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Adrenaline Junkie Press Release

Jack Osbourne is back with his Adrenaline Junkie exploits from around the globe, but this time he has managed to enlist various celebrity companions to join him in convoy. ITV2 has commissioned Ginger Productions to make Jack Osbourne Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie, starring the self-confessed daredevil. Jack Osbourne Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie is brand new and exclusive, Wednesdays from 24th September on ITV2.

As soon as the celebrities step off the plane, the A-List treatment ends. This is definitely not a five-star trip the pampered celebs are used to - instead they will go back to basics as they embark upon the most arduous challenges the globe has to offer. Jack will act as their guide along the way, but this time not only does he have to deal with his own demons, he will also have to reign in his companions’ celeb-sized egos, demands and expectations. There is nothing like slack lining hundreds of feet above the ground to bring out the diva in a celebrity. Nerves will be frayed and emotions raw, as Jack and his team are pushed to their limit.

Adventures for this series will include a mixture of endurance challenges, adrenaline-filled stunts and mind-boggling traditions. The team will take part in a 24-hour adventure race, where they will go sea kayaking, waterfall jumping and explore underground mines. The celebrities will then ice climb various glaciers, walk a terrifying slack line strung across a mountain range, and cling to a wire swing as it is launched across a canyon’s expanse.

Join the ITV2 cameras as Jack and the celebs leave their Louis Vuitton luggage behind, grab their rucksack, trekking shoes plus all the courage they can muster.

Jack Osbourne said: “Fear, pain, blood, sweat, tears, celebrities and me...Adrenaline Junkie is back. Terror is more addictive than ever.”

Accompanying Jack to Africa is….Elijah Wood. With Elijah are: Gemma Atkinson (actress), Tom Felton (needs no introduction), Wendi Peters (soap actress)

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