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Paradise (1991)

Directed by: Mary Agnes Donoghue
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 111 min
Language: English
Certification: UK:12 (original rating) (cut) / UK:12 (video re-rating) (2003) (uncut version) / Argentina:13 / Australia:PG / Spain:T / Sweden:7 / USA:PG-13 / Canada:PG
Synopsis Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson play Lily and Ben Reed, a young couple torn apart by a family tragedy. It would take a miracle to rekindle their love and a miracle arrives in the form of a summer guest - Willard Young played by Elijah Wood.


Elijah Wood .... Willard Young
Melanie Griffith .... Lily Reed
Don Johnson .... Ben Reed
Thora Birch .... Billie Pike
Sheila McCarthy .... Sally Pike
Eve Gordon .... Rosemary
Louise Latham .... Catherine Reston Lee
Greg Travis .... Earl McCoy
Sarah Trigger .... Darlene
Richard K. Olsen .... Minister
Rick Andosca .... Ernest Parkett
Anthony Romano .... Popular Boy (Clay)
Timothy Erskine .... Darlene's Boyfriend
Dave Hager .... Bartender
Chestley Price .... Bus Driver



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