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The Wilfred Cast - Season 4

Elijah Wood as Ryan Newman

Jason Gann as Wilfred

Dorian Brown as Kristen Newman

Fiona Gubelmann as Jenna Mueller

Recurring Roles:

Nestor Carbonell as Dr. Ramous
Randee Heller as Margot
John Michael Higgins as Dr. Cahill
Chris Klein as Drew
Allison Mack as Amanda
James Remar as Henry
Rodney To as Dr. Bangachon

Guest Stars:

William Baldwin - Bruce
Tobin Bell - Charles
Julie Hagerty - Genevieve
Harriet Sansom Harris - Lonnie Goldsmith
Rutger Hauer - Dr. Grummons
Mimi Rogers - Catherine
Tom Gallop - Dr. Wolt

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