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Birthday Greetings 2009


When I saw you for the first time, I was 12 years old and since that time, you have accompanied me in life like an old friend far off. I admire your talent and your strength of character. I wish you all the happiness in the world and a happy birthday full of love and friendship. Stay like you are, a perfect mix of charm and mischievousness and enjoy life !!!

See you soon on screen.

Your faithful fan,


Dear Elijah,

If you ever happen upon this site and these acts honoring your birthday, they are all sent with the warmest greetings, thoughts and creativity for a man who embodies attributes rarely seen in one person.

In just one score and eight, you exemplify the wisdom and knowledge of a soul far older. Not only this, but your very demeanor is what everyone should be and should want to be. You are a person who is caring, attentive and courteous; putting others needs before your own. Someone who is refined and cultivated; for many years in the spotlight hasn't tarnished your disposition. You stand at the highest level of humility, knowing your place on this earth is no more important than anyone else. Most of all, I believe you see the good in all things and that is a quality many do not possess.

May you continue to live all the rest of your years in the same warmhearted and humane way.

Happy Birthday!


Why Am I An Elijaholic?

"Elijah Wood embodies a different sort of performer - one with integrity, wit, human gifts, humility, humanity, fun, good looks and the ability to survive. He has resisted the compulsions of the Hollywood scene and yet did not sacrifice his youthfulness, giving vent to his enthusiasm in ways that engulf him, sate him and still indulges and benefits others. He is gracious to other people, his fans, his family, his colleagues and is a consummate professional. And although there are other performing personae who might fit this bill, they are few and far between. In addition, he listens to his heart, to the world about him and his better nature. He is an example to young and old, and continues to provide examples in the form of his professional appearances both on and off the screen. It is easy to explain to anyone why I'm an Elijaholic, but since you asked . . . I'll tell.

**Edward C. Patterson

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