare..

You make me happy,
you make me smile,
you make me

Happy 30th Birthday Elijah
If this day brings you even a fraction of the happiness that you've brought me,
then it'll be a great day. Thank you for being you..

Have fun xx

From, Annabelle


The Quinary

From the day we're born, up until we reach our 21st year, seems every birthday in between is special. Our first month, second, tenth and into our eighth, twelfth and sixteenth year, we tend to celebrate like none in the past. But there comes the time when we're not exactly juveniles any longer and the birthdays don't seem as important. Who goes all out for their 23rd birthday? It's the ones that occur every five years that have more meaning by some strange embedded human design.

This year marks for you Elijah, that distinct quinary moment. The first of many five year milestones that you will face and becoming thirty years old starts the cycle of personal accomplishments you'll reminisce on and look forward to. Upon reaching this particular time, most will recount their thirty years and take note of what they have done, but dwell on what they have not done. With as many achievements that you have gained, there can't be more to reach for can there? Absolutely! There are a multitude of five year birthday celebrations coming up and I trust and believe as each one passes, the contents of your years will be full of great rewards, personal gains and abounding love from within.

Happy 30th Birthday!

Best Wishes, Deenan


Dear Elijah,

From the time you made your first big break with that pencil, to the time you portrayed literature's most selfless and beautiful hero, and times between and beyond, you've graced this world with your exceptional talent, generosity, and love. Here's wishing you a truly happy 30th birthday, and a brand new year full of God's wonderful blessings.

With fondness and love,


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